[KR] [EP10] Nov 14th 2012 Patch notes

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1. Fix the bug that display items stats abnormally

2. Fix the bug related to Odd Circle

3. Fix the bug that caused impossible to enter Mission Battle (12:10 fix)



1. Change level of monsters

  • Depending on type of monster, level will be a fixed number

2. Lower the difficulty of dungeons at level 100 and below

3. Remove buff / debuff when enter Mission Battle

4. Saints’ Force Weapon is now usable in Mission Battle

5. Change image icon of Hit / Penetrating / Damage Reduction



1. DP guide quest

  • From Level 65 (with Battle Style Level 7+) and above, quest can be obtained from NPC Peticia in Port Lux

2. Add Quest Monster’s icon

  • Add icon that displays the monster which drop quest item

3. Add text to display the Buff / Debuff effects to let others be able to read the details of buff / debuff


  Mission War

1. Lower the attack of Force Tower



  1. Uhmm.. sir wormy..
    “Remove increase critical rate option from existing attack skills”
    Is what i read from the patch notes..
    Does that means that all the blader skills will now have no additional crit rate?
    Bladers are the only class that has those kind of skills (that has crit rate)


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