#EP17 #GSP Official Patch notes from Global Service

Please find the detailed patch notes from Cabal GSP below, in case you need further information, please try mrwormy.com/?s=ep17

Key changes:

  • New Battle Style : Force Gunner
    • Armor: Battleset
    • Weapon: Orb/ Crystal
    • Skill: 20 attack skills
    • BM1 : Ranger
    • BM2: Heavy Launcher
    • BM3: Hitman
  • Upgrade to +20 for Weapon/ Armor/ Bike
  • Character Rebalance
  • Other Fixes


[KR] [EP17] Nov & Dec 2016 Patch notes


Nov 24th 2016 Patch notes

■ Changes

1. Change the maximum level of item upgrading to 20 (was 15)

  • Upgrade UI combination
    • Open the Upgrading UI:
      • Right click on upgrade cores
      • Click on “Upgrade” button in inventory
    • Availability:
      • Normal items
      • Chaos items
  • Upgrade method
    • Once Upgrading UI activated, player can put the item inside
      • Available methods for upgrading will be shown
      • Player can select method for upgrade (select the core type)
      • Click on “Upgrade” button
  • Upgrade result will be displayed on the bottom of Upgrading UI



  • Change the maximum upgrade level for normal items (Weapon / Armor / Bike) from 15 to 20
    • Core consumption
      • 20161219_ep17_patch_notes_nov_and_dec_core_consumption
  • Failure penalty
    • Items with upgrade level less than 15, same mechanism for penalty applied
    • Items with upgrade level more than 15 have these penalties for failure
      • Upgrade level -1
      • Upgrade level -2
      • Upgrade level -3
      • But item cannot be down-grade lower than 15 (after it has been upgrade to 15, it cannot be lowered than 15)
  •  Restrictions
    • Cannot use “Enchant Safeguard” for upgrading higher than +15
    • Upgrading from 19 to 20 cannot use “Superior Core”
    • Allow to use “Superior Core” for upgrading from 14 to 15, there is chance to get +16 as result

2. Changes related to some scenario quests

  • Decrease the Alz reward for Quests Lv 1-100
  • Increase the Alz reward for Quests Lv 101-199
  • Adjust the EXP reward for Quests Lv 1-99
  • Give out some skill books for certain quests
    • Including Skill Books for Battle Mode 3 at level 130

3. Decrease the amount of Stain Clone needed for Battle Mode 3 skill books

  • Step 1: From 30 to 5
  • Step 2: From 40 to 10
  • Step 3: From 50 to 15

4. Change options of Palladium Epaulet20161219_ep17_patch_notes_nov_and_dec_palladium_epaulet

■ Additions

1. Added new class “Force Gunner”

  • Weapon: Orb / Crystal
  • Armor: Battleset (FG)
  • Skills
    • Attack Skills: 20 Skills
    • Buff Skills:
    • Battle Modes:
      • Battle Mode 1: Ranger
      • Battle Mode 2:
        • Activation Skill: Heavy Launcher
        • Special Skill: Surface Impact
        • 20161219_ep17_patch_notes_nov_and_dec_fg_bm2
      • Battle Mode 3:
        • Activation Skill: Hitman
        • Special Skill: Hitman Attack I / II / III
        • 20161219_ep17_patch_notes_nov_and_dec_fg_bm3


Dec 01st 2016 Patch notes

■ Fixes

1. Bugs related to Force Gunner

  • Cannot use several skills on monsters
  • Fixed bug that caused abnormal appearance of movement animation in Battle Mode 2
  • Fixed bug that cause unable to use Dash / Fade step in Battle Mode 2
  • Fixed bug that icon of Force Gunner did not display in Buddy, Guild. Achievement UI
  • Fixed bug that cause Force Gunner wears Chakram when mounting Saints Force Weapon
  • Fixed bug that cause distribution of abnormal skill book on level 85 quest

