[FAQ] [Guide] CABAL Bingo


Mini-game Bingo was added into CABAL as a form of event, the first appearance of Bingo was found in CABAL KR in July 2015. Nowadays, it has been implemented in many CABAL. This is the basic guide for participating Bingo. Since this guide was written based on original version of Bingo in CABAL KR, there might be differences between this and the Bingo of your server.

Remember that Bingo is a form of event, Bingo UI can be activated by talking with NPC Yul in Green Despair while Bingo event is activated.

Complete Bingo Board by completing every Single Task. For each Single Task, small reward can be obtained (differently, based on event details)

Completing a Bingo Line/Bingo Column/Bingo Diagonal Line gives Reward (differently, based on event details)

Be ready for facing with Bingo Board 😛

Have fun, CABALers ❤


Update by 14-December-2018

I found that, some players got struggled for changing board, completing tasks with gems… So I decided to update this FAQ by adding below screenshots with detailed guides.

At all the time, you can check for reward of each task by clinking on the task or line/ column/ diagonal line by clicking on the Gift Box icon.

Task can be completed with Force Gem, after you click on the task to see the reward, if you click on “OK”, game will ask if you want to complete the task with Gem or not? 300 Gems is for Cabal EU, can be different for other servers.

In case, you completed all tasks, or even not, but you want to reset all tasks to “Not Done” status, you can do “Refresh” by clicking on first button on the top of the right column. You have to pay Force Gem for Refreshing (100 Gem is for Cabal EU, can be different for others)

If the board is too much difficult or you just don’t like it. You can change to another available board (if they do have multiple boards) by clicking on the 2nd button on the right column. After clicking, you can see another board, if you want to change to this new board, you have to click on the 2nd button on the right column again. Here you have to pay Force Gem for changing (100 Gem is for Cabal EU, can be different in your server)

If you completed all tasks, you can get the final reward by clicking on the 3rd button on the right column

Good luck and hope that you BINGO!


[EP15] CABAL Episode 15: Clashing Nations Official Patch notes

After Taiwan and Japan, CABAL Philippines is the next official CABAL gets the new update: Clashing Nations. Check out the complete official patch notes which come from CABAL Philippines!

Source: http://cabal.e-games.com.ph/main.php/clashing-nation-patch-update/




Basic information

• Features: The confrontation between existing towns belonging to the two nations of Capella and Procyon
• Conditions to enter: Above Lv. 190 and has chosen a nation

Complete map

Senillinea Monsters

Location: East Gate (Procyon Fort)


 Location: Northern Forest

Location: West Outpost

Location: East and West Ruins


Location: Inner Fortress

Location: East Settlement

Location: Mystic Forest

Location: West Gate (Capella Fort)

Addition of New Accessories

Vampiric Earring +9

Item: Vampiric Earring +9
Drop Area: (Legendary Box)

  • Maquinas Outpost
  • Forgotten Temple B2F
  • Steamer Crazy (Awakened)
  • Catacomb Frost (Awakened)
  • Lava Hellfire (Awakened)
  • Panic Cave (Awakened)


Earring of Guard +9

Item: Earring of Guard +9
Drop Area: (Legendary Box)

  • Altar of Siena B2F
  • Illusion Castle Radiant Hall
  • Steamer Crazy (Premium)
  • Catacomb of Frost (Premium)
  • Lava Hellfire (Premium)
  • Panic Cave (Premium)



Item: Ring of Luck +4
Drop Area: (Legendary Box/Legendary Pirate Box)

  • Forbidden Island (Awakened)
  • F0rg0tten Temple B2F (Awakened)
  • Tower of Undead B3F
  • Abandoned City



Item: Critical Ring +4
Drop Area: (Legendary Box/Legendary Pirate Box)

  • Tower of Undead B3F


Amulet of Resist

Item: Amulet of Resist +1
Drop Area: (Legendary Box)

