[KR] [EP10] Aug 07th 2013 Patch notes

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1. Fix bug that did not give Forgotten Temple B1F  completion in set of duration achievement

2. Fix bug related to chat window

  • Bugs related to auto scroll
    • When receiving more than a certain number of chat lines at once, the chat window won’t display the most recent chat lines
    • When receiving more than a certain number of chat line at once, the automatical scroll feature is not applied
  • Item chat link malfunctioned in certain situation
  • Texts are not broken into lines in Chat window / Chat bubble

3. Fix bug related to Option UI that makes “Show monster health gauge” abnormally worked

4. Bug that caused “Nevareth Biker” costume and “Nevareth Biker Bandana” did not appear in “Special Costume” category, bug is fixed

5. Bug that caused the withdrawal of Alz from Guild Warehouse abnormal

6. Fixed bug that related to Secondary skills after using skill book


1. Add “Extraction probihited” property

  • “Unable to Equip” items are unable to extract
  • “Sealed” items are unable to extract

2. Arzo Bhha Jurib in Awakening Forbidden Island changes

  • Reduce animation speed of first attack wave by half

3. Stop selling item “Cube Challenge” in NPC Peticia (Event ended)


1. New Cash Item

  • Add new Oath: Oath of Soul
  • Add new category in Auction Hall : Functional Items – Other Special Items – Oath Item – Soul


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