Cabal Online – Episode 32 – April and May Patch Notes

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This post will cover all of Patch Notes from April 07th 2022 to May 18th 2022, all are under the Episode 32.

• Fixes and Changes

1. Fixed bug that caused the Daily Treasure Score got reset in case any character left the guild.

2. Fixed bug that “Karma Rune Exchange Ticket Box (Green)” was distributed as account binding.

  • Fixed to character-binding.

3. Adjust the Myth EXP (MXP) based on the difficulty Myth Acquisition Dungeons (MAD).

• Myth Level

1. Change of the required Divine Power for Myth Mastery Zones.

  • Change of the required Myth Divine Power for unlocking Myth Mastery Zone:
  • Compensation for the adjustment (this will not be applied for other server; this will be applied only for KR server at launch).
    • “Myth Elixir” with specific amount of Myth EXP will be distributed for affected players. Minimum 1,750,000 MXP based on the current Myth Level.
    • This will be distributed via Event Inventory and must be received by 04-May-2022.

2. Change related to M.A.D (Myth EXP Acquisition Dungeons)

• Dungeon

1. Add the “Random Dungeon Completion Reward” UI.

  • Add the “Dungeon of the Day” popup button at the GPS mini-map.
    • This button will NOT show when player participates into PvP related contents (such as Mission War, Mission Battle, PvP Arena…)
    • Click on the button to show the “Dungeon of the Day” UI.
  • “Dungeon of the Day” UI:
    • Allow to check the randomly selected dungeon for the day.
    • Reward for the dungeon completion.

2. Extend the view range of some dungeons and the transparency for certain objects in dungeons:

  • Target:
    • Illusion Castle – Underworld (Apocrypha)
    • Illusion Castle – Radiant Hall (Apocrypha)
  • Changes:
    • View range and object transparency are matched with non-Apocrypha version.

3. Temporary change the Boost Level of some dungeons to 0

  • Target:
    • Maquinas Outpost (Elite)
    • Tower of the Dead B3F (Elite)

• Others

1. Fixed the bug that some cash items were generated abnormally.

2. Fixed the bug that some Essence Runes were not automatically converted when using the Battle Style Change Kit (Transcendence) from a sword-based character to a magic-based character.

3. Change the logic of monster / character on receiving damage.

  • Old: When a character / monster gets hit, the character / monster will instantly look at the attacker.
  • New: Character / monster will look at the current aggro attacker and will not change the look instantly when receiving damage.

4. Improve the way of showing Level information:

  • Add new tooltip at the Combat Power to show if the current Combat Power is calculated based on which formular:
    • General
    • PvE
    • PvP
  • If the character is with Overlord or Myth, an icon will be displayed.
    • If character is at Overlord Levels:
      • Overlord icon will be displayed.
      • If player clicks on the icon, Overlord UI will be displayed.
    • If character is at Myth Levels
      • Myth icon will be displayed based on Myth Mastery Rank.
      • If player clicks on the icon, Myth Mastery UI will be displayed.

5. Karma Rune Exchange Ticket Box (Green)

  • Change that the item is stackable.
  • Change that the item is character-binding.
    • Any account-binding will automatically converted to character-binding on logon.

• Fixes

1. Fixed the bug that when a party has both characters less than 200 and characters and characters with Myth Level, those characters could not gain EXP normally.

2. Fixed the bug that displays the Myth Divine Power abnormally in the Myth Mastery UI.

• Myth Level

1. Adjust the Myth EXP from M.A.D.

2. Add new achievements and titles for Rebirth

3. Improvements for Myth Mastery UI

  • Allow to open and use the Myth Mastery UI in Mission War,
  • If the condition for granting / converting the Myth Mastery Slot (MMS). are not satisfied, if that situation happens, the corresponding button will be disable.
  • Add tooltips for different UI elements.
  • Change that the stats tab of the Rank information will be the default tab opened.
  • Change it font colour and icon for the Myth Divine Power.
  • Added Myth Level into the character UI on top-left of the screen and a social feature (buddy, guild, party).