2. Fixed bug that causes by upgrading item higher than 15 in specific situation

3. Fixed bug that allows players enter Chaos Arena without the level restrictions

■ Changes

1. Several changes applied for Force Gunner stats / skills

2. Adjust skills of Warrior, Bladder

  • Warrior
    • Battle Mode 3 – Axe Attack A / B attack range increased
    • Bear Vitality: Add new stats: +800 Damage Reduce
  • Blader
    • Battle Mode 3 – Knucklet Attack A attack range did not change
    • Battle Mode 3 – Knucklet Attack B attack range increased

3. Drop related changes

  • Dungeon Entry Item
    • Remove all Dungeon Entry drop from Arcane Trace and Senillinea
    • In Porta Inferno and lower map fields, only low Dungeon Entry item drops (Altar of Siena B1F and lower)
      • E.g.: IC1, AoS1, FT1
    • DX Dungeon Entry
      • Remove DX Dungeon Entry drop from all fields
      • DX Dungeon Entry is now able to drop only from Hazardous Valley (Easy / Normal / Hard)
    • Chaos Arena Dungeon Entry (Key) matains current drop
  • Minesta Capsule
    • Remove Minesta Capsule drop from all fields
    • Remove quests which give Minesta Capsule as reward
    • Minesta Capsule is now able to obtain from DX Dungeon
      • Panic Cave (Easy / Normal / Hard): Chapter 13 / Chapter 14 / Chapter 15
      • Steamer Crazy (Easy / Normal / Hard): Chapter 16 / Chapter 17 / Chapter 18
      • Catacomb Frost (Easy / Normal / Hard): Chapter 19 / Chapter 20 / Chapter 21
      • Lava Hellfire (Easy / Normal / Hard): Chapter 22 / Chapter 23 / Chapter 24
      • Hazardous Valley (Easy / Medium / Hard): Chapter 25 / Chapter 26 / Chapter 27
  • Add Drop
    • Add the “Essence Rune (HP)” to drop from Forbidden Island (Awakening)
    • Forbidden Island and Illusion Castle – Radiant Hall now drop
      • Effector Core (Piece) and Minesta Diamon Charm
  • Remove drop
    • Remove “Essence Rune (HP)” to from from all fields
    • Remove “Lottery Coin”
    • Remove “Chaos Lamp”
  • Item properties changes
    • Siena Piece from Altar of Siena B2F is now tradeable
    • Sealed Mergaheph’s Ring from Tower of the Dead B1F is now tradeable

4. Changes related to equipment comparison

  • Support for showing stats differences between before/after upgrade

5. Changes related to Dummy Training

  • Dummy Training is increased in HP, Defense
  • Dummy Training is now giving Pet EXP

■ Additions

1. Add Character slot extender (No. 8)

  • NPC: Grocer: Deighton – Bloody Ice
  • Price: 500,000,000 Alz
  • Output: Open 8th character slot for account

2. Add new recipes for Force Gunner items crafting

  • Armor (Battleset)
  • Battle Mode 3 Skill Books

3. Add the Force Gunner armors in to drop list of Dungeons and Fields

4. Add skill sounds to Force Gunner Skills

5. Add item sales

  • AP Saver (100) is now sold by NPC
    • NPC: Grocer: Hampric – Port Lux
    • Price: 5,000,000 Alz
    • Properties:
      • Tradeable – Store up to 100 AP
      • Able to look-up in Auction Hall
    • 20161219_ep17_patch_notes_nov_and_dec_ap_saver
  • Argis Armor (FG) Box
    • NPC: Armor Dealer: Agris – Port Lux
    • Price: 2,000,000 Alz & Drei Frame Core x 30
    • Peticia Key is required for open the Box
    • 20161219_ep17_patch_notes_nov_and_dec_fg_armor_box



Dec 07th 2016 Patch notes

■ Changes

1. Reduce boss monster spawn time in in low-level dungeon

  • Ruina Station:
    • Reduce spawn time of Mech Spider bosses
  • Tower of the Dead B2F:
    • Activation of monsters after killed 3 Ghosts
    • Reduce spawn time of Jumar Carbo
    • Reduce spawn time of Andreas Schultz


