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[KR] [EP10] Oct 17th, 18th, 19th 2012 Patch notes

Oct 17th 2012


1. Fix the bug that caused unable to equip items even the requirements are met


1. Leveling skill will consumed 3 skill points (fixed amount)

2. Skill-related changes

  • The skill amp. will be changed to raise based on the skill level (with constant ratio)
  • Cooldown of skills is fixed, regardless of skill level
  • Remove “Critical Rate Increase” in existing attack skills
    • Adjust “Critical Rate Increase” and “Critical Damage Increase” of existing skills
  • Existing Skills with chance to “Stun” opponent are changed, the Stun Chance will be depended on skill level
  • Remove the feature that saving the amount of consumed MP when using combo
  • Remove the feature that increase the MP for casting skills in Battle Modes
  • Remove the feature that increasing the Attack Rate of skills based on skill level
  • When debuff skill failed, the cooldown of that debuff skill will be reduced to 50% (for the next cast of that debuff skill)

3. Battle Mode 2 Special skill modifications

  • [WA] Lance Drive
    • Range increased
    • Decrease down effect
    • Cooldown adjustment
  • [BL] Crushing Blow
    • Hit will be decreased, based on skill level
    • Penetrating / Increasing Critical Damage will be increased, based on skill level
    • Cooldown adjustment
  • [WI] Elemental Festival
    • Raise Skill Amp., Add Damage
    • Hit will be decreased, based on skill level
    • Penetrating / Increasing Critical Damage will be increased, based on skill level
    • Add Increase Critical Damage option
    • Cooldown adjustment
  • [FA] Fatal Shot
    • Raise Skill Amp., Add Damage
    • Penetrating / Increasing Critical Damage will be increased, based on skill level
    • Remove Increase Critical Chance, HP Down option
    • Cooldown adjustment
  • [FS] Storm Shield
    • Increase Range
    • Modify Knock-down option
    • Cooldown adjustment
  • [FB] Prismatic Blade-Cannon
    • Raise Skill Amp., Add Damage
    • Based on number of target, skill damage will be increased
    • Cooldown adjustment

4. New skills are added

  • Magic Control
    • Class: Wizard
    • Description:  Self-buff Magic Attack
    • Rank: Regular
  • Spirit Shield
    • Class: Wizard
    • Description: Summon the Shield that absorbs damages
    • Rank: Completer
  • Quick Move
    • Class: Force Archer
    • Description: Temporary increasing moving speed of Force Archer to dodge incoming attacks
    • Rank: Completer
  • Reflect Shield
    • Class: Force Shielder
    • Description: Astral Shield reflects damage back to attackers
    • Rank: Completer

  • Astral Enchantment
    • Class: Force Blader
    • Description: The magic from the secondary weapon grants the Enchantments to Force Blader
    • Rank: – (Given as starting skill)
  • The Art Of Chaos
    • Use Class: Force Blader
    • Description: Reducing target’s resistances
    • Rank: Completer

5. Force Blader “Blade” skills changes

  • Nesting limit
    • Force Blader can use only one kind of “Blade” skill at once (allow nested)
  • Additional activating consumtion
    • Each Blade buff requires 100 SP to cast
  • Primary effects
    • All Blade buff increase Attack
    • Fire Blade increase Penetrating
    • Ice Blade increase Damage Reduction
    • Lighting Blade increase Hit
  • Additional effect when triggered
    • Skills gain additional effects based on current blade buff style

6. Skill removal

  • Resist Intension
    • Remove skill except for Force Shielder
  • Instant Immunity
    • Remove from Blader
  • Sharpness
    • Remove from Wizard
  • Enchantment
    • Remove from Force Blader

7. Skill Changes – Warrior

  • Instant Immunity
    • SP consumes additionally
    • Duration reduced
    • Cooldown reduced
    • Change the effect
    • Change Effect
      • Additional effects can be resisted
  • Panic Cry
    • Change Effect
      • SP consumes additionally
      • Remove HP reduced option
      • Remove Critical Damage resist option
      • Add “Overpowered” option (?)
  • Cat Recovery
    • Duration reduced
    • Cooldown reduced
  • Bears Vitality
    • Duration reduced
    • Cooldown reduced
  • Bloody Spirit
    • Duration reduced
    • Cooldown reduced
    • Change Effect
      • Add : Increase Critical Damage option
      • Add : Decrease Critical Damage Resist option
      • Add : Increase Penetrating
      • Modify : Defense reduction

8. Skill changes – Blader

  • Death Cross
    • SP consumes additionally
    • Added the option: Silence target for 6 sec
    • Cooldown adjusted
  • Intuition
    • SP consumes additionally
    • Duration reduced
    • Cooldown reduced
    • Change Effect
      • Completely evasion
  • Art of Fierceness
    • Duration reduced
    • Increase the value of Addition Damage
  • Fatality Increase
    • Duration reduced
    • Increase the value of Critical Damage

9. Skill changes – Wizard

  • Energy field
    • Add option : Target silences for 3 sec
    • Cooldown reduced
  • Art of Force Control
    • Penetrating / Hit / Attack Rate increasing options added
    • Evasion / Defense Rate reduction options added
    • Movement-affecting effect added
  • High Regeneration
    • Changed to Seft Buff
    • Duration reduced
    • HP Regen amount increased

