[EP11.5] [KR] Mar 19th & 26th 2014 Patch notes

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Mar 19th 2014


1. Add new recipes related to Damage Amplifiers

  • Add recipes for converting Damage Amplifiers between Sword and Magic
  • Add Mixture (Lv. 7) in NPC Chloe’s Shop
  • Material Core (Archridium) / Quartz Core (Archridium) / Astral Core (Archridium) can be obtained by extracting items (at Archridium grade)


  Mission War

1. Rage amount of Gladiator will be reduced automatically every 10 seconds in Mission War, instead of 5 seconds like outside.


Mar 26th 2014



1. Force Kick on Chests / Item Boxes in dungeons might give abnorma drop position

2. Bubble Item info displays abnormally, fixed

3. Tooltip of Gladiator’s skill books did not show normally, fixed

4. By clicking altars in Illusion Castle : Underworld with unusual order might output errors, fixed



1. Requirement for wearing Archridium changes


  • Target: Archridium Weapons / Armors grade (including Craftsman’s / Master’s)
  • Change: Same as Mithril grade equipment


2. Several changes are applied for Dungeon Reward


3. Fixed bug that wearing some Armor Helmet won’t display the hair style


  • Target items
    • Shineguard Visor (WA/FS/GL)
    • Craftsman’s Shineguard Visor (WA/FS/GL)
    • Drei-Frame Visor (GL)
    • Archridium Visor (GL)


4. Hellforge Orb / Crystal Costume now consume 1×2 slots inventory instead of 1×1


1. Add new recipe for requesting Material Core (Archridium)

2. Add new categories in Auction Hall for Archridium materials


3. Add some Recipe icons


  • Sword / Magic Damage Amplifier Conversion
  • Sword / Magic Damage Amplifier (Lv. 7)



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