Cabal in 2020 (Part 3/3)

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Are you wonder about what would we get for 2020? Join me and let’s see what are waiting for you? The blog post will come with both official announcement and my own analysis and prediction.

The series will be splitted into 3 parts and will be posted consecutively during these incoming days. This is the 3nd part of the series!

Monster Raid

  • Status: Confirmed
  • Expected Release: Spring 2020

A bunch of Red Garlies showing up from no where in Bloody Ice !? A brand new Event Content will be added as “Monster Raid”.

At the certain time, these monsters appear out of no where, invade the Nevareth continent… By attending the raid and killing them, you would get special rewards~

Quick Slot Expansion

  • Status: Confirmed
  • Expected Release: Spring 2020

Though the updates, more utilities are delivered to players, but the complexity of managing them is also increased. Quick Slot was introduced for using certain features of the game faster. However, with the increasement of complexity for these features, Quick Slot also got outdated.

You can have several activities ingame such as going Dungeon, Hunting Boss, or Mission War. Each needs a different set of Quick Slot. But how to make them as quick as expected?

A new “Quick Slot” system will be added to solve the mess… You will be able to have a set of skill which you always use for every single situation, at a fixed place.

I’m just thinking if they will do the simplified quick slot system like Cabal Mobile or not? That you can make BM3 Synergy as a single click…

This screenshot if from Cabal Mobile, no guarantee that we can have this

Other Confirmed Changes

  • Status: Confirmed
  • Expected Release: Sping / Summer 2020

We all wonder what kind of “Costumes” (Costume / Wing Costume / Bike Costume) that person uses? How can they get that Attack Ability? It’s coming the “View Equipment” window is going to be update to show all equipped items, that including costumes.

Comparing items is awesome, but you can compare at specific places, that is not really good. By Spring 2020, we will have the feature that allow you to compare the item between item in the chat link versus equipped item!

Request System at Chloe will have feature that allow you to search through the list of recipes for the thing you want. It will be faster for crafting~

The show / hide the costume will also be enlarged to Bike Costume (and may be Wing Costume as well), that allow you to hide these costume that you are taking stats from (called as “Option Applied Costume”).

By Summer 2020, some renewal will be applied for Field Boss, some Bosses will be added and existing ones will be revised (appearance, drops…)

Last Words

These are some of confirmed and not-confirmed changes and additions of 2020. The post also included the Plan for first half of 2020 notes from Developers (still I will post another separated post for that). We can expected for more and more content to come during 2020, since it’s the 15th birthday of Cabal. We might have ingame or event outgame events. Things are ahead. Keep calm and playing CABAL!

End of Part 3/3

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