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Category: Cabal

Korean Aug 04th 2011 Patch notes

■ Modifications Auction Hall charge the fee for sold items sometimes abnormally, bug is fixed Fixed bug while Force Shielder casting Astral Weapon caused errors Extract Potion STR/DEX/INT do not […]

Korean Patch notes – Aug 3rd 2011

■ Modifications 1. Under specified cases, changing channel caused jukebox error, bug is fixed 2. Quest for Saints’ Calibur Force Weapon can not be accepted, bug is fixed 3. Gauge represent […]

Korean Cabal Patch notes Jul 27th 2011

■ Modifications Fixed the bug that caused disappearing of mouse when editing guild information Quest “Those who wander in the darkness” is now fixed, can be finished In some situations, […]

Slotted Amulets and Bikes ?

As a known bug of new update Legacy of Darkness, via crafting, now amulets can have slot. Below is an example. As I said, this is a BUG. You cannot […]