Cabal in 2020 (Part 2/3)

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Are you wonder about what would we get for 2020? Join me and let’s see what are waiting for you? The blog post will come with both official announcement and my own analysis and prediction.

The series will be splitted into 3 parts and will be posted consecutively during these incoming days. This is the 2nd part of the series!

Wing-related Improvements

  • Status: Confirmed
  • Expected Release: Summer 2020

Long time ago by April of 2019, I’ve already leaked information of Force Wing would have up to 600 Levels, divided into 6 Ranks.

And yes, by Episode 24 Part 1, “Rare” grade of Force Wing has been unlocked as well as the introduction of Holy Windmill dungeon as the first Force Wing Dungeon.

During the Summer of 2020, another Force Wing Dungeon will be introduced with the reveal of Force Wing up to Level 300! The new dungeon would have same concept of angelic holy theme like Holy Windmill; however, there will be some restriction, like your Force Wing must reach a certain grade to enter the dungeon.

By talking about the Holy Windmill, it recalls me another dungeon, named “Sky Garden” from Cabal 2. Something from the sky, sounds totally matched with Force Wing!

Achievement Renewal

  • Status: Confirmed
  • Expected Release: Summer 2020

Concept is farming and playing to get achievement! Yes, it’s no change! However, what can you do when you have lots of Achievement and Title but you cannot apply them all due to the limitation of Title?

With the the Achievement Renewal, still the same progress you will do, but the additional reward will be added as “Medal” (not final name). The more “Medal” you earn, the more things you can unlock and get benefit from them!

Achievement Renewal is targeted to be available in Cabal KR by Summer 2020.

New Battle Style?!

  • Status: Not Confirmed
  • Expected Release: N/A

Yeah! The same story that we keep talking over year… Will there be a new Battle Style ever? We all talk about this from 2018, through 2019 until now…

But it’s totally quiet! After the teaser for Guild update by end of 2018 for Cabal KR. The artwork of that character hasn’t been used anywhere else. We all get confused when talking about the new Battle Style. Would that rumor of Force Destroyer be real? Or according the the original expectation, we would get a character from Desert Scream, wearing the Martial Set? All might be revealed during 2020, the year of celebrating 15th birthday of Cabal!

End of Part 2/3

What can I expect in the next post?

Minor changes that improve the Quality-of-Life in game for players, as well as boosting the game quality itself. A never-heard-before system and some other renewal! Stay tuned and Happy CABAL-ing 😉

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