#KR #EP19 Jul 05th 2017 Patch notes

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■ Fixes

1. Fixed bug that some dungeons cannot start

2. Fixed bug that final boss Dr. Mutant Mazel did not attack ranged targets

3. Fixed bug that only one instead of required amount of Divine Stone consumed in certain situations

4. Fixed bug that is shown for Blessing Beads incorrectly

■ Changes

1. Increase value of Penetration and Critical DMG for Pet in Contract Section

  • Penetration: From 6 to 8
  • Critical DMG: From 2% to 3%

2. Changes related to “Forgotten Temple B3F”

  • Changes stats of Boss Monsters in dungeon
    • Decrease Attack & Suppression Resist
    • Increase Critical DMG Resist, Skill Amp. Resist, Ignore Penetration
    • Increase HP Regen
  • Add some box (chest) for certain Boss Monsters
  • Final Boss Dr. Mutant Mazel is now movable
  • Remove Defensive Earring +7, Vampiric Earring +8 from Legendary Box

3. Edge of Phantom Changes the ambition of the ambition in the dungeon to raise the ambition.

4. Add Defensive Earring +7 and Vampiric Earring +8 into the drop of two Reverse Dungeons and Phantom Hill dungeon

5. Add Essence Rune (Ignore Accuracy) as drop from Forbidden Island (Awakening) (last chest) (stats and others can be found here: https://mrwormy.com/new-essence-runes/)

■ Mission War

1. In Mission War, player cannot receive Private Message (PM/Whisper)

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