Cabal Online – Episode 24 – June 27th 2019 Patch notes

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Meritorious system was introduced in 2017, many players have already maxed it (not me, I’m still struggling with 2nd table). So for the Summer Update of Cabal, developer decided to release the expansion of Meritorious system. Let’s DIVE in!

P/s: Tables with detailed stats of Meritorious system expansion will be updated later.

■ Fixes

1. Fixed an error that gives abnormal amount of Pet EXP and Force Wing EXP in certain situations.

2. Fixed an error that makes the Chakram doesn’t drop in certain maps.

■ Changes

1. Expansion of Meritorious system

  • Separation of Meritorious system
    • Meritorious now is separated into Golden Rank and Platinum Rank
      • Golden Rank: Existing Meritorious system. Applicable for character at level 170+ in the account.
      • Platinum Rank: New Meritorious grade system. Applicable for characters at 200+ in the account.
    • Add the icon for showing Golden Rank and Platinum Rank
      • The UI of Platinum Rank is subjected to change
  • Leveling up Meritorious
    • Upgrade Conditions
      • All slots in Golden Rank are registered
      • All point in Golden Rank are spent
    • The button “Upgrade to Platinum Rank” will be activated automatically when Upgrade Condition is satisfied.
  • Upgrade Materials
    • 100 Merit Medal
    • 20,000 WEXP
  • Result
    • Meritorious will be upgraded to Platinum Rank
    • Start to obtain score for Meritorious of Platinum Rank
  • Meritorious Platinum Rank
    • Score / Point
      • Max Score: 360,542
      • Max Point: 2,052
    • Categories
      • Total 6 categories
        • Fierce Force
        • Indomitable Will
        • Glory of War I
        • Glory of War II
        • Sharp Sense I
        • Sharp Sense II
      • Total points required for max all 6 categories: 3,472
        • Therefore, only 4 out of 6 categories can be maxed
      • Category & Options & Merit Point


  • Open a Platinum Rank slot
    • Platinum Rank slot must be opened to get the skill
    • Open the slot consumes materials and time
      • More slot opened, more materials and time will be consumed
    • Cancel an Opening Slot
      • Materials will not be returned back


  • Time Reducer
    • Special item for reducing time of opening slot of Platinum Rank in Meritorious system
    • Able to activate by right click on the item in the inventory
    • Able to get from Guild Treasure in the future
  • Special Mastery
    • Activate the Special Mastery
      • Special Mastery can be activated when the slot “Special Mastery Expansion” of each category is acquired
        • Able to acquire up to 4 “Special Mastery Expansion” slots only
      • Different Special Mastery options by category / type
    • Granting Option for Special Mastery
      • By clicking on the Special Mastery button at the bottom of each category (after acquired the “Special Mastery Expansion” of that category)
      • Material:
        • 5 Merit Medal
        • 1,000 WEXP
      • Output: Two random special options will be assigned randomly
    • Special Mastery option by category


  • Mastery Memories
    • For saving the current state of Platinum Rank
    • Can save up to 3 states (stored as Quick Slot)
    • Able to switch between states
    • A state is the combination of 4 current activated categories

2. Character face / hairstyle renewal

  • Renewal for both Male and Female
    • 4 Faces
    • 7 Hairstyles
  • Existing characters with old face / hairstyle will be changed automatically to the new design equivalently with the order of selection
Same appearance was prepared for Cabal Mobile, take a look in the clip at 3m42s for the appearance in action!

3. Change the Quest

  • Quest: Last Card of Apocalypse (Level 82)
    • Target: Special object which is located behind the boss in Lake in Dusk

4. Enhancement for Guild Treasure

  • Disable the “Receive” button when the guild treasure is expired
    • Button will be disabled
    • The treasure will be removed from the list after re-connect
  • Add the notification when the Guild Golden Treasure Box is ready to collect

5. Increase the number of items in Cash Inventory

  • Old: Display up to 16 pages (128 items)
  • New: Display all items (even after the 129th)

6. Improved in-game Cash Shop UI

  • Change the information to be displayed
    • Main item of the package will be displayed int the first column of item reward list
    • Remove the unnecessary text in the UI showing the period of use.
  • Add the function to Zoom the camera for package item
    • 3 levels for zooming
    • Each level is for specific purpose:
      • Level 1: Hair / Face / Hat Costume
      • Level 2: Costume / Weapon Costume / Force Wing Costume
      • Level 3: Vehicle (Bike / Board)
    • Default level of zooming will be 2

■ Additions

1. Add “Yellow Jewel” into NPC Chloe

  • Item: Yellow Stone x127
  • Price: 3,810,000 Alz

2. Add the BGM / sound effects for Dungeon Holy Windmill


  1. my my mr wormy you have soo much documentary if cabal na would be so devoted at least someone from there… but still awesome very nice! sorry about my English its not that good but still you understand what I am meaning I wish they would put chaos safeguards to shop:))


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