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Cabal Online – Episode 24 – Jun 20th 2019 Patch Notes

The very first patch notes for Episode 24 Part 1 is now here. Sorry for the delay of translation, due to my flights and the hectic schedule this week 😦 Anyway, it’s here the first patch notes for the Summer Update of Cabal!

■ Changes

  • Increase the limit of Essence Rune
    • Extend the maximum limit of register-able Essence Rune from 30 to 60
    • Extend the maximum number of extendable slots of Essence Rune
      • Previous: 14 slots
      • New: 44 slots
    • Update the text in tooltip of Rune Slot Extender and in Rune window

■ Additions

  • Add the ability to Transcend the Force Wing
    • When the Force Wing reaches level 100 of Normal grade, Force Wing can be transcended
    • When the Force Wing reaches the criteria, the “Grow” button will be replaced by “Transcend” button
      • If player clicks on the button, a new window will be appeared, showing the Force Wing Transcend
  • Essence of Wings
    • A material item which is required for transcending the Force Wing
    • Able to obtain from the Legendary Box in new Dungeon: Holy Windmill
    • For transcending, 15 Essence of Wings are required
  • Transcending Result
    • Once transcended, the Force Wing grade goes up by 1 level
    • Grade name will be changed from Normal grade to Rare grade
    • Change the colour of the Force Wing icon (near HP/MP/SP bars)
    • Reset the level of the Force Wing to 1
  • Force Wing Growth
    • Force Wing EXP
      • Force Wing EXP receives from Dummy Training is significantly reduced
      • Force Wing EXP receives from monsters doesn’t change
      • Force Essence required for leveling up
      • Force Wing Normal Grade: No change: Force Wing Level +1
        • Normal Grade
        • Level 3 => 4
        • Force Essence: 4
      • Force Wing Rare Grade: (Force Wing Level x 2) + 2
        • Rare Grade
        • Level 3 => 4
        • Force Essence: 8
  • Force Wing Stats
    • Per each level:
      • HP +1
      • Defense +1
      • All Attack Up +1
    • For example:
    • Force Wing Normal Grade
      • Level 8
      • Bonus Stats: HP +8, Defense +8, All Attack Up +8
    • Force Wing Rare Grade
      • Level 8
      • Bonus Stats: HP +108, Defense +108, All Attack Up +108
  • Force Wing skill
    • After transcended, the skill level of Force Wing Skills will be increased automatically
    • Skill Stats
Force Wing Skills of Normal Grade and Rare Grade
  • Force Wing Training points
    • 2 points will be given once the Wing is transcended
    • 1 point will be given for each level of 20/40/60/80/100 of the wing

2. Add new dungeon ‘Holy Windmill’

Last boss of Holy Windmill
  • Entry Information
    • Condition: Character at level 130+
    • Item: Mysterious Carved Stone
      • Available from NPC Unnon – Bloody Ice
      • Price: 50,000 Alz & Force Essence x10
      • Account Binding
    • Entrance
      • Port Lux (23, 25)
      • Add new Warp
        • Available only for character with level 50+
  • Maximum number of participants: 2
  • Time limit: 25 minutes
  • Dungeon completion:
    • Win: Destroy the Legendary Box from the last boss
    • Lose: Time out
  • Compensation: 5 DP
  • Dungeon Play Limit
    • 3 times per day (up to 9 times with 2 resets)
    • Reset fee:
      • 1st time: 15 Force Gem
      • 2nd time: 30 Force Gem
  • Drop:
    • Force Core (High / Highest)
    • Elixir of Wing
      • 500,000 Force Wing EXP (FWEXP)
      • 1,000,000 FWEXP
      • 2,000,000 FWEXP
    • Elixir of Fortune
      • 1M / 2M / 5M / 10M / 50M / 100M Alz
    • Essence of Wing (Material for Wing Transcending)
  • Dungeon Boost is not allowed

3. Add the current time (24 hour style) to display in the bottom-left corner of the game

Game Bar is update with some small changes

4. Add sales of “Package items” in in-game Cash Shop

  • Add new “Package” into in-game Cash Shop
  • Game bar is rearranged
    • Left: Benefits (War / Premium / Event)Right: In-game features (Mail / Collection / Guild / Game Menu)
  • Add “WEB” to the item shop icon
  • Amount of Force Gem is now displayed in the in-game Cash Shop

6. Add BP (Battle Point) Recovery Potion: Command Potion

  • Instant recover BP
  • Able to stack up to 999 items

* Next Week update content for Test Server will be the expansion of Meritorious Merit system.

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