[EU] [Cash Shop] Item Shop Rotation! New costumes, weapon skins and pets now available!

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The following items are now available in the item shop!


Premium Costumes

  • CABAL High School
  • Lovely Sweet
  • Songkran
  • SIGMetal Costumes (permanent and 30-day duration)

LOCATION: Costumes >> Premium Costumes 
PRICE: 27,000 CC (Permanent) 9,000 CC (30 Day)

Nation Costumes

  • Capella Blader
  • Capella Wizard
  • Capella Warrior
  • Capella Force Shielder
  • Capella Force Archer
  • Capella Force Blader

LOCATION: Costumes >> Nation Costumes 
PRICE: 27,000 CC (Permanent) 

Weapon Skins

  • Lightsaber Greatsword
  • Lightsaber Daikatana
  • Lightsaber Blade
  • Lightsaber Katana
  • Lightsaber Orb
  • Lightsaber Crystal

LOCATION: Costumes >> Weapon Skins
PRICE: 15,000 CC (Permanent) 4,000 CC (30 Day)

Hats & Masks

  • Pumpkin Helm
  • Mithril BATTLE Helm

LOCATION: Costumes >> Hats & Masks


Premium Pets

  • Chacha
  • Worry Bear
  • Peng
  • Fancy Zard
  • Gentle Parrot
  • Roborobo
  • Nevareth Husky

LOCATION: Pets >> Premium Pets 
PRICE: 7,500 — 13,000 CC

Monster Pets

  • Mantis
  • Armaku
  • Troglo
  • Crag Turtle
  • Garlie

LOCATION: Pets >> Monster Pets 
PRICE: 3,000 CC

Pet Change Kits

  • Draca
  • Angela
  • Devil’O

LOCATION: Pets >> Pet Change Kits 
PRICE: 15,000 CC

As always these changes will be made to all Item Shops over the next days. If the item you want is not yet in your shop, just be patient 🙂 All will be done by the end of the week.

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  1. Wann rotieren die Items wieder? Ein anderes Nationskostüm ist erwünscht 😀 Procyon möchte auch mal zum Zuge kommen ^^


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