FAQ – Cabal NA – Solving the Error of Update in Launcher

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Some players reported the bug of launcher that prevents you doing the update, and for that game cannot be started. The issue seems to be happened with Cabal NA only, for solving this issue, you can follow this small guide.

Step 1: Open your Cabal folder, this is the location where you can see the “Cabal.exe” and “CabalMain.exe” file (the part “.exe” could or could not display).

Step 2: Open the folder named “launcher”

Step 3: Search for the file named “version.cfg”

Step 4: Open the file for edit – or – you might want to right click and select “Open with”

Step 5: Select “Notepad” from the list or the window shown up.

Step 6: The file will be loaded in Notepad, and it would look like this, if you see the text value=”7838″, then this tutorial will help you. Else you should NOT follow the next steps.

Step 7: Update the value of 7838 into 7836, then save the file. After that you can open the launcher again. It should work now.

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