Cabal Survey 2021 – Result

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Thanks a lot! For participating in the Cabal Survey 2021. Your feedback has been recorded and already shared with #ESTGames for further analysis and planning of Cabal! Hereunder are the results of #CabalSurvey2021.

Q01 : Which class are you playing at most right now?

  • No surprise when Blader still takes the highest portion with almost 30% of player base.
  • Wizard / Force Archer and Force Blader are runner-up with over 10% each class. Wizard seems to get a big improvement that we have over 15% players.

Q02a : Which CABAL are you playing right now?

  • Most of players are from Cabal EU, it could be I’m playing there, so I get more influencing there.
  • Because as far as I know, the biggest player-base must be from Cabal PH.

Q02b : Which CABAL Mobile are you playing right now?

  • This question was added into the survey just to know if we have Cabal Mobile players or not, but still we have around 20% players of Cabal Mobile here!

Q03 : What is the level of your highest character?

  • Around 50% players are at highest level bracket (Lv. 200, OLV 100).
  • Over 200 (from OLV 1-100) we have almost 80% players!

Q04 : How many characters are you playing now?

  • Most of people go with 1 character only (55.3%).
  • There is around 1/3 (30%) are playing 2-3 characters.

Q05 : What is your Force Wing level?

  • Force Wing seems to be a scattering contents with players from many different level range.
  • Two main group are either maxed (Unique 81 – 100) or casual players (Normal 1 – 50).

Q06: What kind of activity do you like at most in CABAL?

  • Most of players still focus on Dungeon either solo or party and also participating in events.

Q07 : Which kinds of Dungeon do you like at most?

  • Dungeon that attract most of player time are the medium to hard dungeons with around 40 – 50% votes from players.
  • Glacies Inferna seems get low reputation with only 10% vote. Is it too hard, or?!

Q08 : Which PvP activity do you like at most?

  • A WHOOPING of 40% players said, they don’t care about the PvP!
  • Around 45% together go for either TG or MC (with the vote for TG is double of MC).

Q09 : Most favourite grinding content of the game?

  • The ease of farming with the support from quests seems attract players for farming from Level 1 – 200 with 25.7% votes.
  • Beside that, the Merit farming also get the attention from players with around 27.7% votes.

Q10 : Most favourite upgrading system of the game?

  • Normal Upgrade gets almost 50% votes, it might due to the availability of safeguards from multiple events as well as support from different type of cores (Enhanced / Superior / Perfect – and Safeguard).
  • Extreme Upgrade is the top-most criticism target but since it provides a huge boost for the stats, players still like it with 15.4% vote.
  • Together two types of Chaos Upgrade (for Chaos Items for Accessories) get 30% votes.

Q11 : What are the best features among 2021 updates?

  • Top most welcome feature from 2021 was for the new skills (introduced in Episode 28)
  • Beside that, the Skill Transcendence and Aura Awakening also get big support from players.
  • Some high-end content like Epic Boost for Demonite, RoL5/CR5, Mirage Island (Awa) didn’t get the attention or may be those are not “FRIENDLY” enough with the main player-base.
  • Quality-of-Life content such as: Showing Upgrade Success Rate, Additional Quick Slot, Achievement & Title Renewal also get a warm welcome from players.

Q12 : Which class becomes better in 2021?

  • As usual, Blader is king of the game, no doubt. Players gave feedback that 40% of them think that Blader got better in 2021.
  • Runner-ups are Wizard and Force Archer, it seems like it match with the players decomposition at Question 1.

Q13 : Which class becomes worse in 2021?

  • Force Shielder, Gladiator, Force Blader and Warrior are 4 classes with negative feedback from player (over 10%) for changes in 2021.
  • Force Shielder has 22.1% is at the top of the board (ahmm for being worse…)

Q14: Will you consider to change your class in 2022? If yes, to which class?

  • 2/3 players won’t change their class, as they feel OK with their current class.
  • 1/3 players are considering to change and most of them are planning to go to Blader (it’s true, Blader Online, not Cabal Online #_#)

Q15 : Which features in CABAL needs to be improved at most?

  • 50% of players have their concern on the Extreme Upgrade.
  • 1/3 of players want some changes / updates for the Mission War (TG/MC).
  • 1/3 of players want to see changes for the Battle Mode 1.
  • Also around 1/3 of players want to get some changes / updates for Chaos Upgrade and Divine Upgrade.
  • 30% of players want changes / updates for Game UI and even 43.5% want the improvement for Game Graphic.

Q16 : What do you want to get in CABAL in future updates?

  • Over 55% players want to get New Skill Rank over Transcendence.
  • Over 52% want some kind of dungeon which is NOT HARD, but requires some tatical setup to progress.
  • Almost 1/3 of players want more level after 200 and near 50% players want some Leveling system after OLV 100 (we have Myth Levels released recently!)
  • Over 30% of players want some new Unique Accessories and also the new kind of dungeon.
  • Around 40% of players also want to get the new open field (higher than Senillinea).

Q17: Do you play Cabal this year 2021?

  • We see that 30% of players who participate in the survey are coming-back with the game after some quitting time. That’s a good news, right?!
  • And we also have almost 60% of participants are root fan, NEVER NEVER STOP playing Cabal!

Q18: Are you satisfied with the cooperation of the Support/Helpdesk/Ticket system?

  • More than 50% players are NOT HAPPY with the Ticketing / Helpdesk system from the publishers.

Q19: Was the amount of BOTs lower in your server?

  • It’s a tie-situation, almost 30% each option.

Q20: Do you think that ESTGames should invest more in advertisement for Cabal?

  • Almost 90% of players think that ESTGames / publishers should invest more on the advertisement!

Q21: If Cabal Mobile gets released in your region, will you play?

  • Even I receive daily questions about the release of Cabal Mobile, but it seems like we have 30% of players declare that they won’t touch that Cabal Mobile.
  • Another 33% players claimed that they will try to play casually.

Q22 : Which channel of Mr. Wormy do you like at most?

Q23 : Which channels you think that it should be improved?

Q24 : What kind of content do you want to be appeared more on Mr. Wormy’s channels?

Thanks for spending your time for filling up the #CabalSurvey2021. Sorry for taking time on working with the result. All of your comments / feedback in the survey are recorded and also conveyed to representative from ESTGames for further analysis and implementation in future update (if applicable).

Let’s look forward to getting more wonderful contents from the game, and also from me!

Once again, truely appreciate your precious time for the #CabalSurvey2021. And see you again at #CabalSurvey2022!

Mr. Wormy.

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