Cabal Online – Episode 31 – Nov 26th 2021 Patch Notes

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  • Change of Spawn Time:
    • Spawn time changed into only 2 times per day, at 9:30AM and 9:30PM server time.
    • Change that at a time, only one World Boss Ruler is spawn in one channel at a time.
    • World Boss Ruler spawn channels are also subjected to change.
      • Will be finalised at the time of launching the final update for public server.
    • Change the notification time of the World Boss Ruler Arrival from 5 minutes to 2 minutes.
  • Adjustment of Stats of World Boss Rulers:
  • Change of Contribution Mechanism
    • Remove the Party Contribution Requirement.
    • Reward will be based only on the Personal Contribution with adjustments.
    • Personal Contribution is now based on the Battle Style:
      • Warrior Rank 1-10
      • Wizard Rank 1-10
      • Dark Mage Rank 1-10
    • Minimum Personal Contribution Requirement:
  • Contribution Reward:
    • If you reached the Minimum Personal Contribution Requirement, you will get Token of Retaliator as reward
    • Number of Tokens is based on the Rank
  • Ranking Reward:
    • If you reached the Minimum Personal Contribution Requirement, you would get a random reward with a certain chance
    • List of Rewards based on the Bosses / Maps:
  • Reward will not be applied for certain situations as below:
    • Player does not reach the Minimum Personal Contribution Requirement.
    • Player got disconnected when World Boss Ruler is killed.
    • Player and World Boss Ruler are not in the same map.
      • World Boss Ruler is in Port Lux, but player is in Bloody Ice when it got killed.
    • Time out and cannot defeat the boss.
  • Changes related to Number of Entry player can enter per dungeon per day
    • Revise the Limit for some Dungeons.
    • Add the Limit for some Dungeons.
  • Recharge the Dungeon Entry Limit is applicable only for Elite Dungeons, Devil’s Tower, and Force Wing Dungeons.
  • Changes of the Dungeon Play Time Limitation
    • Change the Group of Dungeons which share the Limit of Play Time.
    • Remove the Limit for some Dungeons, except for some certain dungeons.
    • Dungeon Play Time Limit is not counted if the Blessing Beads – EXP with 100% or higher is activated
  • Add new Collections
    • Add new 06 collections under the “Dungeon” tab
  • Obtain Sources of Dungeon Boss Seal items
  • Dungeon Seal Item (in-game item image) (subjected to change)
  • Revise the Drop of some Dungeons which were not included on November 18th update. Target Dungeons:
    • Lake in Dusk
    • Forbidden Island (Awakening)
    • Chaos Arena (Lv. 1 – Lv. 7)
    • Devil’s Tower / Devil’s Tower (Part 2)
  • Revise the Drop of Field (Map)
    • For all fields: Revise the chance of drop for some items from monsters.
    • Remove the drop of certain weapons / armours / epaulets from monsters from Lakeside – Senillinea.
    • Remove the drop chance of some accessories and Essence Runes.
    • Remove the drop chance of Upgrade Cores and Force Cores.
  • Set the price of selling Faded Gem into NPC.
  • Changes of the Sales List for some items
  • Add a “Special Slot” that might be unlocked randomly while purchasing items in normal slots
  • Add the “Troglo’s Silver Fruit” into the Hirogley’s Exchange Shop
    • Troglo’s Silver Fruit x1 can be purchased for Troglo’s Golden Fruit x50
  • Arcana of Guardian:
    • Remove:
      • Cancel Ignore DMG Reduce
      • Normal DMG Up
    • Add:
      • PvE Critical DMG
      • PvE All Skill Amp.
  • Arcana of Laws:
    • Remove:
      • Ignore Resist Critical DMG
      • Ignore Resist Skill Amp.
    • Add:
      • PvP Critical DMG
      • PvP All Skill Amp.
  • Change of Dungeon & some other items Sales Price from NPC:
  • Fixed bug related that in certain situations players cannot get the Luminous Fragment from extracting items.
  • Changes related to Stellar Link:
    • Changes of Quantity for Materials
      • Number of Luminous: Selena required for Stellar Engraving Slot
      • Number of Luminous: Sol for Link Conversion
  • Changes of some Stellar Force:
  • Changes of Stellar Link Effects
  • Add new 04 Force Codes:
    • Add new Force Codes:
      • PvP All Skill Amp.
      • PvP Sword Skill Amp.
      • PvP Magic Skill Amp.
      • PvP Critical DMG
    • Change of Character Information UI
      • Add new force codes (except the PvP All Skill Amp.)
      • Rearrange of Stats with related types
  • Change that in Mission War, name of characters will be displayed as random numbers

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