Review for Revolut10n: 10th anniversary of CABAL Philippines [Part 2/4]

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Continuing from: Review for Revolut10n: 10th anniversary of CABAL Philippines [Part 1/4]

The blog entry is arranged into 4 parts:

10AM 24th June 2018: Was SHOCKED!

There are some players who got chance to be inside the venue already. I didn’t reveal my identity yet, there is no reason for bragging that who am I. Because I did these things were not for me. I tried to blend myself into the sea of people in the Skydome… But I’ve heard a lousy scream from the back side, some girl screamed out loud my name “Are you Mr. Wormy?!!!!”. (I was like, “Oh shit got detected!” may be I should put on some disguise like mask or wig next time). She asked for taking photo with me and right after that she called her friends. After the photo shot she still felt abnormal, so I offered a hug for calming down 😉

I decided to get back with my work, capturing the ambiance of the event; people were lining up like thousands outside, although things got warmer and warmer.

The background music was turned on, the rhythm of BGM for dungeon “Forbidden Island” and then “Mission War” kept looping for pumping up the spirits.

First batch of players got inside Skydome, and without any hesitations, they came to where I was being stood and recorded and asked me: “Are you Mr. Wormy?! Can I, can we take a picture with you?!” And then after that all of his guild buddies came and took pictures with me. Two boys from the group also asked me for the gift of the mini event that I made before and they got it (check here for the event information).

Got shocked! Truly shocked! I feel overwhelmed! I decided to leave the venue and get back with the line of players outside. In my mind, I thought it should be cooled down now, because it is 10:40am already…

10:50AM: Yuan!

Planning to leave the room, I found Yuan, we took some pictures with each other and I decided to leave her there for others :p (I meant others to take picture with her)

10:55AM: Back with the line? Will it be there?

I decided to post the first post ever on my page with my face *_* And then going down with the line, I kept wondering if the line was there or not…

I got caught by a fan right at the end of the escalator, took a picture with him and checked the line, OMG it didn’t reduce any feet for the length! I ran along the line and took pictures at some spots (at that time, I doubted that they knew my identity or not, they might thought that must be person from media…)

11AM: It started!

Actually, I didn’t know exactly when it started, but at around 11AM+, I entered the room and heard lots of screaming, cheering for “City Tour” (I have no idea so forgive me, if I note it wrong.) After that Mr. Apol approached the stage for some kicking-off and warming up activities. The ambiance was warmed up second by second!!!

12:10PM NPC Invasion!

Out of no where, Rin, Elena, Arionell and Aizhan invaded the room. Lots of players screaming and asking for taking selfie with these NPCs 🙂 From zero-to-hero, I got dragged into the celebrity club to take pictures with them *_* PlayPark team even prepared for me some props for taking pictures 😉 (thanks CM Winter for these :p )

02:15PM: Impossible things happen!

I didn’t forgot the lines outside, I left the room. Mr. Apol caught me outside and we had a great discussion, he even invited me for the incoming event this August and also for Year-end event (not sure, but I will try my best!).

Let’s get back with the line, so how do you guess about the “status” of the line at 2:15PM? Let’s check the photo by yourself. One was for the line outside with hundreds, sorry thousands of players still lined up (under the extreme heat of Philippines – I would say that I could be fainted under that 34*C heat!). And one was the room atmosphere (from the view of the stage). Yes, thousands of players, everywhere, inside and outside!!!

In my mind, a question was popped up: “Why do they love the game too much like that?” and that question was followed by another one “How can the publisher – Asiasoft / PlayPark – can do it?!!!

02:45PM: Guild Banner Contest

Music is lowered, some staff shown up and called representative of Guilds to the stage, they did some explanation for their Guild Banner.

While walking in the room for capturing photos and videos (I will also prepare a clip for this event, Subscribe to my Youtube to ensure that you won’t miss it 🙂 ) got requests to take selfie with lots of fans. Really, feel proud!

— to be continued —

The blog entry is arranged into 4 parts:

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