Review for Revolut10n: 10th anniversary of CABAL Philippines [Part 1/4]

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This blog entry is going to be written based on my point of view, a CABAL player (and to be exact in COEU) who had chance to attend the anniversary party of COPH. Taking part in this event, mainly I did with observation role, so I can gather lots of things; in case you feel OK or not OK with my arguments, leave your comment below and then we can discuss further. Content of the post will be mixed between my experience for the event and activities that I did for the event.

The blog entry is arranged into 4 parts:


As I mentioned previously in another blog entry (#Event Meet Mr. Wormy at REVOLUT10N), at first I plan to go Europe this summer, but then since I found out that I have lots of time, I posted a post on my Facebook page , asking where should I go. The crucial point here is I got tons of comments and even private message with the destination of Manila – Philippines. Finally with the advice from @dandiely , I decided not only go to Manila, but also shifted the schedule to fit with 10th anniversary of COPH – aka REVOLUT10N.

I had like only 4 days for my preparation, from flight booking to packing my stuffs @_@ Even that I had that kind of hectic schedule, I still found out that this would be a rare chance to meets CABALers in real life, I decided to prepare some small gifts for CABALers of COPH.

Everything was decided and prepared by the last minute @_@ While I was preparing my stuff, again I received another “news” from @dandiely that my plan for visiting the REVOLUT10N event drew lots of attention from both players and COPH management team. There are many doubts since it’s the first time “Wormy leaves his cave” (lol, sounds like I’m Nualle the giant worm in Panic Cave :p ). I myself got shocked, even until now, I still not believed that my “show-up” is so massive like that.


I received the official invitation from COPH management team to join the event, and eagerly accepted. Since the event started on 24th June, I had to shift all of my schedule like 3-4 days earlier to catch up with the event. I arrived in Manila – Ninoy Aquino International Airport – very early on morning of 22nd.

Representative of COPH management team picked me up and brought me to COPH office; on the way, I got chance to sit for a while with @dandiely and we all had a good conversation (of course related to CABAL).

Reached COPH office, I got a tour around the office where I can see departments of the team. On the wall, I can see lots of CABAL Crux posters (I was turned into crazy mode and asked for two posters).

For the whole day, I got chance to sit with different people from the team, from the one who in charge for public relation, to the one who in charge for technical issues and event the “bosses”. Each conversation with them are funny, interesting and fruitful.

I ended up the day by getting an invitation to visit the venue before the event start, right by evening of 23rd June.

Another Preparation!

Due to unexpected reason, the preparation for the event has been delayed; I reached the venue at 1:30AM 24th June (yes 1:30AM) and all people here work like it’s 1:30PM, they were working restlessly and eagerly.

At this spot, some staff were preparing the stage, at another corner, some other staff were hanging poster on the wall…

Players were not excluded, at another area, there were four guild booths, they were preparing theirs also.

Roamed around in the venue for taking some material for this blog entry (and also for the incoming clip). I found the reason why the “health” of COPH community is always at GREEN level. The reason comes itself from both sides, gamers they love the game, the community but another crucial reason is the management team, they care for the game, the community! How could I say? You can see, it’s 3:02 and all people worked enthusiastically, together they worked with the same mindset: “We do it because we love it! We love CABAL!”.

I was exhausted at 4am (due to the long flight on the previous day and tons of stupid reasons). So I decided that I would get back to my hotel and took a short nap and would go to the venue early.

9AM 24th June 2018

I couldn’t believe in my eyes! Yes my eyes were popped out! At first I thought that these people were lining up, wait for the mall to be opened; and then I figured it out, they were waiting for the opening ceremony of REVOLUT10N.

I got VIP tag, and could run back and forth without any restrictions, so I decided to follow the line to explore the “feeling” of gamers.

— to be continued —

The blog entry is arranged into 4 parts:


  1. Wow, there are a couple of shots with me hahaha, especially in the guild booth area 😀 Thanks for the review of COPH, Mr.Wormy. We really love the game from here in PH (although it’s not always fun – with issues here and there, like any other online game) but we still love it nonetheless. Thanks for the visit!! ^_^


  2. COPH players often complain about connectivity and technical issues of the game. But hey! We’re still playing.
    Hope you can come back in December for the next on ground event PPXP (If they’re planning one for this year).

    Again, thank you for coming even tho I’m not present in the event due to some school responsibility.


  3. waiting excitedly for the continuation ….. again thanks for the visit!


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