2. Changes to Minesta and Arcane Golem Unbinding Stones

  • Unbind success rate is fixed with +15
    • Minesta Unbinding Stone: 90% (at +15 -> +20)
    • Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone: 75% (at +15 -> +20)
  • This success rate will be displayed in the tooltip

3. Blessing Beads changes

  • Blessing Bead – Plus
    • Drop Rate: 25% -> 30%
    • Box additional drop rate: 0% -> 50%
    • WEXP: 25% -> 50%
  • Blessing Bead – Superior
    • EXP: 50% -> 100%
    • Drop Rate: 10% -> 30%
    • Box additional drop rate: 50% -> 100%
    • WEXP: 25% -> 100%



Dec 09th 2016 Patch notes

■ Changes

1. Rune slot expansion

  • Increase the maximum number of Rune Slots to 30 (was 16)
  • Able to use Rune Slot Extender – Essence up to 14 times (was 3)



■ Additions

1. Add special buff for Platinum Service users

  • Once the service is activated, buff will be granted
  • Buff icon will be display on the top right corner, beside the GPS map
    • Moving mouse over, stats and duration will be displayed
    • 20161219_ep17_patch_notes_nov_and_dec_platinum_buff
  • There are 3 level of Buff: Normal / Rare / Unique
    • By default, Normal buff is given
    • Buff can be upgraded to Rare / Unique using Buff Upgrade UI
    • 20161219_ep17_patch_notes_nov_and_dec_platinum_buff_upgrade


Dec 14th 2016 Patch notes

■ Changes

1. Changes related to Disc Dice

  • Change the material required for Disc Dice recipes
  • Change the output of Disc Dices
    • Was: 1-6
    • Change: 20 – 120


2. Change related to “Empty Bottle” price sold from NPC Chloe in Port Lux:

  • 1: 100 Alz => 30,000 Alz
  • 127 (bundle): 12,700 Alz => 3,810,000 Alz



[KR] Developer Interview: Update road-map for 2016



It’s quite a long time since the last time I do the interview with the developer team. This interview will be for the incoming updates in 2016, and all of information are really promising 🙂


The summer is ending soon, we (development team) have already finalised all contents for the first half of 2016 and here we will share the plan for the incoming updates.



The new battle style “Gladiator” is out for almost 3 years, now is the time for the new battle style. In opposition with Gladiator which is a sword-based class, the new battle style will be magic-based class. This new class will use Battleset armor like Force Blader and Force Archer.


It’s quite a long time since Level 200 have been introduced, many of new contents will be released through the incoming updates, from the mission dungeons to the mission fields, all of them will be boosted with special contents in order to maximising the enjoy of players.


Chaos Equipment was introduced in 2015, however due to the high-rate of failure while upgrading with Chaos Core, the Chaos Equipment has been abandoned. This time our development team is working on the new equipment concept, which will help you to clear the high-graded dungeons like Abandoned City and Elite Dungeons faster and smoother 🙂 But don’t be eager so fast, you need to spend time and effort to make them be awesome 😉

This time we will “re-use” the appearance of Chaos Equipment and make it as Palladium set, it’s one grade higher than Archridium. The new equipment can be obtained from the Abandoned City.


* Please be noted that in Korean Cabal, there is no Palladium set at this moment!

We can definitely see that dungeon farming is one of the most favourite activities in Cabal. We are going to introduce a brand-new dungeon mode which is “Dungeon Defense” which is really popular these days in different games.


In additions, we are going to revise other contents which lead to the huge difference between rich and poor players, for example Chaos Core upgrade is one among them. Currently we are struggling for finding out the ways to increase the value and weight of the equipment to continue to address this problem.


In the few next months, you can expect to get a lot of changes in CABAL, stay tuned! Be always with CABAL ❤ Love you all, CABALers!


[KR] Interview with Developer Part XIII


Source : Cabal EU Forum

The following is an interview with the head of the CABAL Online Game Design team. I am not going to say much about it, I think the interview speaks for itself 😉 This is completely unedited, so enjoy!

