[EP13P2] [KR] CABAL Online reveals Amethyst Charm

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CABAL Online has revealed a brand-new type of Minesta Charm : Amethyst.


Up until now, this new kind of charm can be obtained as the rare loot from new Boss of Arcane Trace (as you can see Arcane Trace got renewal in Episode 13 Part 1 – Unlimited – can be found here).

Scheduled timing for Awakening Arcane Golem of Rage was now changed, instead of a mass PvP battle, it’s now turned into timing boss (like other uber-bosses such as Minisha, Manticore…)

According to the news source, Amethyst Charm which came from Golem is non-bound item, so players can trade it easily.

Details stats are still not available but the unique stats will boost for Penetration.

More information are coming as soon as possible.

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