• Items

1. Add “Elixir of Unity (Myth)” into the Guild Shop

2. Add the “Resist Crit. DMG +30%” for the “Holy Water of Resistance”, final stats:

  • Resist Crit. DMG +30%
  • Resist Root +30%
  • Resist Down +30%
  • Resist Knockback +30%
  • Resist Stun +30%

3. Fixed bug that game displays the Karma Rune with abnormal name as a link in chat window,

4. Fixed bug that caused the item got increased in size, overlapping the item frame while using the random box items.

• Dungeons

1. “Dungeon of the Day” UI:

  • Fix that the GPS shortcuts and Dungeon of the Day short cuts will not overlap.
  • Remote cash shop button is moved to the top-left area of the GPS.
  • Change that name of dungeons in Dungeon of the Day UI can be sorted based on Dungeon Group (1/2/3).

2. Slightly decrease the EXP of Lightning Monster in Illusion Castle: Radiant Hall (Apocrypha).

• Others

1. In certain situations, when acquiring a huge amount of EXP at once, the EXP did not stored. This bug is fixed.

2. Fixed bug that the option “Open Rune Shop” is not showing at NPC Flasha when there is any quest active at NPC Flasha.

3. Fixed bug that when character reached OLV 100, the OLV information and Quest Name are overlapping in the Quest UI.

4. Change the “Minimum Point to Receive Treasure” into “Minimum Point per Day” and reflect into different UI elements.

• Guild

1. Adjust the generation rate of some items at Guild Treasure creation process:

  • Slightly increase rate of: Jewel Cube Piece (Emerald)
  • Slightly decrease rate of:
    • Elixir Material
    • Weapon Option Scroll – High / Highest – Attack Rate
    • Armor Option Scroll – High / Highest – Defense Rate

2. Add new potion item in Guild Shop:

  • Add the “Potion of Unity (Accuracy)”
  • Rearrange items in Guild Shop due to addition of new item.

• Dungeons

1. Add the maximum Dungeon Boost level for some Elite Dungeons:

  • Elite DX Dungeons: Max Boost: 5
    • Elite – Catacombs Frost (Premium)
    • Elite – Panic Cave (Premium)
    • Elite – Lava Hellfire (Premium)
    • Elite – Steamer Crazy (Premium)
  • Elite – Tower of the Dead B3F: Max Boost: 3
  • Elite – Maquinas Outpost: Max Boost: 2

2. Fixed the error that caused the thorn trap in dungeon Garden of Dust displayed abnormally.

3. Fixed the spelling mistake at dungeon entrance text for Lava Hellfire (Awakening)

• Changes and Fixes

1. UI Improvements:

  • Myth Mastery UI:
    • Adjust the size / margin / layout of certain UI elements in Myth Mastery UI.
  • Stats Tooltips:
    • Add a new “minimum stats” information.
      • By moving the mouse on the stats increase / decrease buttons ( + / – ), a tooltip will show the minimum value for that stat.
      • If the current character stats is below the minimum stats, the stats will turn yellow and game does not allow player to decrease stats further.

2. Fixed bug that caused client disconnection if player tries to replace items that expired with another items.

3. Fix bugs related to skills:

  • Fixed bug that the Dark Mage’s Leg Flexure doesn’t work in certain situations.
  • Fixed bug that aggro doesn’t work properly when Miss / Block happen while Dark Mage using certain skills.
  • Fixed bug that caused the “Chakram Slam” skill animation is not showing in the Battle Mode 2.

4. Fixed bug that purchasing conditions at NPC Yul is not showing properly in certain situations.

5. Fixed bug that game show errors when player tries to use multiple types of Elixir at once.

• Changes and Fixes

1. Fixed bug that the remaining purchase count for some package in the “N” shop with daily purchase limit was displayed abnormally.

2. Fixed bug that the “Turmacan’s Energy Battery” And “Siena’s Bracelet Crystal” categories are not available in Auction House.

  • Add related categories in Auction House:
    • Craft Item > General Material > Turmacan’s Energy Battery.
    • Craft Item > General Material > Siena’s Bracelet Crystal.

3. Fix and error that cooldown was displayed abnormally when using Potions with Accuracy stats.

4. Fixed bug that login / logout message was displayed with green colour instead of purple colour when player login to the Mission War channel.