Interview with CABAL game designer

Hello CABAL users from all around the world!

My name is Coopers, the head of Game Design Team for CABAL Online: Expansion. I believe this is my first official outing to global CABAL users.
2012 brought big changes to the game and updates were delayed compared to years before to make those changes, which may have disappointed CABAL enthusiasts around the world. But I can assure that those times did not go waste and I sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding.

Leaving 2012 behind us, I wanted to share the changes mentioned above that will bring new life to CABAL Online: Expansion. What I am about to share is features that are ‘in development’ stage. I’ve categorized it by contents subsection such as Dungeons, Items, etc.

1. What are some of the ‘in development’ features and where is CABAL headed to?

Main contents in CABAL are named to start with the word “Mission”. Among them, the most important content in my mind is the Mission Dungeons. Almost all MMORPGs employ the concept of dungeon but in CABAL, it was a bit different. Dungeons in CABAL were not just a place for users to level, obtain items and kill boss mobs. Users were given “missions” to clear dungeons within time limit while doing everything else mentioned above. Soon after, single play only DX(Dungeon eXtreme) system and Time attack type Maquinas Outpost dungeon were introduced. All of these concepts were unseen in MMORPGs at the time of their first appearance.

I guess that’s enough about the past. What I want to get across is that CABAL Game Design Team and developers ALWAYS try to put a spin on everyday MMORPG contents to make them more interesting for the users and dungeons are no exception. The effort is ongoing as we speak, so that users can feel CABAL is ‘differently better’!

One of the changes we are bringing is the ‘Awakened’ mode, which is already being played out in Korean server. The concept is to put more limits and restrictions such as shorter dungeon time and a whole new pattern of boss mob’s attack for better rewards in formal mission dungeons. Those of you who are tuned to the latest updates of Korean server, you would already know that the first dungeon that has Awakened version is Forgotten Temple B2F.

Different from the original Forgotten Temple B2F, the Awakened version can only hold up to 4 players. Players also obtain time bonus when they kill each boss mob along with many rewards such as Archridium items and ‘Awakened Tyrant’s Ring’.

The difficulty of the dungeon is higher than its original one so I believe it will be a new challenge for the global users. We are currently working on the second Awakened dungeon which yet again, has a different feel than the normal dungeon. CABAL dungeons are designed to be played repeatedly to obtain certain goal or items. We thought this could make users – especially the devoted, hardcore players – bored out of their minds. Of course, we can twist a thing or two and make the dungeons somewhat ‘random’.

For example, clear conditions are randomized so that players are seemingly doing different things when they enter the dungeons. However, the players were not born yesterday. It is matter of time that users realize such feature is just another cover up. To conquer this problem our team had hours of discussion. As a result, we introduce you to the ‘Daily Reward’.

Reward for each day of the week will change when certain dungeon is cleared. Although we will not be able to disclose the detailed reward list at this moment, what I can tell you is that the way these rewards are given is by meeting preset conditions for the dungeon. It will be different from the usual kill and drop type reward. This ‘Daily Reward’ will start with a specific dungeon (maybe a new one?).

2. How will the Team Mission Battle play out? What happens to Mission War in the future?

I don’t have to tell you that newly introduced Mission Battle – as it made its first appearance in Jeju Island last year – will be the key feature of CABAL going forward as we expect it will address all concerns that users had regarding PvP content.

To talk about the global camp for a moment, we apologize that we could not bring the completed version of Mission Battle to the event. It was honor and privilege to meet and spend time together with users from all around the world and gave us a fresh spirit and motive to make CABAL a better game.

As mentioned numerous times before, Team Mission Battle will be introduced in the second half year of 2013. We believe that the new Content will amplify user’s PvP experience to even greater level. The battlefield has a code name ‘Forest of Maze (the name can be changed)’, which enables 3 vs. 3 or 5 vs. 5 Battle.

