[KR] [EP11.5] Apr 02nd 2014 Patch notes

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1. Certain parts of character’s helmet did not display normally, bug is fixed



1. Honor point limitation is now extended up to 4,000,000,000 (was 2,000,000,000)

2. Changes related to Cube of Fame


  • Add : Cube of Fame (Highest)
    • Required DP : 19 DP


  • Increase chance of generating higher Honor Point as output  for Cube of Fame (Low – High)
  • Update the Cube of Fame purchasing requirement



1.  Add Merit System


  • Add new Item related to Merit System in Dispatcher Officers / Contribution Officers
    • Merit Medal of Evaluation
    • Merit Medal of  Report
    • Merit Medal of Honor
  • Players who score more than 100 point in Mission War can obtain Merit Coupon





  • Types of Merit Medal
    • General Merit Medal : Can be purchased from Dispatcher Officers / Contribution Officers
    • Shiny Merit Medal : Can be obtained by Evaluating General Merit Medal
    • Honorable Merit Medal : Can be exchange via service of Dispatcher Officers
      • Applied for character at Honor Grade 20
      • For exchanging, 10,000,000 Honor will be consumed
      • Can exchange only one at once
      • Remaining honor point after exchange must be greater than 2,000,000,000


  • Merit Medal Evaluation
    • Merit Medal Evaluation can be proceeded via Merit Medal Assessment service
  • Merit Medal Assessment service
    • Allow registering Merit Medal by using Ctrl + Click or Click-and-Drop in Evaluation slots
    • Once Medals are registered (up to 5 at once), the Evaluation progress can be done
    • Depends on grade of Merit Medal, the Evaluation progress can be repeated
      • General Merit Medal : Can be evaluated up to 3 times
      • Shiny Merit Medal : Can be evaluated up to 2 times
      • Honorable Merit Medal : Can be evaluated 1 time
    • Evaluation Progress consumes WExp
      • First time : 100 WExp
      • 2nd and 3rd time : 50 WExp
    • Evaluation Progress will grading randomly from grade 1 – 8
    • Evaluation results
      • Confirmation: Confirm the Merit Medal after evaluated
      • Cancellation: Ignore the evaluation result
      • Example:
        • Input : Merit Medal 3rd Grade
        • Output : Merit Medal 2nd Grade
        • Confirm : Result : Merit Medal 2nd Grade
        • Cancel : Result : Merit Medal 3rd Grade
  • Merit Medal Registration
    • Allow registering graded Merit Medal (up to 10 at once)
    • Merit Medal Registering UI can be access from Dispatcher Officer NPC
    • Merit Medal conversion




  • Registering Reward
    • Characters with Level 100+ and Honor Grade at 10 – 19 will be compensated honor point
    • Honor point will be compensated at login
      • Character which is deleted / moved from the account / server before logging in will not be compensated
    • If there is no character in the account at 20th grade of honor, there will be no compensation
  • Merit score
    • Merit score will be consumed on learning Mastery skill / leveling up the Merit
    • Available Merit score is visible in Merit Mastery UI


  • Merit Mastery System
    • Allow learning Merit Master when Merit Point is available
    • For opening the Merit Mastery, shortcut can be used : Shift + R or via Cabal Menu : Merit Mastery
    • Categories of Merit Mastery
      • Evasion Ignore
      • Accuracy Ignore
      • Damage Reduction Ignore
      • Penetration Ignore
    • Apply
    • Apply only for character at 20th honor grade
    • Apply only for : Mission War, however certain expand Mastery skills are available for all fields
  • Stats
    • Base : When Mastery leveled up, stats are available / increased
    • Bonus : Skills are arranged in tree and there will be cross-effect
  • Mastery acquisition / level up
    • For acquisition / level up, a certain of point will be consumed

  • 6 kinds of new stats
    • Evasion Ignore
    • Accuracy Ignore
    • Damage Reduction Ignore
    • Penetration Ignore
    • Evasion Ignore Limit
    • Damage Reduction Ignore Limit


2.  Add Damage Amplifier (Lv. 7) into Auction Hall


  • Target items
    • Sword Damage Amplifier (Lv. 7)
    • Magic Damage Amplifier (Lv. 7)
  • Search Category
    • War supplies > Damage Amplifier >  Sword Damage Amplifier > Lv. 7
    • War supplies > Damage Amplifier >  Magic Damage Amplifier > Lv. 7

  Mission War

1. Mission War 170 – 190 compensation change


  • Compensation based on the score change
    • Old : Compensation available when score is 50+
    • New :  Compensation available when score is 100+
  • Change rewards
    • Old : War Cube (High)
    • New : Merit Coupon
    • Depends on score, different number of Merit Coupon will be compensated additionally





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