Cabal Online – Episode 29 – April 14th 2021 Patch notes

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1. User Interface improvements

  • Remove the “Grade” information of items in inventory / equipment / warehouse / …
    • Upgrade grade information is still available for supporting identifying items
  • Costume Warehouse
    • Change the layout of Costume Warehouse to 8×16 (old style)
    • Change from switching between pages to tabs (old style)
  • Shop
    • Change the layout of Shop screen to 8×16 (old style)
    • All sales items are in a single screen, there is no pagination
    • Change the layout of shop for some NPCs
      • Agris – Armour Dealer – Port Lux
      • Chloe – Manufacturing – Port Lux
      • Unon – Peddler – Bloody Ice

2. Fixed User Interface bugs

  • Fixed bug that caused client disconnection while splitting items in the warehouse
  • Fixed bug that caused the set effect was not displayed in the tooltip

1. Improvements for Heil’s Research Support

  • Add new keyboard shortcut
    • Shift + I
    • Able to reconfigure in Key Settings in Options
  • In case the material is not available to register, the related button in the Item Registration will be disabled
  • Notification of Heil’s Research Support will not show in Mission War
  • Add the additional explanation in the tooltip of UIs

1. Changes related to support the losing nation

  • Increased stats based on the Revenge Force buff level (also knowing as the Losing Streak)
  • Increase Defense of Sage’s Ensign, War Gate
  • Slightly increased Resist Critical Damage of Guardians and Structure
  • Slightly decreased HP of War Gate

2. Changes related to Resurrection Invincibility

  • Change the duration of reducing gaining of Defensive Score after resurrection:
    • Old: 10 seconds
    • New: 17 seconds
  • Change the ratio of applying reduced Defensive Score based on 17 seconds duration

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