5. Change the mechanism for receiving rewards of Challenge Missions and Heil’s Research Support:

  • Existing:
    • Challenge Mission: After selecting the rewards from the Challenge Mission UI based on obtained score, player clicks on “Receive”, the seleted items will be move to Event Inventory.
    • Heil’s Research Support: Circuit Reward (Memory Cube) is distributed via Event Inventory.
  • Change:
    • Challenge Mission:
      • After selecting the rewards from the Challenge Mission UI based on obtained score, player clicks on “Receive”. Selected items will be moved directly to Inventory.
      • This can be done only if player has available space in the inventory.
    • Heil’s Research Support:
      • Circuit Reward (Memory Cube) is distributed via Inventory.
      • If the inventory available space is less than 16, cannot register additional material.
      • At the end of Season, the Clue Reward which is based on random selection will be distributed via Event Inventory as usual.

6. Change that the Petrification effect is not working on the World Ruler Boss.

  • Skill can be casted, but there is no effect on the World Ruler Boss.

• Dungeons

1. Adjust the HP related options for some Boss in dungeons:

  • Changes:
    • Remove HP Auto Heal
    • Slightly increase HP
  • Target:
    • Acheron Arena
      • Overwatcher Guoicpeta
    • Devil’s Tower (Part 2)
      • The Devil Army Supreme Commander Demonz
      • Hell Overwatcher Kirinto
    • Flame Nest
      • Corrupt Goddess Keira
    • Edge of Phantom
      • Etherno Calligo Thanatos

2. Increase amount of EXP gained from some dungeons:

  • Increase EXP of monsters from some dungeons:
    • Illusion Castle – Underworld (Apocrypha), Illusion Castle – Radiant Hall (Apocrypha)
    • Forgotten Temple B3F, Edge of Phantom, Devil’s Tower, Devil’s Tower (Part 2)
    • Pandemonium, Ancient Tomb, Frozen Canyon, Terminus Machina, Garden of Dust, Secret Base SCA-76
    • Mirage Island, Mirage Island (Awakening)
    • Holia Windhill, Holia Keldrasil
    • Acheron Arena, Chaos Arena (Lv. 7)
  • Increase Myth EXP (MXP) for some dungeons:
    • Forgotten Temple B3F, Devil’s Tower (Part 2), Ancient Tomb
    • Holia Windhill, Holia Keldrasil

3. Significantly reduce EXP from monsters in Frozen Canyon:

  • Target: Original Soul Seeker

4. Change some dungeon drops:

  • Add “Hollyroid (Highest)” to the drop list of Dragon’s Treasure Chest in Labyrinth dungeon.
    • Option: MXP +30% (tradable)
  • Increase the drop rate for Fragment of Memory (for all applicable dungeons).

5. By clearing the Dungeon of the Day for 2nd time, additional reward will be distributed. => This has been removed in May 18th 2022 Patch Notes

  • Reward: Karma Rune Exchange Ticket Box (Green)
    • Character Bind
    • No duration

• Item

1. Add the Myth related items into the Coupon Exchange Machine

  • Add the Myth tab in the Coupon Exchange Machine
  • Add “Hollyroid” into the Myth tab

2. Add the bonus for Memory Fragment on performing the Rebirth

  • On Rebirth, 30x Memory Fragment (Account Binding) will be rewarded directly into inventory.
  • As compensation for this change, for each Rebirth that character has performed before the update, 30x Memory Fragment (Account Binding) will be distributed.

3. Change the amount limit for purchasing the Elixir of Unity (Myth) from Guild Shop:

  • Old: 10 per week
  • New: 15 per week

4. Change the name and appearance of “Force Gem Package (x1000)”

  • New Name: Large Force Gem Package

• Fixes

1. Fixed bug that the amount of reward items from Heil’s Research Support system is less than intended.

• Changes & Fixes

1. Fixed bugs that related to Dark Mage:

  • Fixed bug that the Drei Frame Core is not generated while destroying the Drei Frame items for Dark Mage.
  • Fixed bug that at Level 2, a quest from Wizard’s quest line is showing after completion of “Basic of Combat” quest.

2. Fixed bug that the number of “GM’s Blessing (Lv. 1)” buff potion was distributed with wrong amount in Heil’s Research Support.

3. Fixed bug that the Myth EXP bar displays abnormally when player switches to windowed game mode.

4. Increase the Attack / Magic Attack, for the Highest-grade items:

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