Cabal Domination – 11th Anniversary of Cabal Philippines – Part 1

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Got the invitation from the management board of PlayPark by early of April. I was too much eager to visit Philippines again for attending the 11th anniversary of Cabal Philippines. All I can remember about Philippines that they had a huge, strong and united Cabal Community ever all over the world.

Buckle up and Fly

It wasn’t a pleasant flight for me this year, I had to flight from the place where I’m working, transited at Singapore for more than 3 hours then flew to Philippines. The whole journey took me more than 14 hours.

14 hours journey drained my energy…


I arrived at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) at around 2PM (GMT +8) June 21st. As discussed with PlayPark management team, CM Summer would pick me up at the airport. I had no clue that how would she look like. Just went out of the immigration counter, picked my luggage and CM Summer was already there with Fenix.

Right after they picked me up, they brought me to the PlayPark head office. Here, I got chance to meet other influencers. We had a meeting together on the schedule of the event, all were excited to discuss on the topic.

With Cabal PH influencers

At the end of the day, together, we had a dinner, tried to discuss some more on the tasks during the event. Together, we wanted to try our best for the event, because we all know how was it important to us, to the Cabal Community!


Just like last year, I tried to be at the SM Skydome on the night before. At 00:00 AM of June 23rd, everything were still under construction state. At this corner, people were trying to prepare the guild booths; at another corner, others were hanging banners, fixing light system, sound system… All were in rush, but they did with all of their heart, carefully and enthusiastically, just because their heart beat with the same pulse, towards the event, towards the Cabal PH Community!

SM Skydome at 0:12 AM June 23rd

I tried to go back and forth, capture the different angles of the preparation, but tried not to disturb them; because we all knew that, it was too much late!

SM Skydome at 2:06 AM June 23rd

Beat the Heat!

At 8:00 AM, I got into the Dome, collected my wristband from organiser so I could get in and out of the Dome easier.

I knew that Cabalista were hyped, over-excited and ready at all time to get inside the Dome. Decided to check out for the queue, at 9:00 AM, under the 35*C heat of Quezon City, the queue was long long long… I decided to run along the queue til the end!

Queue was extremely long!

As per unofficial source, last year we had thousands of Cabalistas, no idea about this year; but I could tell you, it wouldn’t be lesser than last year!

// End of Part 1; To be continued

The blog entry was written based on my subjective view as a Cabal player, as a Community Manager for my own blog and as an invited guest of the program. This is multi-post entry, it will be spanned into 3 posts:

Lots of photos were uploaded into this Album on my Facebook page. Check it out, and if you find yourself or your buddies, tag them all!


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