[EP12] [KR] Jul 03rd 2014 Patch notes

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■  Changes

1. Upgrading Systems related changes

  • Changes that applied for Extreme Upgrade


  • Changes that applied for Chaos Upgrade (Minesta Chaos Belt)


  • Changes related to Piece of Chaos achievement
    • Reduce the number of Piece of Chaos required for achieving the Achievement

2. Mission Dungeon improvement

  • Ruina Station
    • Decrease the spawn time of last boss Spider
  • Tower of the Dead B2F
    • Decrease the spawn time of Jumar Carbo
    • Decrease the spawn time of Andreas Schultz
    • Decrease the spawn time of Killian Grausten
  • Forgotten Temple B1F
    • Decrease the spawn time of monsters before Chakris
    • Decrease the spawn time of monsters in Granite Golem room


3. Weakened Dungeon Closure

  • Remove the Weakened Dungeon quests
    • Remove the introduction and daily quests for Weakened Dungeons
      • Players with the quests in-progess can still finish them
    • Quest Capsule quests
      • Ununsed capsules can be still kept
      • Players with the quests in-progess can still finish them
    • Remove the Weakened Dungeon related items
      • Remove the Weakened Dungeon entries from the drop
        • Unused entries can be still kept
      • Remove the Weakened Dungeon entries’ Quest Capsules from the drop (Capsule No. 1 ~ No. 18)

4. Auto Evaluation rule change

  • When register Medal in Dispatcher Officers the lower grade will be registered first then higher

■  Additions

1. Auction Hall searching feature improvement

  • Allow entering text for searching
  • Support auto-complete up to 15 suggestions
  • Allow selecting item in auto-complete list
  • Allow searching for items which are now in inventory by holding Ctrl + Left Click
    • Able to search for items with Epic / Manufactured items,…




2. Add feature that allow releasing Battle / Aura Mode

  • By right clicking on the Battle / Aura Mode icon on the top-left of the screen, the Battle / Aura Mode will be released
  • When using both of the at the same time, release on will turn both of them off




3. Add the animation for Arionell while staying idle (Mercenary)


■  Mission War

1. Death screen now displays the cooldown info of Odd Circles



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