Cabal Domination – 11th Anniversary of Cabal Philippines – Part 2

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This is the 2nd post of the series: Cabal Domination – 11th Anniversary of Cabal Philippines. You can also refer to Part 1 and Part 3.


At around 9:30 AM, the gate was opened, all Cabalistas rushed in the Dome, each player will get a Door Prize ticket which will be used later for raffle and also for redeeming gifts. All Cabalistas without any hustling, queuing up and getting into the Dome.

At the other corner, Cabalistas were trying to practice for the 5vs5 Carnage final match. I had chance to take picture of them while doing last-minute checkup, right before the incoming match.

Some final touches

Last but not least, PlayPark staff prepared the merchandise booth, with various of things, from extremely cute plush Cabal characters to pillows, lanyard, ballers, T-shirt and more! Had a small chat with Mr. Ryan, he said: “AC is now better right? We experienced the heat from last anniversary, so we already informed SM to arrange extra AC and fans for cooling down the Dome.” and then with a slightly smile, he helped his staff, carrying pillows crossing the Dome.

It was already 10:45 AM, I decided to leave the Dome, went out to check the queue. I found Mr. Apol, standing there observing the queue, with the teary eyes of happiness, because after 11 years, still he and his team were doing good!

Looking down, we saw the queue kept building up, thousands… I did some little chat with them, some came far far away from different island, some were just right from Quezon City or Manila, but all of them were now in the same place, the Nevareth Continent, heading towards the Cabal Domination event…

As mentioned previously, PlayPark gave Door Prize for all of Cabalistas who attended the event, at around 10:50 AM, the Registration Booths were still filled up with lots of people. Crossing by the Registration area, I found Infinity and Dandiely and also CM Summer. All were very much busy for some last final touches, right before the opening at 11:00 AM.

11:00 AM, the event was official started! After the short warming-up welcome from hosts, Mr. Apol took the stage and delivered the opening speech.

// End of Part 2; To be continued

The blog entry was written based on my subjective view as a Cabal player, as a Community Manager for my own blog and as an invited guest of the program. This is multi-post entry, it will be spanned into 3 posts:

Lots of photos were uploaded into this Album on my Facebook page. Check it out, and if you find yourself or your buddies, tag them all!

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