Review for Revolut10n: 10th anniversary of CABAL Philippines [Part 4/4]

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Continuing from: Review for Revolut10n: 10th anniversary of CABAL Philippines [Part 3/4]

The blog entry is arranged into 4 parts:

06:10PM: Alz-o-Kahon

The game is like a tournament, you have 3 options A-L-Z, each is attached with an answer, for each question you have to pick A-or-L-or-Z. Winner will stay on the stage, loser will be wrap to Bloody Ice 😉

Right after 4 questions (if I remembered correctly), we found the winner. The task of winner is pick one of these three (03) boxes and do a mind-war with staff if he wants the content inside the box or Alz that staff bid.

Game ended up with the unexpected result, the winner won an UCH [Upgrade Core (High)]

6:50PM: *cry cry* 😦

“Have to leave little bit earlier, although I really really don’t want to do 😭😭😭. Want to put myself in this mood, this ambience, this atmosphere of#CabalOnline of #CabalPH 😍😍😍

Mabuhay #Philippines! Mahal ko kayo! 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

See you again!”

I posted my excuse on my page and said “bye-bye” with some special friends and left the room, with teary eyes…

I really, really appreciate the love you all have for CABAL Online, people who play in COPH, people who play in other services. Together, we can create a special community over country borders, over all kind of obstacle. Because, in our hearts, we have a place for CABAL, it can be small, it can be big. But it will be there, will be something that make us proudly to say: I love CABAL.

For me, this is a special oppotunity that I can show up, meet CABAL Online fans, to hear their voices, their dreams and their love!

Thank you, CABAL players all over the world who spend lots of love for me, and especially PH players here for giving me chance to meet, talk and share stuff with you.

Thank you, Asiasoft – PlayPark for inviting me to this event and believing in a person that you never ever seen before (and even don’t know if he exists or not!).

Thank you, Kim (GM Kiel – I believed that it’s correct) for spending your precious time for me and convince the management team so I could get this chance.

Thank you, Flan (CM Winter) for uiding me some tips with Tagalog.

Thank you, Angel (dandiely) for being a bridge linking me with this chance!

After all, thank you ESTSoft (now is ESTGames) for developing a wonder game, a wonder world that can connect us together.

Thank you,

Mr. Wormy / Trung Nguyen Tri


*cry cry*

The blog entry is arranged into 4 parts:

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