  • Volcanic Citadel
  • Forgotten Tower B1F
  • Tower of Undead B1F


Item: Amulet of Resist +2
Drop Area: (Legendary Box)

  • Illusion Castle Underworld
  • Tower of Undead B2F


Item: Amulet of Resist +3
Drop Area: (Legendary Box)

  • Altar of Siena B1F
  • Forbidden Island
  • Illusion Castle Radiant Hall
  • Altar of Siena B2F


Item: Amulet of Resist +4
Drop Area: (Legendary Box)

  • Forgotten Temple B2F
  • Tower of Undead B3F
  • Maquinas Outpost
  • Forgotten Temple B2F (Awakened)


Item: Amulet of Resist +5
Drop Area: (Legendary Box)

  • Abandoned City



Battle Class Changes


Battle Style Change Kit  


1. Level Limit

– Lv.100-170


2. How to Use

– Right-click on item to display battle style change UI popup


3. Cannot be used in:

– Mission Wars, Mission Battles, PvP Battlefield


List of alterations when class is changed

1. Stats reset

• Reverts to the initial stats of the new battle style

• Refer to initial stats for each battle style: Initial stats

Point conversion

• Latest stats of old battle style – initial stats of old battle style = Point conversion

Force Archer → When changing to another class

i) Force Archer latest stats: STR 155 / DEX 288 / INT 923

ii) Force Archer initial stats: STR 6 / DEX 12 / INT 17

→ STR (155-6=149 / DEX (288-12=276) / INT (926-17=909)

2. Skill change

• Delete all skills within the Attack/Support/Upgrade tab

• Attack skills: Resets all and A. Expert – Transcender Skill Book

• Support skills: Grants specialized skill mode for each battle style (includes some universal skills)

• Upgrade skills: Grants all Skill Books for players to select and use

• Battle mode I / Battle mode II / Battle mode III

Changes to battle mode of the new class

• Battle modes not learned remain blank

Universal skills will not change

• Saint’s Forcecalibur, Aura Mode, Summon Astral Bike, Bike Chain Attack, Astral Boards, Board Chain Attack, Combo Start

3. Astral Weapon change

4. Essence Rune change

Non- Force to Non-Force

Non-Force to Force

• Automatic Essence Rune change – Sword <-> Magic
• Attack UP <-> Magic Attack UP
• Sword Amp. <-> Magic Amp.
• Other Runes will not change

Automatic Blended Rune change – Sword <-> Magic

• Strike Pray I / II / III <-> Sensibility I / II / III
• Crashing Fist I / II / III <-> Counter Force I / II / III
• Sword Dance I / II / III <-> Force Dance I / II / III
• Sword Pressure I / II / III <-> Force Pressure I / II / III
• Other Runes will not change

No changes

• Alz / Force Gems / Cash
• Inventory / Warehouse / Bike Inventory
• Achievement
• Honor points



Added New Scenario Quests

Scenario quests for Capella Lv. 151-199

Scenario quests for Procyon Lv. 151-199

New Mercenary Additions and Renewals

New Mercenary 

  • Leedy
  • Skaild
  • Aizhan
  • Elena

New Mercenary Quest Additions and Achievements and Titles


Added Transcendence tab

Additional management functions: Rank UP/Upgrade/Craft function

Rank UP

  • 100% success rate
  • Lv. 10 can rank up and granted with new option
  • A mercenary in the player’s possession will automatically be registered within the combo box (same for upgrading)
  • After rank-up, it will begin at Lv. 1 of the next rank
  • The applicable Training Stone is required for each Rank Up
  • Training Stones are sold by Grocer NPCs (10 stones cost 100,000,000 Alz)

  • Force Code acquired during next Rank Up is displayed (player will be informed when at max. rank).


