#EP19 New Costume Items

Episode 19 is available in Korean Cabal for a while, and as you know, Costume is an important of every update, because it brings the freshness to players.

In this post, you can find all new Hat and Suit costumes of Episode 19. For weapon costume, you can refer to this link for “Guardian of the Light” weapon costume set: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7eGPEqHWi4&t=3m2s

In case you need more information of Episode 19, you can refer to:


#KR #EP19 Aug 23rd 2017 Patch notes


■ Fixes

1. Fixed bug related to purchase items from personal shop

2. Fixed bug related to colour of quest text in certain situations


■ Changes

1. Update the Attack / Defense Ability calculation

  • Changes that certain stats will have different formulas to apply based on specific schedule
  • Attack Ability
    • Skill Amp Resist Ignore / Critical DMG Resist Ignore:
      • 17 – 20 Attack Ability per 1%
    • Accuracy / Evasion Ignore
      • Accuracy is lower than 1000: 10 Accuracy / Evasion Ignore: 10 – 40 Attack Ability
      • Accuracy equals or more than 1000: 10 Accuracy / Evasion Ignore: 4 – 7 Attack Ability
    • Attack Rate
      • Attack Rate is lower than 6500: 10 Attack Rate: 20 – 30 Attack Ability
      • Attack Rate equals or more than 6500: 10 Attack Rate: 4 – 5 Attack Ability
    • Ignore DMG Reduction
      •  1 Ignore DMG Reduction: 1 Attack Ability
  • Defense Ability
    • DMG Reduction:
      • 1 – 4 Defense Ability
    • Accuracy Ignore / Ignore Penetration
      • 1 – 4 Defense Ability





2. Changes related to the Medal report

3. Changes related to item drops / extraction

  • Hazardous Valley (Awakening): Chance to drop unique amulet is higher for Legendary Box
  • Remove Rare items (Shineguard / Mystic / Terragrace) out of Premium DX drop and add Archridium items
  • Increase chance to get more Quartz Core when performing item extraction for Orb / Crystal
  • In crease chances to get SIG-Metal 2 slots



#KR #EP19 July 26th 2017 Patch notes

■ Fixes

1. Fixed bug that causes certain boss monster in Glacies Inferno did not attack

2. Fixed bug that causes the required level for learning some Essence Runes were incorrectly set

3. Fixed bug that cause Battle Mode 2 Stage Attack Control minimize button works abnormally

4. Fixed bug related to the item tooltip contents (only in Korean version)


■ Changes

  1. Changes related to stats of “Arcana of Law”
  • Increase base HP from 50 to 100
  • Increase Defense Rate of Upgrade level 13 ~ 15
  • Increase Critical DMG Resist and Skill Amp. Resist stats for all levels
  • Changes are marked with red colour


2. Adjust “Edge of Phantom” DX Dungeon difficulty (aka Phantom Hill)

  • Increase dungeon time
  • Decrease Attack / Defense of certain Boss monsters

3. Improve Alz deposit in Warehouse

  • Add the field for showing amount of Fee / Real Amount of Alz for storing


4. Changes the way of storing AP into AP Saver

  • AP Saver now can store only the limit amount
    • Situation: Have 299 AP, 3 AP Saver (100)
    • Old: Can be saved as 100/100/99
    • Change: Will be saved as 100/100 (99 is remain in character)

5. Increase significantly drop rate of some Essence Runes

6. Random item will generate the output message to players who stand near by

7. Add / Change Dungeon Compensation for certain dungeons for a specific period (Event in Korean Cabal)

■ Additions

1. Honour Medal Reset Scroll – Selective

  • Add the new item allows to reset a specific slot of Honour Medal system
  • Usage:
    • Right click on the “Honour Medal Reset Scroll – Selective”
    • Select a specific slot in “Honour Medal” UI
    • “Honour Medal Reset Scroll – Selective” will be consumed
  • Add the category inside Auction Hall for the “Honour Medal Reset Scroll – Selective”


2. Add “Costume Warehouse”

  • Costume Warehouse
    • The special costume that can store only costume items
      • Head
      • Garment
      • Weapon
    • Available only when special Blessing Bead is activated
    • By default, only 1st tab is available
      • Tab 2-4 can be expanded by using “Blessing Bead – Costume Warehouse Expansion”
    • Access: Click on “Custom Warehouse” button in “Costume” tab of “Inventory” UI
      • Shortcut: Shift + Z
    • Available for all characters in the same server
  • Blessing Bead – Costume Warehouse
    • Price:
      • 2,000,000 Alz
      • 10 Costume Cloth
    • NPC: Deighton – Grocer – Bloody Ice
    • Property:
      • Account Binding
      • Duration: 1 day
        • All stored items are still available inside the warehouse and can be withdrawn even after the expiration
        • Storing requires activation of Blessing Bead
  • Blessing Bead – Costume Warehouse Expansion (2 ~ 4)
    • Bead that can expand the 2nd, 3rd and 4th tab of Costume Warehouse
    • Able to trade and register in Auction Hall

3. Additions for Channel Selection screen

  • Time restriction, client disconnection for being idle in the Channel Selection screen
  • Add the progress bar while selecting channel
  • Add the warning message in case the game takes longer time than expected for connecting to a specific channel


#KR #EP19 July 24th 2017 Patch notes

■ Changes

1. Changes related to stats of “Arcana of Law”

  • Increase base HP from 50 to 100
  • Increase Defense Rate of Upgrade level 13 ~ 15
  • Increase Critical DMG Resist and Skill Amp. Resist stats for all levels
  • Changes are marked with red colour