Recently developers try to blend MOBA(popularly known as AOS in Korea) and MMORPG in many different ways. We thought merely bringing features in MOBA and piling them on to CABAL was not going to satisfy anyone. Our goal is to come up with MOBA content that has CABAL written all over it and quite frankly, it is a massive project for us and the developers here at ESTsoft. We are going to embrace all the essential features of MOBA such as spawning minions, defense towers and destroying opponent’s base. Then we are going to season it with distinctive features only for CABAL MOBA and encourage users to come up with unique strategies.

It will support Cross Server Matching system and users will be able to make their own team or put in a random group. All stats and skills will be adjusted when characters are entered into the battlefield. In the battlefield, each character will grow during the game like a ‘champion’ or ‘hero’ in MOBA. Gamers out there will be aware of the fact that you cannot win MOBA game by yourself no matter how good you are. Cooperation between players will be a key in winning the game. Now, I’d like to show you some original artwork of what I just talked about and the picture we are painting for this system.

Conceptual Art Main Base


Conceptual Art Shrine at Main Base



Conceptual Art Minion Spawn Object


Conceptual Art “juggling” Monster A


Conceptual Art “juggling” Monster B

We are also working on the new Mission War content called Tamue’s Island. Tierra Gloriosa is 100 vs. 100 Warfield where the focus is on mass PvP. Tamue’s Island will be a bit smaller in scale in between Tierra Gloriosa and Forest of Maze. We have tentatively set the size at 25 Vs. 25.
Different from the current Warfield, Tamue’s Island will be an open concept map. Users will be battling each other in a place where they can see recognize things at a glance. Key feature that we are putting in is the ‘Transport Wagon’ content. They spawn at a specific location in the Warfield. When one nation takes over this location, Transport Wagon automatically moves towards the main base of the nation.
What does this Transport Wagon do? It contains valuable resources that can be used to win the war. Each nation’s users will have to defend or take back the other’s Transport Wagon. Apart from users, bandits NPCs will appear time to time at the base to steal resources from the users. Defending resources from these NPCs will be another key play in the war. Although we do not have a plan as to when this content will be ready, I’m assuming it will be after the Forest of Maze update.

3. Is there any plan to strengthen Guild system for community building?

‘Guild’ is a very important system in any MMORPG for community building. A while back, when we did our first renewal of CABAL guild system we introduced guild level and added guild warehouse feature. Then we had plans to add more exciting features but did not quite go as planned. Things I’m about to share are – even though global users will probably see later in 2014 – is what we are preparing for guild system renewal.
The highlight of this renewal will be Private Field Map. Any guild meeting required conditions such as guild level will be able to own their Private Field Map. Monsters, drop items and daily quests in this Private Field Map will change based on guild point (Please remember, this is just a PLAN at the moment. If development becomes chaotic, I will not be hesitant to abandon ship)

There will be 2 types of Private Field Map, each with unique feel to it. Along with this update, guild level cap will be released. Hopefully with this renewal users will have a better view of the guild system in CABAL and unity and guild master’s role will be more emphasized.

We also acknowledge that there have been many requests to strengthen GvG feature. All I can say right now is that we are definitely planning to do something about it. Nothing is confirmed yet, but it will be something along the lines of crossing over PvP and Mission War.


Conceptual design for Private Field Map for guild

4. New battle style was announced in Jeju last year. Since this will be the first official post following the event, could you share it in more detail?

Designing additional battle style has been bothering me for many years. Because CABAL has a special feature called Battle Mode, there was a lot of stuff to consider. My main project for 2013 will be this New Battle Style.

Information disclosed at Global Camp did not contain much detail. But through this note, I want to let you guys in on what’s in our plan as some of the stuff is yet to be discussed with my developers yet. (I’m pretty sure they can develop once I request to. I believe in them.)

You are probably wondering the name for the new battle style. It is… well, not determined yet. I swear. First off, I will show you the concept art for the actual character.