  • Mercenary can level up
  • Required item for upgrade
  • ‘Mercenary Card Piece’ for the mercenary
  • Mercenary Card Piece type and drop


  • The higher the mercenary’s level, the more valuable their owned Force Code becomes
  • Mercenary Card Piece is required for upgrade


  • Craft Method
  • Management UI ‘Craft’ tab
  • Right-click a Mercenary Card Piece
  • Craft results
  • 100% success rate
  • Mercenary Card is automatically placed in the player’s inventory after crafting a mercenary
  • Conditions to activate
  • Battle Mode 2: Leedy/Skaild
  • Battle Mode 3: Aizhan/Elena
  • Stats
  • Skaild/Elena
Leedy / Aizhan

Changes to current mercenary system

  • Current mercenary stats are applied as Unique stats
  • Normal / Rare / Epic / Unique ranks have been unified into Rank 1
  • Only one summon item can be used (Orb of Summoning)
  • Mercenaries not owned appear in black and white


Added card item for registering current mercenaries

  • Owned Mercenary Cards are automatically changed to new Mercenary Cards when logged in
  • Current Mercenary Cards registered at the Agent Shop are automatically changed after registration cancellation and re-login
  • Previous mercenary achievements and titles
  • Removal of previous achievements

Holy Water Added

Superior Holy Water (2 types)

  • Heroic Holy Water
  • Superior Holy Water combines previous Holy Water of Fighter and Holy Water of Sage


  • All Attack +40
  • Defense +40
  • All Skill Amp. +7%

Extreme Holy Water

  • Superior Holy Water version of previous Holy Water of Critical Strike


  • Critical DMG UP +14%
  • Critical Rate UP +5%
  • Cannot be stacked with Holy Water of Critical Strike

GM Holy Water – GM’s Blessing (1, 2, 3) added

GM buff applied upon use

  • Duration: All 3 types last 3,600 seconds

Mission War

  • Cannot be used; system message informs players that it cannot be used when attempted
  • Entry after using it outside: GM buffs removed / normal buffs maintained

Mission Battle & PvP Battle

  • Cannot be used; system message informs players that it cannot be used when attempted
  • Entry after using it outside: All GM buffs / normal buffs removed

New Charms Added

Amethyst Charm Added


Takes 10 seconds to craft, no Amity acquired

Item Information

Amethyst Composed Charms Added


  • Takes 20 seconds to craft, Amity Level 5 acquired

  •  Item Information

New Headgear / Costumes Added

Headgear Costumes (Male/Female)

Clothes Costumes

Headgear Costumes


Character information window improvements

  • Displays stat increases for each class with mouse-over
  1. Display increased stat for each STR/INT/DEX
Stat will vary depending on character’s class
  • Changes to character stats displayed at bottom of character information window
  1. Deleted scroll-down display
  2. Display of main stat info for each class

All Class

  • Stats: Critical Rate, Critical DMG, Critical DMG UP, Attack Rate, Accuracy, Penetration

Sword Type

  • Class: Warrior, Blader, Force Blader, Gladiator
  • Attack / Sword Amp.

Magic Type

  • Classes: Wizard, Force Archer
  • Magic Attack / Magic Amp.

Stat point distribution improvements

  • Ctrl + Click will display point distribution window with distribution/reset button (+/-)

Distribution window

  • Distributes user’s stat points as desired
  • Automatic distribution button: Automatically enters the amount of stats required for Rank Up

Reset window

  • Resets distributed stat points as desired
  • Can reset as much as the amount of Extract Potions owned

Can switch between distribution window ↔ reset window using the switch window icon

  • Added shortcut key information related to distribution/reset window that activates when moving mouse over point distribution/reset button (+/-)

Detailed stats display added

  • Detailed stats window appears when that button is clicked
  • Displays stat by Attack / Defense / Others
  • More detailed stats beyond main class stats are displayed in the character information window

Stats Display

*Information on Gladiator character’s ‘Rage Max Stats’ is also displayed in attack stats


Additional shortcut key: Alt + C

  • Shortcut key opens the character information window and detailed stats window together with one click

Can move character’s detailed stats window

Agent Shop registration tab improvements

  • Upon registration, the item’s average price / current lowest price will be displayed

