[KR] [EP10] Jul 24th 2013 Patch notes

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■ Fixes

1. Fix bug related to DX Dungeon Hazadous Valley

  • DP reward is given abnormally, less than normal
  • Core drops abnormally

2. Fix bug that caused the appearance of costumes abnormal when character is wearing suit at +15 which is matching with equipped epaulet

3. Damage Abosorption works abnormally, bug is fixed

4. HP Regen of bosses in certain field is abnormal, bug is fixed

5. Fix bugs related to Premium Wing

6. Fixed bug that caused “Summer Vacation Hat” cannot be found in Auction Hall

■ Changes

1. Changes related to Battle Mode skills

  • Warrior
    • Change duration of Battle Mode 3 synergies (Axe Attack A/B animation time is adjusted)
  • Force Shielder
    • Range of Normal Attack in Battle Mode 2 is change from 1 to 2
  • Blader
    • Knuckle Attack  A/B skill changes Sword Skill Amp. value to 80%
  • Wizards
    • Elemental Attack A/B skill changes Magic Skill Amp. value to 80%

2. Changes related to Effector stats.


Below is the most updated Effector stats table (updated on Jul 26th 2013)


3. Change related to Mirror of the Eyes (Silver)

  • Enlightening progress cannot give back lowest grade stats
  • Chance to give High grade stats in Enlightening progress is raised

4. Change attack pattern of ‘Awakening Iron Golem’ in Awakening Forbidden Island

  • Reduce range of view of boss
  • Reduce moving / chasing speed
  • Change range of boss

5. Changes related to dungeon achievements

  • Lower the condition for clearing dungeon in certain duration
  • Dungeon achievements automatically changed even if achievements are achieved

6. Circulation-Dungeon-Reward UI change

7. Mystery Box related changes

  • Remove Mysterious Force Piece / Stone / Crystal drop
  • When using Mystery Box, there will be confirmation window pops up


  1. hi mr.wormy, may i ask you a question about force blader stat?
    my Fb stat has 599 str, but when i add one more point to str i got -100 HP
    can you explain why?
    i raised up the str because of damage reduce bonus



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