Cabal Mobile – Artwork Revealed!

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Earlier this week, I made a video clip for showing Artworks (aka Concept Art) of Cabal Mobile. Got some requests from fan to make a blog entry with the same content. As you wish 🙂

Just in case, you haven’t seen the clip yet, check it out here:

In 2015, ESTSoft announced that they were working on a mobile version of cabal. And recently, on a news page, we got a news that they would release a Korean version of cabal mobile within this winter…


By November 2014, ESTSoft signed a contract with a Chinese Game development and publishing company, to develop a mobile version for “Cabal Online”. According to the news page, Changyu company will develop a mobile game which utilize Cabal Online assets, game will be published globally (including China).

By September 2015, another time the hype for Cabal Mobile was risen. According to M M O Culture news page, the mobile game might have name as Cabal Another Epic. And Nexon got the right to publish the game globally (except for China and Taiwan).

In the article, they also mentioned that the mobile game would not be an action game, but team-based strategy with the excellent graphics.

Article also provide a screenshot of the game during the development phase.

The final smash of the cabal mobile wave to us was by June 2018, on a news page, they announced that the new mobile game Nova Wars (from ESTSoft) is now launched locally for Korean market and cabal mobile is also ready.

Game will the same engine that they used for Cabal Online on PC which is called as “Snake”, and developer has successfully ported it to mobile. 

According to the article, ESTSoft was planning to launch Cabal Mobile by this winter.

Something… familiar!

For sure, you are all fed up with both two pictures above, whenever anyone try to post something related to Cabal mobile, they will bring these pictures. Today, I will show you something that you haven’t seen! Let’s check out some cabal mobile concept art. But be remembered that, these are only initial concept art, therefore, when we get the game later, things might be different!

And different ones!

I didn’t put narrations for these concept arts, if you need, please check the clip.

NPC Nana
A dialogue with NPC Nana
NPC Nana’s Item Set
NPC Phileas
Dialogue with NPC Phileas
NPC Phileas’ Item Set

That’s all I have for you guys today, not much, but it surely gives you some more idea about the Cabal Mobile game. Hope that I can be back soon with more exciting contents of Cabal Mobile and Cabal Online in general 🙂

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