Weekly average price

  • Automatically checks the weekly average price when first registering an item
  • There is 1 second delay when registering again

Current lowest price

  • Displays the current lowest price when registering
  • Refresh button will appear on the right next to the price

Mouse over action will display tooltip, displaying both weekly average price and current lowest price

When there’s no registered item, refresh button will be deactivated

Improvement of skill point UI within the skill window

The skill training window will appear when holding Ctrl and clicking the +/- button on the right within the skill window

  • Player may directly input desired skill level and train to that level at once, within the limits of Alz and skill points in possession
  • The points displayed in the skill point box are plus (+) or minus (-) current owned points. Therefore, a negative (-) value is shown if player has insufficient points
  • When Player moves the mouse over a skill, shortcut information is displayed
  • A message will appear when user has insufficient Alz or skill points
  • Insufficient Alz / insufficient skill points

This information does not apply to the Special tab

  • All countries excluding CN: Works in Attack / Support / Upgrade tabs
  • CN: Only works in Attack / Support tabs

Current skill training method also remains

  • As before, user can conduct skill training level-by-level by clicking the -/+ button

Quick slot Expansion

  • Added 2 more Quick slots with the same function as existing Quick slots
  • Player can toggle between Quick slots using the I, II, III tabs added at the top of the Quick slot display
  • When player clicks the tab button with the mouse while holding a skill, the tab button won’t work and the holding will be removed

Attack power /defense power points displayed on the equipment info UI

Ignore Penetration Force Code is applied to the defense power calculation formula

Reduced time required for requests

  • All recipe requests will now require a min. of 6 seconds and a max. of 30 seconds

Dropped Orb of Ruin / Orb of Destruction ownership properties changed

  • Orbs of Ruin/Destruction dropped in the Maquinas Outpost (Elite Mode)/Tower of Undead B3F(Elite Mode) dungeons are no longer have bind status
  • Orbs of Ruin/Destruction can be registered at the Agent Shop
  • Category: Craft Items > Normal Materials
  • Owned items automatically converted to tradable after logging into the game

PvP battle-related changes

  • Additional PvP battle participation restrictions
  • Level restrictions: Only characters Lv. 100 and above may participate
  • Skill rank restrictions: Only characters ranked Transcender and above may participate
  • Skill and Quick slot info remains unchanged for no item mode
  • Character settings will remain as set
  • HP / MP boost changed within the PvP battleground
  • HP boost: x5 / MP boost: x3

Costume Epic Converter changes

  • Penetration value for Costume Epic Converter Level 4 changed from 25 to 30
  • Costume Epic Converter Medium/High Boxes combined into a single box
  • Item: Costume Epic Converter Box

Time-limited items no longer usable as materials for requests/craft

  • Excluding Coin Lotto Item requests

Changed that Minesta’s Chaos Fighter/Sage/Guardian Belts can no longer be dropped

Changed that previously entered dungeon’s boost level is saved to the dungeon entry UI

  • Save entry made for every dungeon for each character

Separate button for Guild Shop menu

  • In the Guild UI, ‘Guild Shop’ button added to the right of the Guild Reward History button
  • Guild Shop’ deleted from Guild Menu

Some monster names in dungeons 1-6 of the Chaos Arena changed to red

Changed that item remaining in temporary inventory will automatically be acquired upon entering the world

Changed that message will be displayed when player doesn’t accept party invitation

  • New message: You didn’t accept [-]’s party invitation.

