Cabal Online – Episode 29 – Apr 07th 2021 Patch Notes

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1. Fixes related to new contents

  • Fixed bug that Heil’s Research Support reward produces abnormally reward as a Dragon’s Orb
  • Fixed bug that caused client disconnection while doing inventory sorting in certain situation
  • Fixed bug that caused the inventory sorting is deactivated due to holding an item with mouse
  • Fixed bug that the Equipment UI was opened when clicking on the inventory in Cabal Menu
  • Fixed bug that game showed abnormal tooltip in the Pet UI
  • Fixed bug that the Collection UI display abnormally while switching between pages
  • Fixed bug that the position of the inventory image for SIG Metal Coat (FA/FB/FB) of female characters were displayed abnormally
  • Fixed bug that the durational Dungeon Entry Item in NPC Yul show the wrong duration information
  • Fixed bug that the combo gauge was display abnormally while using the Combo skill

2. Dark Mage Related

  • Fixed bug that the skill could not be used after summoned the Totem-related skill while using auto-attack
  • Fixed bug when the Totem-related skill was casted the FX will be displayed disregard of the effect option settings

1. Add “Heil’s Research Support” system

  • Participation & Progress
    • Condition for Participating
      • Account with at least one character at 180 (or above) and that character must be registered as representative for Guild
      • All characters in the account can participate
      • If you main character leaves the guild during the Research Support season is in progress, you need to join another guild and set that character as representative in order to proceed with Research Support
    • Progress
      • There will be three (03) seasons
        • Heil’s Research: Investigation
        • Heil’s Research Observation
        • Heil’s Research: Hypothesis Setup
      • Duration of each season is temporary set for 6 days, after that, there will be an “off” day break right after before another season is started.
    • Process of Progressing
      • Main Process
        • Step 1: Register materials
        • Step 2: Increase the progress until the max
        • Step 3: Receive Circuit as reward
        • Step 4: Complete the Circuit Board when completed all 10 Circuits
        • Step 5: Receive Decoded Circuit Board
      • After received 7 Decoded Circuit Board => At the end of season, get Clue Reward via lottery
  • Related Menu and UI
    • Cabal Menu > Quests & Achievements > Heil’s Research Support
    • Research Support UI: Heil’s Research Support
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20210327_ep29_pnotes_20210326_heil_research_support.png
  • Heil’s Research Support UI
    • Electronic Circuit Decoding
      • UI consists of Circuits, Circuit Lines and Memory Cubes (as rewards)
      • Different colours will be represented for different grade of Circuit
      • If the Circuit Board got decoded completely, the button to move to the next page will be activated
    • Material Register
      • Total 10 Materials must be registered
      • Amount of materials needed and have will be displayed
      • Able to “change” the material for registration by using the “refresh” button
    • My Information
      • Show the current season information
      • Show the current progress
  • Details
    • Material Register
      • If the amount of material your character owns is more than the required amount, you can register the material
      • When the material is registered, the Gauge at the top of the Heil’s Research Support UI will be filled up
        • Depends on the type of the material, the gauge will be filled deferentially
      • Multiplier Bonus
        • When registering the material, a random Multiplier Bonus is applied
          • When the Multiplier Bonus is activated, the gauge will be filled up accordingly
        • Multiplier:
          • 2x
          • 3x
          • 4x (applicable only for Cores)
          • 5x (applicable only for Cores)
      • Changing the Material
        • By clicking on the Refresh button, the material will be changed
        • The refresh can be done up to 5 times, 5 Force Gems are needed per reset
        • When a material is changed, the previous material might show up again
      • Material, Registered Quantity, Number of Times that you can refresh are reset daily at 5:00 AM
    • Circuit Reward (Memory Cube)
      • Basic Circuit Structure
        • 9 Normal Circuits & 1 High Circuit (at Circuit #10)
        • Circuit Layout Randomisation
          • High Circuit: At the start of 2nd round or after, there is a chance that Normal Circuit could be upgraded into High Circuit (for the Circuit #1 ~ #9)
          • Highest Circuit: At the start of 2nd round or after, there is a chance that the Circuit #10 could be upgraded into Highest Circuit
          • The more rounds were done, the higher chance that High / Highest could be upgraded and the chance will be reset once the upgrade happens
            • Chance of getting upgrade at round 4 is higher than round 2
            • Once the upgrade happens at round 8, then the chance for upgrade at round 9 is reset back to normal chance
          • Only one (1) upgrade could be done per round
      • Memory Cube Reward
        • When all of materials are registered for each circuit, the memory cube is opened and the reward will be given
        • Different reward are given based on Memory Cube grade (Normal / High / Highest)
          • Memory Cube (High) could give Elixir of Luck (20M – 100M)
          • Memory Cube (Highest) could give Elixir of Luck (100M – 10B)
        • Reward will be delivered via Event Inventory and has duration of 7 days for receiving
        • When the full Circuit Board with 10 Memory Cubes are opened, the “Decoded Circuit Board” will be gained
      • Clues Reward
        • System will give rewards at the end of the season based on random for players who completed at least one Research Support
        • Selection Method
          • Every 7 Decoded Circuit Board obtained, one entry for the Clue Reward would be counted Once the player completed the research support tasks and obtained the Decoded Circuit Board
          • System will select randomly for 5 grades of rewards.
          • A character wins a grade will be excluded from the next grade.
        • Clue Reward will also be delivered via Event Inventory with duration for receiving with 7 days
        • Number of Winners and Details of Rewards
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20210327_ep29_pnotes_20210326_item_for_collection.png
  • Collection
    • A collection related with Heil’s Research Support items
      • Collection > Special
    • Related items
      • From Memory Cube (Normal / High / Highest)
        • Shining Liquid
        • Charged Stone
        • Black Matter
      • From Memory Cube (Highest)
        • Old Machine Part
        • Broken Electronic Circuit
        • Eternal Power Device

