Cabal Domination – 11th Anniversary of Cabal Philippines – Part 3

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This is the 3nd post of the series: Cabal Domination – 11th Anniversary of Cabal Philippines. You can also refer to Part 1 and Part 2.


The whole Skydome was DOMINATED by Cabalistas, who came from different places all over the Philippines, or even me – as a foreigner!

I found GM Kiel, sitting at a corner of the stage, scrolling up and down on his phone with the checklist and program flow, ensuring every single thing to be OK as expected.

I’m not sure if my interpretation is correct or not, but I think that the event is Domination is for lots of reasons, one among them is: Domination can be read as Do-mi-nation or Do-my-nation, meant Do it, my nation! Because they know them all that, here we are all together, the whole nation! And together we can overcome all obstacle, heading to the success!

My own thought…

Full of activities!

Lots of activities were held along the event, such as Cosplay contest, Alz-o-Kahon, Mr. & Ms. Nevareth… and more. Luckily, I had chance to participate in 2 events. I prepared 30 different questions for the Alz-o-Kahon game, as I remembered, last year players could pass the 6th question and 9th question for this year. Quite impressive!

Not like the Alz-o-Kahon, which I stayed behind the scene as the question composer; for Mr. & Ms. Nevareth, PlayPark team invited me to be one of 3 judges. I was too much proud and overexcited to be there as judges and even along with Mr. Apol.

Samuel Diana won the title of Mr. Nevareth with a wise answer that, if he won the title of Cabal ambassador, he would try his best to ensure that player would be much more happier with the game. Because he understood that, being an ambassador himself meant he would be the bridge, that connect the PlayPark management team with players!

Ella Park won the title of Ms. Nevareth with her extraordinary confidence and talent! She said, she was very happy as she won the title. As the ambassadress, she would try her best to promote

Mr. Wormy dominated the STAGE!

Once again, I got back to the stage, with the support from hosts, I had around 20 minutes on the stage with all Cabalistas! Sharing my own experience to be there in Philippines, experience regarding the community of Cabal PH, and giving out giveaway; all are now still here in my heart, in my mind.

Last words

I really do appreciate the love from Cabalistas here in Philippines, and also all over the world. We came from different places, with different origins, here we all pour our hearts into the Cabal, to prove that: Together, we can overcome all obstacle to reach the pinnacle! I just quote again my sentence last year:

Because, in our hearts, we have a place for CABAL, it can be small, it can be big. But it will be there, will be something that make us proudly to say: I love CABAL.

Mr. Wormy / 26th June 2018

Thank you, PlayPark team for inviting me again for attending the event. I hope that I would have chance again to attend the 12th, 13th and even 20th anniversary of Cabal PH!

Thank you, Mr. Apol, Mr. Ryan, Mr. Kim (GM. Kiel) and Princess (CM Summer) for spending your precious time for me, supporting me during my trip to Philippines.

Thank you, Angel (dandiely) for being a bridge linking me with this chance (not for the first time, she did the same last year!). Still I haven’t got chance to talk with you much!

Thank you ESTGames for developing a wonder game, a wonder world that can connect us together.

All over, thank you all Cabalistas, Cabalers, Nevarethians, or whatever it is, without you, players, we wouldn’t be able to make these things happen!

Thank you! Yes YOU, no one else, for reading this series, to join the ambiance, to get the feeling of being a Cabalista for celebrating 11th Anniversary of Cabal Philippines!

Mr. Wormy / Trung Nguyen Tri

The blog entry was written based on my subjective view as a Cabal player, as a Community Manager for my own blog and as an invited guest of the program. This is multi-post entry, it will be spanned into 3 posts:

Lots of photos were uploaded into this Album on my Facebook page. Check it out, and if you find yourself or your buddies, tag them all!

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