Agent Shop response wait time reduced from 60 seconds to 20 seconds

Lotto Type Item expanded

  1. Contents
  • Previous: Maximum of 4 items when Lotto Item is used
  • New: Maximum of 10 items when Lotto Item is used
  • Lotto Items using expanded fields



1. Fixed error that caused some skill effects to be incorrectly displayed

  • Wizard: Battle Mode 3 transformation. Battle Mode 3 Elemental Attack A, Battle Mode 3 Elemental Specialty Level 3
  • Force Blader: Seal of Damnation

2. Fixed error that client sporadically shuts down when the Receive button was pressed while holding an item enclosed in a letter

3. Fixed error that message didn’t display informing that player can’t participate in a dice game when acquiring an item

4. Fixed error that after Mission Battles, players didn’t automatically return to the waiting room

5. Quest-related errors

  • Fixed error that connection to server was cut off when carrying out ‘Officer’s Recommendation’ quest
  • Fixed error that some quests that were already complete were displayed after changing nations through the ‘The Tower of Sages, Divide’ quest

6. Fixed error when player has Alz in the warehouse, but not in the inventory, it was impossible to hold large amounts of items in warehouse.

7. Fixed error that previous name remained after the name change due to a memory reset issue

8. Fixed error that client shuts down when character enters a party while voice chatting is activated

9. Fixed error that connection to the server was cut off when inventory item was used in specific situations

10. Fixed error that connection to the server was cut off when a skill was used in specific situations

11. Fixed error that connection to the server was sporadically cut off during Chaos upgrades

12. Fixed error related to item, Alz copying and finishing a PvP Battle

13. Fixed an error that caused character names to be displayed improperly in the achievement overview

[FAQ] [Info] Cabal 2 update roadmap

Two years of development? How many updates are there? What were introduced in those updates? Check the #Cabal2UpdateRoadmap (aka #Cabal2UpdateHistory)

High-resolution: https://mrwormy.files.wordpress.com/2015/06/20150621_cb2_update_roadmap.png


[Info] CABAL Upcoming Roadmap (Aug 2014)

It was a quite long since the last time I’ve made the upcoming roadmap. Today I’ve decided to make the newest one. So stay tune with Mr. Wormy’s channels for more coming details 😉

Have fun CABALers!

Here is the small preview, click on in for the bigger one.
(or if you want the hi-res version, click here)


[KR] [EP12] Jul 23rd 2014 Patch notes (final)




1. Fixed bug that causes the size of Archridium Coat is abnormally in inventory


1. Change the option of Bringer / Guardian title

  • Bringer
    • 10% Resist Suppression
    • 10% Resist Silence
  • Guardian
    • 5% Resist Suppression
    • 5% Resist Silence

2. Stats Formulas change

  • Increase the amount of Attack gained by STR from 1,000 STR or higher
  • Increase the amount of Magic Attack gained by INT from 1,000 INT or higher
  • Increase INT will increase the resistance stats
  • Increase INT will increase the Penetration Ignorance
    • For every 50 INT, 1 Penetration Ignorance will be increased

3. Improve skill cooltime/delay

  • Reduce the skill delay after casting
    • General skills
      • Dash / Fade Step / Regeneration / Aura Mode
    • Wizard
      • Blink / Hardness / Force Increase
    • Force Archer
      • Precision / Blind / Lower Defense / Sharpness / Vital Force / Greater Heal / Mass Heal / Offensive Bless / Quick Dodge
    • Force Blader
      • Blind / Lower Defense / Hard Luck / Darkness / Art of Curse
  • Cooldown reduced
    • General skills
      • Dash
    • Wizard
      • Hardness, Force Increase
    • Force Archer
      • Precision / Sharpness  / Vital Force

