Cabal Mobile – The Philippines – Publishing Contract for Cabal Mobile PH has been signed

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ESTGames (CEO Hyung-baek Lee – 이형백) announced on the April 06th 2021 that the publishing contract of “Cabal Mobile” (카발 모바일) for the Philippines has been signed between ESTGames (Korea) and Playpark (The Philippines).

“Cabal Mobile” is a mobile MMORPG which inherits the whole concept of ESTGames’ masterpiece “Cabal Online”. The port version of “Cabal Online” for portable devices is not only 1-to-1 conversion but also with lots of optimisation such as the innovative user interface and warp system that brought the mobile gaming experience to a whole new level. By November 2020, Cabal Mobile has officially launched in Thailand market. The game achieved Rank #1 in the Store for popularity and also at Rank #3 for top sales.

Through the new contract that newly signed, ESTGames would provide a great support for various parts which are localisation, promotions and marketing in order to optimised the game for the Philippines’ market.

Playpark is a subsidiary of AsiaSoft a leading game publisher in the Philippines with a lot of high demand online game such as MU Online, Special Force 2 and especially Cabal Online. Cabal Online has great player-base with a strong community which is now in the 13th year of operation.

11th anniversary offline-event of Cabal PH

Mr. Lee Hyung-baek, CEO of ESTGames said: We are thrilled to work with Play Park on different products, we would together work on various fields, share our experiences, know-how with the Cabal Mobile. We would do our best closely to achieve the best outcomes for Cabal Mobile PH.

Stay tuned for more information regarding the launch of Cabal Mobile for the Philippines’ market.

My own thoughts~

I myself participated in 2 offline-events and 1 online-event for celebrating 10th, 11th and 12th anniversary of Cabal PH. Every single time, the Cabal PH community gave the best experience of how should a powerful community should be. Another key factor for the success of Cabal in the Philippines is from the publisher, Play Park, who always stand behind to support the community! With the success of Cabal Online which is now in the 13th year of operation, I believe that Cabal Mobile would have an awesome foundation to start with.

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