Cabal Online – Episode 29 – Apr 09th 2021 Patch Notes

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1. UI related

  • Change the Equipment UI and Inventory from Vertically layout back to Horizontally layout
  • Warehouse
    • Change the warehouse layout back to 8×16 size
    • Change the navigating between pages back to using tab system
  • Fixed bugs related to the rollback of warehouse and layout of inventory

2. Fixed bug that caused client disconnection due to registering Anima Gem or Pet in certain situation

3. Fixed bug that mercenary can attack gates in Terminus Machina

  • Regarding the new UI update and screen optimisation, in case the UI goes out of the screen size / resolution, please adjust the UI size in Options > Display > UI Settings
  • In this update (Apr 09th 2021), only the UI with high frequency of usage get updated
    • Other parts of the UI would be revised and update in the incoming updates
    • All of game UI is now under internal development and testing, once the development is completed, there will be a separated announcement regarding this update

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