Cabal Online – Episode 33 – 24th, 25th, 31st August 2022 Patch Notes

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1. Improve the Dungeon Information UI to show additional information:

  • Dungeon Type: 5 tabs
    • Mission Dungeon
    • DX Dungeon
    • Chaos Arena
    • Myth Dungeon
    • Others
  • Dungeon List
    • List of Dungeons under the selected Dungeon Type
    • Information showing:
      • Dungeon Name
      • Number of Remaining Dungeon can Enter
      • Number of Limitation per Day
    • DP Information
      • Amount of DP that your character has
      • Maximum amount of DP
      • DP Reset time
    • Entry Item
      • Item Name
      • Item Image
      • Number of Entry Item available in the inventory of current character
    • Dungeon Info
      • Estimated Required Combat Power
      • Reward DP
      • BP to generate the Guild Treasure
      • Required Level
      • Required BSLv
      • Maximum Number of Participants
    • Dungeon Playtime
      • Category
      • Remaining Play Time
    • Dungeon Rewards

Notes: Other contents of August 24th 2022 are the same with August 18th, 2022 patch notes.

1. Fixed the error that caused the rewards are paid to the opposite nation when the Temple of Purification got destroyed.

2. Balance Adjustment

  • Significantly reduce the HP of Watcher’s Agent
    • Additionally reduced the HP (updated at 11:00AM)
  • Reduce the percentage that filling up the “Central Sanctuary Gauge” for certain condition / actions
  • Reduce the personal goal score for obtaining the reward from Watcher’s Agent from 500,000 to 300,000
    • Restore the personal goal score from 300,000 back to 500,000 (updated at 11:00AM)

1. Changes to Infinite Trial

  • Season Flow Change
    • Season Preparation: 1 day
    • Season Progress: 2 weeks
    • Season Reward: 1 week
  • Add the Resist Skill Amp., Resist Crit. DMG for monsters in Infinite Trial
  • Adjustment of the Dungeon Completion Reward (refer to the table)
  • Add the Reward Shop (refer to the table)

2. Change the item attribute of “Upgrade Core (Low)” that you can obtain from quest “Core Upgrade (Part 1)” into character-binding.

1. Changes related to Ingens Proelium

  • Fixed bug that cannot get addition WEXP at the end of Mission War using Force Gem.
  • Add a comma ( , ) into the Point UI for separating the thousands while raiding the Watcher’s Agent.

2. Fixed bug that players cannot close the Entry Combat Power Confirmation at the start of Mission War Entry using the close button.

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