1. New DX2 Dungeon “Terminus Machina”

  • Entry Information:
    • Level 190, BSLV 11+
    • Entry Item: Broken Circuit Chip
      • NPC Unon: 1,000,000 Alz + 1 Divine Stone
      • Account Binding
    • Entrance: Fort Ruina (40, 175) (same entrance of Steamer Crazy)
    • Number of Participant: Up to 2
  • Dungeon completion:
    • Success: Destroy the final Legendary Box
    • Failure: Time out
  • Dungeon play time
    • Weekdays: 8 hours
    • Weekends: 12 hours
  • Special drops:
    • Essence Rune – Ignore Resist Critical Damage
    • Crystal of Wind

1. New Essence Rune – Ignore Resist Critical Damage

  • Able to obtain from Legendary Box of DX2 – Terminus Machina
  • Rune Details

2. Removed the Crystal of Wind from NPC Chloe Shop shop

3. Changed the maximum number of some items to be stacked to 999

  • Applicable:
    • Effector Core (Piece)
    • Elemental Crystal
    • Crystal of Ruin / Destruction
    • Orb of Ruin / Destruction
    • Devil’s Token
    • Orb of Earth / Wind / Fire / Ice
    • Earth / Wind / Fire / Ice Stone
    • Crystal of Earth / Wind / Fire / Ice
    • Essence of Chaos (All Types)
    • Dragon Essence Darkness / Light
    • Master’s Essence (All Grades)
    • Fragment of Divine / Chaos
    • Unrefined Divine Essence
    • Divine Purification Scroll

4. Add the Agris’ Armour Box for Dark Mage

  • NPC Agris is now selling Armour Box for Dark Mage
  • Add the category in Auction House

5. Add the Ignore Resist Crit. Damage and Ignore Resist Skill Amp. as the register-able for Collection of Bike Ultimate grade

■ Mission War

1. Changes related to Revenge Force and Defense Score

  • Expand the Revenge Force Buff
    • Existing: Up to 3 times
    • New: Up to 10 times
  • Special Buff will be applied on Guardians / Structures of the Losing Nation
    • Target:
      • Legacy Guardian
      • Sage’s Ensign
      • War Gate
    • Stats:
      • HP
      • Defense
      • Resist Critical DMG
      • Resist Skill Amp.
    • Exclusion: Gold Keeper in Memoria Chrysos
  • Adjust the Buff for Character of Losing Nation
    • Add Stats: Add Damage
    • Reduce Stats: Defense
    • Remove Stats:
      • Resist Crit. Damage
      • Resist Skill Amp.
  • Defense Score obtained upon the resurrection
    • Once resurrected the percentage of Defense Score obtained after the “Protect” mode is reduced
    • The percentage is increased gradually every second, after 10 seconds, the normal Defense Score will be obtained
    • Will not applied for resurrected using Odd Circle or Force Gem
    • During the “Protect” mode, it’s not able to obtain the Defense Score

Notes: Changes of Warehouse Size got updated again in April 09th 2021 update. Please refer to April 09th 2021 update for newest information. Read more here:

1. Inventory Improvement (will be improved continuously)

  • Change the item size to 1×1
    • Change all item size to 1×1
    • All related system that related to item-size are unified to 1×1
      • Inventory, Warehouse, Store…
  • Increased “Inventory” to 8 pages (aka tabs)
    • Increase the Inventory from 4 pages to 8 pages
    • Number of accessible pages is depended on the premium / blessing beads
  • Warehouse Improvement
    • Change the number of slots per page in the Warehouse and Costume Warehouse from 8×16 (128 slots) to 8×8 (64 slots)
    • Instead of decreasing the number of slots per page, the total number of pages is now doubled, so the total number of slots is the same.
      • Add the feature for moving between Warehouse pages using the buttons instead of tabs
    • Number of accessible pages is depended on the premium / blessing beads
  • UI that changes due to item image change and inventory expansion
    • Inventory
    • Warehouse
      • Warehouse
      • Costume Warehouse
    • NPC Shop
    • Equipment
      • Main Equipment
      • Pet
      • Costumes
      • Linked Weapon
    • Direct Trade
    • Auto-sort

● UI that changes due to item image change and inventory expansion

● UI that changes due to item image change and inventory expansion

PetNPC Shop
CostumeCostume Warehouse
Link WeaponWarehouse
Warehouse layout is changed in Apr 09th 2021
TradeAutomatic Sorting
Warehouse layout is changed in Apr 09th 2021

2. Added grade-related description in the item tooltip

Unique itemEffector item
Showing the range of the unique items’ options, applicable items: Lycanus Weapon, Drei-Frame Armour, Prideus’ Bracelet, Siena’s Bracelet, Drosnin’s Earring, Orphidia’s Amulet, Raksha’s BroochShowing the grade of the options of Effector as x/7 in the option

3. Add “Select All” checkbox in the Personal Shop for auto-registering all items for sale

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