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[EP15] CABAL Episode 15: Clashing Nations Official Patch notes

After Taiwan and Japan, CABAL Philippines is the next official CABAL gets the new update: Clashing Nations. Check out the complete official patch notes which come from CABAL Philippines! Source: =============== […]

[FAQ] [Info] Cabal 2 update roadmap

Two years of development? How many updates are there? What were introduced in those updates? Check the #Cabal2UpdateRoadmap (aka #Cabal2UpdateHistory) High-resolution:

[KR] [EP12] Jul 23rd 2014 Patch notes (final)

  ■  Fixes 1. Fixed bug that causes the size of Archridium Coat is abnormally in inventory ■  Changes 1. Change the option of Bringer / Guardian title Bringer 10% Resist Suppression […]