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June is here, that means Summer is ahead 😉 Ready to face with Summer updates, CABALers? He he…

CABAL is preparing some updates for this summer.

Today, I will give you some fast facts.

Wondering? Come on, let’s go ^_^

There are many contents in the Summer updates, in this post I just give you a tiny-showcase of things ahead. So keep staying tune for more.

Today I will let you know about Awakening mode for DX Dungeons, improvements for Low and Medium levels, server transfer related-services and the expansion of Guild System ~.~


Awakening Mode for DX Dungeons

This summer, the Awakening Mode for these DX Dungeons will be added: Panic Cave, Crazy Steamer, Lava Hellfire, Catacombs Frost.

The difficulty won’t be so hard, might be the main concept will be changed slightly comparing with the original ones.

Four DX Dungeons represent for Earth, Wind, Fire, Water. You can obtain “… Relic” from these dungeons and by collecting all of them you can make a particular item or increasing the effects of the final items,… (subjected to change).


Improvement for Low and Medium levels

Scenario quests up to Level 100 will be revised, quests’ compensation will be grown 😉

By giving the Skill EXP as compensation, the Skilling-progress will be smoother, in other way, it won’t be burden for players.

In addition, in the range between level 95 and 130, there will be new scenario quests, and the difficulty will be adjusted based on level.

We are investigating the Aura and Battle Mode to make it more useful as well as adjusting some skills’ cooldown.

This might be the uber-awesome for some players, the amount of maximum HP which was raised from buff will be automatically filled up as soon as the buff activated, removing the inconvenience which was there for eras…

Spawning time of certain bosses / monsters in low level dungeons like Ruina Station, Tower of the Dead, Forgotten Temple is a uncomfortable thing too, and HURRAYYY, it will be adjusted 😉

For convenience,  different enhancements will be applied to mission dungeons to improve the game play, especially for low-level players.


Server Transfer related services

At this moment, trading account-binding items between account is doable with Sealing Stone, however trading items between servers is not. We are now working on the way for trading items between servers, so staying tune  ^^

In July 2nd, there will be two new servers added to the system, so if the new trading way works, it won’t be available for these two servers.


Expansion of Guild System

At this moment, guild level is limited to 5, but it will be increased to 12. Due to the expansion of guild level, the Guild Store will be updated as well.

Even after this expansion, there will be more contents for guild.

More information will be available in the future, might be with the detailed plan through the development progress.

In addition, sequentially these update contents (and more) will be applied to the test server and then will be included in the Summer Update.

And even after the update, things will be kept revising and improving based on players’ feedback.

That makes CABAL more enjoyable !

So wish you a BEST SUMMER ever, and even more with new contents from CABAL. I will be a spy for you, lurking around the developer team and giving the update info.

Thank you!



  1. Sorry for saying this but soccer event is now on thailand is so terrible and awful , 1% for drop the ball (only in dungeon) and amount for exchange the trophy are very over amount (compare with ball’s drop rate) its to far from the word “Event” .. coz 1% it tooooooooo over. all of player in thailand are boring .At first they so excited when the know the event will come soon but now so boring. Thank you for your listening 😀


  2. Is there any chance that this update will be included also in EU/NA servers? We (Europeans) still don’t have Gladiator yet but seeing improved rewards from quests would be nice addition until we’ll get EP 11.


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