4. Battle Style skill changes

  • Warrior
    • Lancer
      • For every skill level, increase these resist stats by 1%
        • Down
        • Knockback
        • Stun
    • Bear Vitality
      • HP amount increased by Bear Vitality will be healed as soon as it increased
    • Cat’s Recovery
      • Increase amount of HP Restoration per level from 4 to 5
        • At level 20, will be 140
  • Blader
    • Grappler
      • Add Evasion Up (to 30 per skill level)
      • Increase amount of DEF Rate per level from 10 to 40 (at level 15 will be 600)
    • Increase attack range of Knuckle Attack B skill
  • Wizards
    • Hardness
      • Add Damage Reduction +1 per level
  • Force Archer
    • Twin Gunner
      • Add +30 Accuracy per level
    • Remove skill Vital Bless
      • Integrated with Vital Force
      • Used skill point will be returned to character
      • Remove the Skill Book and stop selling this Skill Book in NPC
    • Change for Vital Force
      • Integrated with Vital Bless
      • Add HP Regeneration +1 per level
    • Mass Heal
      • Healing Rate per level increased from 30 to 36 (at level 20 will be 840)
    • Healer’sConcentration synergy
      • ATK Rate change from -2000 to -1000
      • DEF Rate change from +1000 to -1000
  • Force Shielder
    • Shield Master
      • For every skill level, increase these resist stats by 1%
        • Down
        • Knockback
        • Stun
    • Art Of Defense
      • Add Penetration Ignorance +10 per level
    • Ultimate Defense synergy
      • Critical Damage -50% change to -20%
    • Use Weakpoint synergy
      • Defense -10% change to -7%
  • Force Blader
    • Blade Shooter
      • Add +30 Evasion per skill level
      • Increase DEF Rate per level from 10 to 40 (at level 15 will be 600)
    • Enchant Elemental (Fire Blade)
      • Increased HP will be restored as soon as it increased
    • Fire Blade
      • Attack increased per level changed from 4 to 6 (at level 20 will be 120)
    • Lightning Blade
      • Attack increased per level changed from 4 to 5 (at level 20 will be 100)
    • Target Disruption synergy
      • Max Critical Rate changed from -10% to -5%
  • Gladiator
    • Death Scyther
      • For every skill level, increase these resist stats by 1%
        • Down
        • Knockback
        • Stun
    • Sight Increase
      • Remove Rage consuming
    • Resist Rage
      • Remove Rage consuming
    • Rage Shield
      • Remove Rage consuming

5. Upgrading Systems related changes

  • Changes that applied for Extreme Upgrade


  • Changes that applied for Chaos Upgrade (Minesta Chaos Belt)


  • Changes related to Piece of Chaos achievement
    • Reduce the number of Piece of Chaos required for achieving the Achievement

6. Equipment-related changes

  • Martial DEF Rate raised
    • Comparing to previous, all Martial items’ DEF Rate will be raised by 20%
  • High / Highest Weapon ATK Rate will be increased per upgrade level
  • ATK Rate option is raised in all Extreme upgrade bonuses
  • Change the default movement speed of Bikes
    • Astral Bike – Blue
      • Old : 700
      • Change : 750
    • Astral Bike – RW3
      • Old : 800
      • Change : 850
    • Astral Bike – PW5
      • Old : 850
      • Change : 900

7. Dungeon related changes

7.1. Mission Dungeon improvement

  • Ruina Station
    • Decrease the spawn time of last boss Spider
  • Tower of the Dead B2F
    • Decrease the spawn time of Jumar Carbo
    • Decrease the spawn time of Andreas Schultz
    • Decrease the spawn time of Killian Grausten
  • Forgotten Temple B1F
    • Decrease the spawn time of monsters before Chakris
    • Decrease the spawn time of monsters in Granite Golem room


7.2. Weakened Dungeon Closure

  • Remove the Weakened Dungeon quests
    • Remove the introduction and daily quests for Weakened Dungeons
      • Players with the quests in-progess can still finish them
    • Quest Capsule quests
      • Ununsed capsules can be still kept
      • Players with the quests in-progess can still finish them
    • Remove the Weakened Dungeon related items
      • Remove the Weakened Dungeon entries from the drop
        • Unused entries can be still kept
      • Remove the Weakened Dungeon entries’ Quest Capsules from the drop (Capsule No. 1 ~ No. 18)

7.3. Dungeon drop changes

  • Lake in Dusk
    • Equipment drop changes to : Shadowsteel ~ Titanium grade
    • Add new drop : Force Core (Low) / Upgrade Core (Low)
  • Ruina Station
    • Equipment drop changes to : Bluestin ~ Shadowtitanium grade
    • Add new drop : Force Core (Low) / Upgrade Core (Low)