Conceptual Art for the new Battle Style Character

I know what you are thinking. Weapon is different from the image disclosed at Global Camp! Relax, the weapon shown at Global Camp is they this new character will use in Battle Mode. The new battle style will use the current Armor class equipment. It will be a different Armor class from what Warriors and Force Shielders use. Weapon is two chakars.
The new character is all around fighter with both melee and range attack. In a melee fight it will be close to martial art style, punches and kicks. For range attacks two chakars will be used. How the new battle style fights will depend on the ‘stance’ and requires high level control.

Other than just attacking skills, this character will pull monsters close with his skill, or put them in the air for combo attack. (Now I have to go and tell my developers about this and beg them to make this possible.) This content will come alive in Korea at the end of this year or next year, after a thorough testing in UTS server. All of us here at ESTsoft are excited about this project so I guarantee you a quality update with this new battle style.

5. Is there any other updates?

We are preparing mini updates other than the big ones I mentioned above. One of them is a new Buddy System. In this system users will receive bonus effect when more ‘buddies’ are online in CABAL. Bonus effect will not be good enough to make this system mandatory for users.

Next on the agenda is new Mission Dungeon in Arcane Trace field. Because of the higher difficulty in the field itself, the new dungeon will not be easy to clear. Also, Tower of Undead B3F update bumped this new dungeon down in our priority list.

Honor rank cap will be adjusted to Lv. 25. Difficulty to reach Lv. 20 will also be adjusted so that it will be somewhat easier target to teach even for lite users. Additional, from Lv. 21 to 25 will use different mechanism other than just obtaining points and leveling.

Lastly, we are designing to continue CABAL’s story line with ‘and there after’ content. We will not be able to do the entire update at once and planning to do it chapter by chapter. The main story will consist the conflict among Capella, Procyon and the new influential group (spoiler alert!). Main characters such as Arionell or Yuan will sit back this time and new heroes will shine their names through this new storyline. The frame of this new story is already completed and I think you guys will like how it will unfold.

6. Any last words?

It’s been 7 years since October 2005, first OBT in Korea. If it wasn’t for the support and love you guys shown us, it would not have been possible to come this far. When I first joined the project, I was 26 and now I’m in my 30s. Even after all these years, there are tons of things I want to do with CABAL and I give you guys my word that I will make them come true one by one.

Finally, I want to conclude by saying that I absolutely enjoyed this “interview” and hope to do this with global users more often 


[KR] Interview with Game Designer Part XIII

Hi there,

So you know the two first parts of Rising Force update are now live on Public Servers. The 3rd part is now being implemented on Test Server too.

Evolution means CHANGING and BEING BETTER.

So we are all wondering, how would Cabal evolve?

But I’m sure that the Game Designer could spoil something out for us.

Below is the interview with Cabal Game Designer of ESTSoft, his nickname is Cooperstown. Let’s see!


Hello Mr. Cooperstown.

It’s a long time since the last time you gave us some info of game plans. We would like to know some info of the “Rising Force – Part III : Evolution” update.

Q. I think the update has been delayed. What happened with the update schedule?

A. In the last interview, I “promised” that the update will be finalized in January but in fact it’s now delayed and kept running in February.


Part I and Part II are completed, but they focused on separated concept, PvP and PvE, that took us time to care for both things until completed so we could spend time for “upgraded version” of things which are changed in Part I and II, that’s unavoidable delay.


Q. Please describe contents which will be added in Part III – Evolution?
A. Hmm, “Evolution” is a nice name but … everytime I saw the name, I feel a bit embarrassed 😛 Part III will consist 3 main parts.

First one is the dungeon related content, as you know, recently we added new dungeon “Awakening Forgotten Temple B2F”. In fact the “Awakening” mode is kind of “refresh” version of existing dungeon but with some changes like: time limit (aka Time Attack) and number of participant limitation.

After solving issues and tunning based on feedbacks, we will put it available on Public Server. And we  are planning to add Awakening mode for some other dungeons, but that will not be included in this update.

