Cabal Online – Episode 23 – Dec 2018 and Jan 2019 Patch Notes

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Sorry you guys, had bunches of real-life tasks for last couples of weeks. I am doing a combo-post for all missing contents of patch notes during December 2018 and January 2019.

December 12th 2018 Patch notes

1. Added Amulet Chaos Upgrade

  • Can use Chaos Converter to add the Chaos stats for Amulet
    • Applicable types
      • Orphidia’s Amulet (non-bind)
      • Amulet of Resist +4, +5
      • Amulet of Pain +6, +7
      • Vampiric Amulet +6
      • Amulet of Guard +10
    • Can be upgraded up to 15 levels
  • Upgrade outputs
    • Success: Chaos level +1
    • Failure: Chaos stats removal, item won’t be destroyed
  • Stats by Level
  • Chaos Seal can be used for sealing Chaos-upgraded Amulet
  • Chaos Safeguard Amulet
    • Item for preventing Chaos stats to be removed from Amulet
    • How to get it:
      • Requesting via NPC Chloe (Port Lux)
    • Chaos Safeguard Essence (Amulet)
      • Can be obtained from last boss chest of Eternal Arena
      • From Cube of Unity (Easy ~ Awakening) (Guild Dungeon reward)
  • Add related categories in Auction House
    • Sealed Chaos Amulet
    • Chaos Safeguard Essence (Amulet)
    • Chaos Safeguard Amulet

January 16th 2019 Patch notes

■ Fixes

1. Bugs related to “Bless of Unity”

  • Bug that caused Automatic Attack stopped when obtain guild buff
  • “Instant Cast” displayed inside Guild Buff tooltip, this is removed

2. Fix several bugs related to Guild Dungeon

■ Changes

1. Decrease difficulty for Level 1-30 contents

  • Reduce quests difficulty
  • Reduce monsters related up to level 30 quests in 3 starting villages and related Quest Dungeons

2. Changes related to the Honor Medal

  • Honor Medal is now account-based (was character-based)
    • Change to account-based
    • Applicable for all characters with honor grade of 20 in your account
  • Honor Medal Reset
    • All Honor Medal will be reset
    • If any characters have Honor Medal slots filled with any options, a Honor Medal Seal will be generated to store the equivalent Honor Medal grade
  • Honor Medal Seal
    • Able to seal Honor Medal options
    • After sealed all slots will be clear (account-based)
    • Able to trade after sealed
    • Able to reapply for getting options (account-based)
    • Cannot apply a Honor Medal Seal with more slots for an account with less slots

3. Improved Guild Dungeon System

  • Some improvements for UI are applied
  • Change the minimum member for Flame Dimension from 10 to 7
  • Event Items won’t be able to drop in Guild Dungeons

4. Improving the Guild Quest Event (I will do another separated post for Guild Quest Event system)

5. Legend Arena related changes

  • Change some texts related to Legend Arena
  • Change the Cumulative Score in Daily Ranking Tab to Highest Score
  • Change in the content of Legend Arena reward mail

6. Cursed Dr. Mazel’s Ring Item changes

  • Change the “Cursed Dr. Mazel’s Ring” to trade-able
  • Old items’ property won’t be changed
  • Add related category in Auction House

That’s all you guys! Since the Dr. Mazel’s Ring quest item is now trade-able, I think we will have the ring easier now 🙂 Take a deep breath and chill down with FT3 BGM 😉


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