7.4. Entry level requirement downward

  • Decrease level requirement of some dungeons
    • Change required level of Lake in Dusk from 65 to 55
    • Change required level of Ruina Station from 75 to 70



  • When re-entering Panic Cave (all modes) you are not allowed to change the difficulty

8. Auction Hall searching feature improvement

  • Allow entering text for searching
  • Support auto-complete up to 15 suggestions
  • Allow selecting item in auto-complete list
  • Allow searching for items which are now in inventory by holding Ctrl + Left Click
    • Able to search for items with Epic / Manufactured items,…



 9. Quest related changes

  • Quest “Enchanted” which is related to Lake in Dusk changed to level 55
  • DP is now able to obtain at level 55, as well as DP Intro quests
  • Ruina Station’s quests changed to level 70

10. Monsters rebalance

  •  Lower the Defense Rate and Evasion significantly of monsters at level 10 and lower

11. Changes related to Merit System

  • Applied some changes to Merit Evaluation UI

12. Changes related to remote shop

  • Applied several changes to remote shop feature

13. Changes related to Korean event items

  • Fortune Box will not generated by using token event items



1. Add Awakening mode for DX Dungeons

  •  Steamer Crazy (Awakening mode)
    • Requirement : Lv 150+ (BSLv 11+)
    • Time : 10 minutes
    • DP Reward : 5
    • Entry Point : Same to normal DX
    • Entry Item : Ruined Train Card (Awakening)
      • Sale NPC: Grocer Shop – Sally – Fort. Ruina
      • Price : 500,000 Alz and 1 Chaos Core
      • Property : Account Binding
    • Killing last boss gives chance to drop Wind Stone (Character-Binding)





  •  Panic Cave (Awakening mode)
    • Requirement : Lv 150+ (BSLv 11+)
    • Time : 10 minutes
    • DP Reward : 5
    • Entry Point : Same to normal DX
    • Entry Item : Explorer’s Diary (Awakening)
      • Sale NPC: Grocer Shop – Ellen – Desert Scream
      • Price : 500,000 Alz and 1 Chaos Core
      • Property : Account Binding
    • Killing last boss gives chance to drop Earth Stone (Character-Binding)




  • Catacombs Frost (Awakening mode)
    • Requirement : Lv 150+ (BSLv 11+)
    • Time : 10 minutes
    • DP Reward : 5
    • Entry Point : Same to normal DX
    • Entry Item : Explorer’s Diary (Awakening)
      • Sale NPC: Grocer Shop – Deighton – Bloody Ice
      • Price : 500,000 Alz and 1 Chaos Core
      • Property : Account Binding
    • Killing last boss gives chance to drop Ice Stone (Character-Binding)




  • Lava Hellfire (Awakening mode)
    • Requirement : Lv 150+ (BSLv 11+)
    • Time : 1 minute 30 seconds
      • When Manticore is killed the dungeon time will be increased by 18 minutes
    • DP Reward : 5
    • Entry Point : Same to normal DX
    • Entry Item : Explorer’s Diary (Awakening)
      • Sale NPC: Grocer Shop – Hampric – Port Lux
      • Price : 500,000 Alz and 1 Chaos Core
      • Property : Account Binding
    • Killing last boss gives chance to drop Fire Stone (Character-Binding)



2. Add Epic Booster

  • Acquisition
    • Epic Booster
      • Sell NPC : Port Lux Chloe Manufacturing Merchant
      • Price : Decision of Element x10
      • Property : Tradable


  • Decision of Element
    • Sell NPC : Port Lux Chloe Manufacturing Merchant
    • Price :
      • Wind Stone x1
      • Earth Stone x1
      • Ice Stone x1
      • Fire Stone x1
      • Stain Clone x1
    • Property : Tradable
    • Auction Hall : Add new category : Manufacturing Related Items > General Materials > Decision of Element



