Cabal 2022 2H Roadmap

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Hello CABALers!

Summer is here, the sun is rising 🌞, and the heat of the summer is going to melt every single thing 😡πŸ₯΅πŸ”₯ Is there any better way to chill out your feeling than getting some good news of the Future of CABAL? Follow me through the 2nd half of 2022 Roadmap for Cabal 😍

We received thousands of questions regarding the Mission War in this Summer Update. So now, I would like to give you some idea for the differences between the new Mission War versus the existing ones.

  • First of all, the PvP and PvE areas are separated, so you can pick the content which suits your gameplay.
    • Of course, both PvP and PvE areas will contribute into the winning of the nation war.
  • Secondly, we will drop the concept of base occupation and “CALL GAME” concept, players have to focus on the battle for the winning.

There are many other unique features beside that; however, we could not reveal them yet.

Instead, we are giving few concepts art of the new Mission War.

Infinite Trial is the new challenge content which will be released in the Summer 2022. The concept of Infinite Trail is pretty straight forward, random stage will be formed continuously, and you have to clear it.

You won’t be able to predict the incoming stages / monsters because these factors will be randomly generated once you clear a stage. And that’s not all, after cleared a stage, you will get 3 options those can make you stronger or weaker and for sure those special effects will follow you into the incoming stages.

What do you need to conquer the Infinite Trial? A little bit of strength, focus and luck~

A huge renewal is coming to Force Wing system. The Force Wing training will get a big overhaul, you will be able learn different skills which help you boost your character massively. Clumsy parts of the Force Wing Training will also be removed such as tree selection constraints, training time…

The Force Wing Training UI will get a huge revamp to give an intuitive way for training Force Wing.

A preset feature will also be added, it is like the way you can switch between different presets of the Platinum Merit. It helps you to switch between different builds for different situations (PvP, PvE, Boss Hunt…).

Additionally, we add the Advent Skill which is dedicated for the Force Wing. The Advent Skill is designed in the way that players can build it in their way, and specific materials will be consumed. Stats will be granted randomly and will be granted immediately at the time you activate the Advent Skill.

Beside of that, all of related UIs will be updated accordingly for improving the accessibility of the Force Wing system.

We hope that those contents will blow a cool breeze into the heat of the summer. But it’s nothing in comparison with the Winter Update contents! Sounds promising? Let’s take a look for the Winter Update contents.

We received trillions of questions and concerns for the Ultimate items, we got Demonite back in 2018, but since then, we haven’t seen any notable change for the Ultimate item grade. So now, in the winter of 2022, we would like to introduce the Dragonium the newest Ultimate item grade that is even stronger than Demonite.

The set is designed based on the concept of Dragon appearance; we are looking forward to seeing you wearing the Dragonium set, soaring your wing and conquer the Nevareth. Details will be revealed during the Winter Update.

We bet that many of you have reached the maximum level of Force Wing at 300 (Unique Rank, Level 100), so it’s the time for extending the limit. Your Force Wing can again grow once more to Level 400. A new Force Wing Dungeon will also unfold in front of your eyes, spread your wing~

The new Force Wing Dungeon will have special limit for accessing.

What do you think about this? What will be the theme for this new dungeon?

Event Pass system is going to be added to Cabal, by completing a set of mission, a certain Event Pass Experience will be gained, by gaining the Event Pass EXP, the Event Pass tier will be increased and that grants your rewards accordingly.

Beside of the rank rewards, there will be also the unique rewards that you can obtain only from the Event Pass.

More details will be revealed during the Winter Update.

We are looking forward to get more and more feedback to improve the game to match players’ expectation and to create the best universe for CABALers. We are waiting for your precious opinions and hope that together we can craft our own world, a place where together we can enjoy every single moment.

Thank you!

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