[KR] [EP10] Jul 31st 2013 Patch notes

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1. In certain situations, after character reconnected, buff icons displayed redundantly

2. Fix bugs that caused abnormally output damage of several monsters

3. Fix bug related to Attack Pattern of Arzo Bhha Jurib boss in Awakening Forbidden Island

4. Inventory UI-related fixes

  • Bug related to switching between inventory tabs
  • Bug that caused item in several situations shifted abnormally
  • Fix bug that displayed Effector slots in Pet tab

5. Fixed bug related to “Guardian of the Sea II” achievement


1. Changes related to Awakening Forbidden Island

  • Drop rate of some items adjusted
  • Add the limitation of Odd Circle / Veradrix’s Protection usage
    • Odd Circle: Up to 10 times per dungeon (including Superior Odd Circle)
    • Veradrix’s Protection: Up to 50 times per dungeon

2. Change display priority of “BLOCK” to top-most


1. NPC Peticia sells temporarily “Cube of Challenge” (Event in KR Cabal)

  • NPC : Peticia
  • Price : 6 DP
  • Available outputs:
    • DX Entries (not including Hazardous Valley entry)
    • Mission Dungeon entries (from Epaulet of the Dead up to Muster Card : Forgotten Temple B2F not including Muster Card : Forgotten Temple B1F)


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