10. Skill changes – Force Archer

  • Explosion Shot
    • SP consumes additionally
    • Cooldown adjusted
  • Mass Heal
    • Cooldown reduced
  • Art of Sniping
    • Duration reduced
    • Cooldown reduced
    • Effect changes
      • Remove option Increase Critical Rate
      • Add option Increase Hit / Attack Rate
      • Add option Decrease Evasion / Defense Rate

11.  Skill changes – Force Shielder

  • Shield Charge
    • SP consumes additionally
    • Add effect : Overpowered for 5 seconds
    • Cooldown adjusted
  • Resist Intension
    • Duration reduced
    • Cooldown increased
    • Resistance stats increased
  • Shadow Shield
    • Duration reduced
    • Amount of Damage absorption increased
  • The Art Of Defense
    • Duration reduced
    • Cooldown reduced
    • Change Effect
      • Add option Increase Damage Reduction
      • Adjust amount of Increasing Defense
  • Mortal Bane
    • Duration reduced
    • Cooldown reduced
    • Change Effect
      • Add options Increase Hit / Penetrating / Attack Rate
      • Add option Reduce Damage Reduction / Evasion / Defense Rate

12. Monster balance adjustment

  • Fields / dungeons monsters difficulty are re-tuned
  • Add resistance stats for monsters

13. On failure, cooldown of Debuff Skill will be reduced to 1/2

14. Mission Battle-related changes

  • Some banned items in Mission Battle
    • Evasion Potion (all grades)
    • Holy Water of Vitality
  • Skill cooldown rule will be applied in Mission Battle like in Mission War
    • In the case of death, skill will be reinitialized, this is different with Mission War
  • Change the name of opponent Buff Shop to red
  • The sound effects do not change based on the nation
  • Change the default camera distance and angle in Mission Battle
  • Reduce the sight of your character in Mission Battle
  • The gate to access the Central region is now displayed
  • The confirmation message related to Mission Battle changes the type of displaying
    • Old : In chat box
    • New : Floating confirmation window

15. Some changes related to War achievements

* Balance Adjustment will be updated

  • Changes might be applied for skills for tuning the balance
  • Skill adjustment / Skill addition are subjected to change, for each Battle Class

■ Additions

1 New Force added

  • Overpowered
    • The character is overpowered, can not move / use skill
      • Target: Character / Monster
      • Stun animation
  • Movement-impairing
    • Character with “Movement-impairing” effect doesn’t not allow opponents using moving skill
      • Dash / Fade Step / Blink / Summon Astral Bike / Summon Astral board
    • Target: Character
  • Silence
    • Character with “Silence” effect doesn’t allow to use skill
    • Target: Character
  • Uber-Immunity (?)
    • Ignore all effects (Resist all)
  • Completely Evasion
    • Evade all incoming attacks, including
      • Battle Mode 3 Fatal Skills
      • Combo Hits
  • Damage Reflection
    • An amount of damage will reflect back to the opponent when character receives damage
      • Features
        • If character receive 0 damage, nothing will be reflected
        • If the opponent is dead, nothing will be reflected
        • If the target has the Damage Reflection effect too, the reflection will be MISSed (MISS will be displayed)
        • If the target is invincible, nothing will be reflected
        • Reflecting damage doesn’t give EXP/Skill EXP

3. Allow checking monster name in Quest Window by using button

■ Mission War

1. Banned some items in Mission War

  • Evasion potions (all grades)
  • Holy Water of Vitality

2. Adjust power of Guardians / Force Towers in Mission War

Oct 18th 2012

■  Fixes

1. Fix bugs related to some unique items

■ Changes

1. Changes related to buff skills

  • Resist Barrier
    • SP consumes additionally
    • Adjust the value of Unmovable Resistance
    • Duration adjusted
    • Cooldown adjusted
  • The Art of Chaos
    • Duration adjusted

* Balance Adjustment will be updated

  • Casting time of skills -which duration is less than 20sec – will be changed to 0
  • Long duration skills might be changed to Passive skills

Oct 19th 2012

■  Fixes

1. Fix bug that caused the SP is not consumed when casting Resist Barrier

2. Fix bug related to Mission Battle system



  1. i happened to look on the kr site and there looks like the WA is gonna get nerfed…i hope the google translate was wrong… 😀


  2. >so…if i were to apply the concept of resist reduction by % like one of the synergy effect of wi’s bm3 (cd resist -15%), basically art of chaos increase your dmg on the target by 50% increased in amp of that particular skill, am i correct?

    >critical rate increase in blade buff for fb are still available or also removed? astral enchantment is based on secondary wep> orb?

    >bl are weakened…damit.


  3. sir wormy, i got a little confused regarding the art of chaos.. could you please explain it more??.. if i understand it correctly.. if you cast it to a monster, does that mean the monster will be receiving additional damage of 50% amp from the caster (also other player) when you attack it?? and can you also cast it to other player?? thanks! more power mr. wormy 🙂


  4. ohh i forgot mr wormy.. also from the astral enchant of FB.. to increase the cri and cdi.. which will be?? the katana/blade or orb/xtal??


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