  • Usage
    • Right click on Epic Booster in the Inventory the click on the target item
    • Step by step Epic stats will be increased by Epic Booster
    • Available of boosting
      • Maximum number of remaining steps for boosting is displayed
      • Step details is displayed in item info window



  • Target item
    • Item type : Armor / Weapon
      • One handed / Two-handed / Magic Weapon
      • Suit / Gloves / Boots / Helmet
      • Craftsman’s / Master items
    • Item grade : Bluestin and higher
      • Medium : Bluestin – Shadowtitanium : Boostable to Top-Epic 2
      • High / Highest : Osimium – Mithril : Boostable to Top-Epic 3
    • Item with Epic lower than Top-Epic 3 / and must be at least Sub-Epic 3
    • Item at +15
  • Disallowed items
    • Item is unique
      • Lycanus / Drei-Frame
    • Item is unable to equip (broken in Extreme Upgrade)
    • Item is sealed (by Account Sealing Stone)
    • Item is at Sub-Epic 1/2
    • Boosting stats is the same before and after
  • Auction Hall Category
    • Upgrade Related Items > Epic Booster

3. Add new skills

  • Wizards
    • Skill Name: Focus
    • Details
      • Rank : Apprentice
      • Type : Battle Style specific Passive
      • Options : Increase 20 ATK Rate per level
  • Gladiator
    • Skill Name: Dread


    • Details
      • Rank : Expert
      • Type : Debuff Skill
      • Options :
        • At level 1 : Defense -10
          • Defense -2 / level
          • Damage Reduction -5 / level
        • At level 20 :
          • Defense -50
          • Damage Reduction -100




4. Dimension Port Service

  • Dimension Port Service (aka D Port Service)
    • Allow transferring items between Servers
    • Add new menu for D Port Service in Warehouse Keeper NPCs


  • D Port Inventory
    • D Port Inventory is account-based inventory
      • It means all items are available for all character in the same account
    • D Port Inventory will be displayed when using D Port Service menu
    •  By default there are two available slots



    •  Additional slots are available for expansion
      •  Expansion Cost : 100,000,000 Alz per slot


    • Allows keeping items for transferring between servers
      •  Storing/Withdrawing items will consume Wormhole Generator x1
    • Disallowed items
      • Pet which was not Sealed
      • Character-Binding items
      • Items with duration
      • Items with Appearance change duration
      • Items with Unable to equip status
      • PC-Bang only items
      • Special Inventory items
  • Wormhole Generator
    • Key item for transferring items using D Port Service
    • Storing/Withdrawing item will consume Wormhole Generator x1


5. Add new quests

  • Scenario quests


  • General quests


6. Add new potion : Rage Potion

  • Item Name
    • Rage Potion (Lv. 3)
  • How to use
    • Right click to use item in inventory
    • Able to register in quick-slot
  • Effect
    • Restore the Rage to maximum
  • Add request recipe




7. Add feature that allow releasing Battle / Aura Mode

  • By right clicking on the Battle / Aura Mode icon on the top-left of the screen, the Battle / Aura Mode will be released
  • When using both of the at the same time, release on will turn both of them off



8. Add the animation for Arionell while staying idle (Mercenary)


  Mission War

1. Mission War balance-related changes

  • Raise the score obtained from Attack (output damage)
  • Lower the score gained by Defense (receiving damage)
  • Change the HP boost in 170-190 tier from 7 times to 8 times

2. Raises stats of Guardians in Mission War

  • All tiers
    • Removes Critical Rate resist
    • Slightly increases amount of Penetration Ignorance
  • Tier : 80 – 139
    • Increases HP of Guardians
  • Tiers : 140 or higher
    • Increases Damage

3. Raise the amount of HP restored by Vital Gear HP

  • Vital Gear Lv1 : Change from 4,000 to 5,000
  • Vital Gear Lv2 : Change from 6,000 to 8,000
  • Vital Gear Lv3 : Change from 8,000 to 10,000

4. Death screen now displays the cooldown info of Odd Circles