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Hi there,

So you know the two first parts of Rising Force update are now live on Public Servers. The 3rd part is now being implemented on Test Server too.

Evolution means CHANGING and BEING BETTER.

So we are all wondering, how would Cabal evolve?

But I’m sure that the Game Designer could spoil something out for us.

Below is the interview with Cabal Game Designer of ESTSoft, his nickname is Cooperstown. Let’s see!


Hello Mr. Cooperstown.

It’s a long time since the last time you gave us some info of game plans. We would like to know some info of the “Rising Force – Part III : Evolution” update.

Q. I think the update has been delayed. What happened with the update schedule?

A. In the last interview, I “promised” that the update will be finalized in January but in fact it’s now delayed and kept running in February.


Part I and Part II are completed, but they focused on separated concept, PvP and PvE, that took us time to care for both things until completed so we could spend time for “upgraded version” of things which are changed in Part I and II, that’s unavoidable delay.


Q. Please describe contents which will be added in Part III – Evolution?
A. Hmm, “Evolution” is a nice name but … everytime I saw the name, I feel a bit embarrassed 😛 Part III will consist 3 main parts.

First one is the dungeon related content, as you know, recently we added new dungeon “Awakening Forgotten Temple B2F”. In fact the “Awakening” mode is kind of “refresh” version of existing dungeon but with some changes like: time limit (aka Time Attack) and number of participant limitation.

After solving issues and tunning based on feedbacks, we will put it available on Public Server. And we  are planning to add Awakening mode for some other dungeons, but that will not be included in this update.

However, new content of dungeon is being worked on. At least I can spoil this out, it’s about the dungeon compensations, that might be “periodical rotation compensation”. For example, it will be the same dungeon but on Monday, it will compensate AXP, on Tuesday will be EXP,… And of course, compensating items is also being considered (personally, I would like to have to dispose the Chaos Infinity, which we introduced previously- and cancelled)

This part might be applied on Public Server in Mid-February. Thank you for your understanding.

Second one is skill changes. For each battle style, a new attack skill at Transcender skill rank will be added, and some new buff skills too.


The developer team is working on the problem of being lack in skill point in Part II update too since there were mass changes applied.

Warrior, Wizard and Force Blader will get buff skills, and the Force Blader buff will get affected by Blade Buff. There is no buff skill for Force Archer, Force Shielder and Blader. There is gaps of these classes, comparing with others and we are trying to make the game more being balanced.

More content related to skills (including buff skills) are being considered. Stay tune.

Third one is related to DP exchange and new item upgrading system


The rates of dropping Lycanus and Drei-Frame are adjusted. You will be able to obtain Lycanus and Drei-Frame Cores and with these cores, you can exchange for Random Boxes from NPCs in Port Lux : Yerte / Agris / Eite.

And comparing with the drop-able items, these items have max options with higher values.

By the way, I want to introduce you the Ultimate Upgrading System (hmm, it’s a lame name but still, a temporary name at this moment).

Items +15 from Osmium and above will be upgradable via Ultimate Upgrading System, to obtain special stats. There will be 5 steps for upgrading that will use “Extreme Core”. There are 10 grades of Extreme Core, from Lv1 ~ Lv10, higher level brings more success for upgrading progress.

When you success on upgrading, you will just have an uber-item with special stats, but if you fail, there will be two available penalties, items will be destroyed or just damaged. When the items are damaged, it can be repaired with “Repair Kit” (new item). But when the Repair Kit fail, item will still be destroyed.

That’s only the concept, things might be changed soon, I will give more info as soon as possible.


Q. Can you evaluate the current game balance?

A. In fact, the balance is not perfect! Personally, I think game balance is around at 5/10 of score table. That means half of the plan is now applied, there are still things to do for making game more balance.

Things keep being reviewed, based on gamers’ feedback and complains 😛


Q. Is there any changes to Honor Grade limitation? And when?

A. Hmm, it was originally planned to be in Part III, but now it might be pushed back to the next update, however the limitation might be 25 instead of 20 (of course this could be changed).

And by the way, we are planning to add “special skills” for honor grade 21 and above along with titles, so stay tune for more 🙂


Q. There is a very HOT question, that’s about new Battle Style and Level Limitation.
A. There is an achievement for total level of characters in account when it equals to 1,200. That means 200 x 6. Level limitation is now being considered

In the Cabal Global Camp (Oct 23rd 2012), the new battle style info has been placed at 6th place 🙂 We are making the plan to reveal the new Battle Style by the end of the year, you know, it takes time.



Q. Is there any changes related to Mission War system?
A. The development team is now working on “Tamue Island”, that’s the brand-new Mission Battlefield which was introduced in Global Camp. There are many new concepts which are being worked on, we have to ensure the balance and make sure that it won’t destroy of affect the concept of current Mission War.


Q. How about the Mission Battle Ladder System?
A. The 1vs1 Ladder System will be held in the update after Part III – Evolution, we have to adjust things to make it stable.

There will be Ranking-c0mpensation for each Battle Style, and there will be long-time-season, for example, a season of Ladder System could be 1-2 weeks a month,… and there will be 2 seasons every month.

By the way, stats balancing is being revised too.

We completed half of the concept for 5vs5 Mission Battle, the name of Battle Field will be “Nostalgia’s Forest”. The Battle will be build based on “AoS” concept (Aeon of Strife), that means : including fighting and siege.

Last one, just want to let you know, the c0ntent related to Battle Minion Rune will be added soon.


Stay tune for more update from Cooperstown. You know, the Part III – Evolution is now being tested in Test Server. Changes will be applied and more content will be added.

It would be nice when receiving feedback from gamers too 🙂

Thank you for reading to the end.

Always with CABAL !

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