However, new content of dungeon is being worked on. At least I can spoil this out, it’s about the dungeon compensations, that might be “periodical rotation compensation”. For example, it will be the same dungeon but on Monday, it will compensate AXP, on Tuesday will be EXP,… And of course, compensating items is also being considered (personally, I would like to have to dispose the Chaos Infinity, which we introduced previously- and cancelled)

This part might be applied on Public Server in Mid-February. Thank you for your understanding.

Second one is skill changes. For each battle style, a new attack skill at Transcender skill rank will be added, and some new buff skills too.


The developer team is working on the problem of being lack in skill point in Part II update too since there were mass changes applied.

Warrior, Wizard and Force Blader will get buff skills, and the Force Blader buff will get affected by Blade Buff. There is no buff skill for Force Archer, Force Shielder and Blader. There is gaps of these classes, comparing with others and we are trying to make the game more being balanced.

More content related to skills (including buff skills) are being considered. Stay tune.

Third one is related to DP exchange and new item upgrading system


The rates of dropping Lycanus and Drei-Frame are adjusted. You will be able to obtain Lycanus and Drei-Frame Cores and with these cores, you can exchange for Random Boxes from NPCs in Port Lux : Yerte / Agris / Eite.

And comparing with the drop-able items, these items have max options with higher values.

By the way, I want to introduce you the Ultimate Upgrading System (hmm, it’s a lame name but still, a temporary name at this moment).

Items +15 from Osmium and above will be upgradable via Ultimate Upgrading System, to obtain special stats. There will be 5 steps for upgrading that will use “Extreme Core”. There are 10 grades of Extreme Core, from Lv1 ~ Lv10, higher level brings more success for upgrading progress.

When you success on upgrading, you will just have an uber-item with special stats, but if you fail, there will be two available penalties, items will be destroyed or just damaged. When the items are damaged, it can be repaired with “Repair Kit” (new item). But when the Repair Kit fail, item will still be destroyed.

That’s only the concept, things might be changed soon, I will give more info as soon as possible.


Q. Can you evaluate the current game balance?

A. In fact, the balance is not perfect! Personally, I think game balance is around at 5/10 of score table. That means half of the plan is now applied, there are still things to do for making game more balance.

Things keep being reviewed, based on gamers’ feedback and complains 😛


Q. Is there any changes to Honor Grade limitation? And when?

A. Hmm, it was originally planned to be in Part III, but now it might be pushed back to the next update, however the limitation might be 25 instead of 20 (of course this could be changed).

And by the way, we are planning to add “special skills” for honor grade 21 and above along with titles, so stay tune for more 🙂


Q. There is a very HOT question, that’s about new Battle Style and Level Limitation.
A. There is an achievement for total level of characters in account when it equals to 1,200. That means 200 x 6. Level limitation is now being considered

In the Cabal Global Camp (Oct 23rd 2012), the new battle style info has been placed at 6th place 🙂 We are making the plan to reveal the new Battle Style by the end of the year, you know, it takes time.



Q. Is there any changes related to Mission War system?
A. The development team is now working on “Tamue Island”, that’s the brand-new Mission Battlefield which was introduced in Global Camp. There are many new concepts which are being worked on, we have to ensure the balance and make sure that it won’t destroy of affect the concept of current Mission War.


Q. How about the Mission Battle Ladder System?
A. The 1vs1 Ladder System will be held in the update after Part III – Evolution, we have to adjust things to make it stable.

There will be Ranking-c0mpensation for each Battle Style, and there will be long-time-season, for example, a season of Ladder System could be 1-2 weeks a month,… and there will be 2 seasons every month.

By the way, stats balancing is being revised too.

We completed half of the concept for 5vs5 Mission Battle, the name of Battle Field will be “Nostalgia’s Forest”. The Battle will be build based on “AoS” concept (Aeon of Strife), that means : including fighting and siege.

Last one, just want to let you know, the c0ntent related to Battle Minion Rune will be added soon.


Stay tune for more update from Cooperstown. You know, the Part III – Evolution is now being tested in Test Server. Changes will be applied and more content will be added.

It would be nice when receiving feedback from gamers too 🙂

Thank you for reading to the end.

Always with CABAL !