Review for Revolut10n: 10th anniversary of CABAL Philippines [Part 3/4]

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Continuing from: Review for Revolut10n: 10th anniversary of CABAL Philippines [Part 2/4]

The blog entry is arranged into 4 parts:

04:15PM: Stage moment

In real life, for me talking with 1000 people or more won’t be a problem. But here, Mr. Wormy who is a Fiction Figure?! How can a Fiction Figure talk with thousands of people?

I discussed with CM Winter and PlayPark team to arrange and assist me, so I could have a short precious moment with fans. There was nothing special for my showing up, most of people knew that I would be there. I answered some questions mostly is to evaluate the strength of Cabal PH community. And then I decided to distribute the rest amount of gifts that I prepared. Out of these gift, I prepared a special gift which was an adventurer hat with some hand writing and signature 😉 All players got hyped up for the hat and the venue was like a club with lots of screaming and fighting :p (I really don’t know who got it yet!).

04:40PM: Cosplayer Contest

One by one, 4 Cosplayers got on the stage for competition, they showed their craftsmanship for making costumes of CABAL.

  • First one was Force Archer with:
    • Gorgeous Servant Costume
    • Light Saber Astral Bow
  • Second one was Blader with
    • Mithril Martialset (or Forcium in Cabal NA)
    • Mithril Weapon (I’m not sure if these weapons are Blade or Katana)
  • Third one was Force Archer
    •  Archridium Battleset (? I’m really not sure, it look like the Force Archer from update Rising Force, but I cannot recall which set was that)
    • Archridium Astral Bow
  • Forth one was Force Blader
    • Archridium Battle Set
    • Archridium Blade
    • Archridium Crystal

06:00PM: Celebrity…

Lots of preparation were made for the next game Alz-o-Kahon, in the mean time, I roamed around the room and got caught again @_@ And guild Triballion gifted me a full giftset and a special T-Shirt with my name!

— to be continued —

The blog entry is arranged into 4 parts:

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