[EP10] [Info] Raising Crystal Output Damage

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For people who are still confused by this info “Increases damage calculating formula of Crystals by 20%” in Oct 31st 2012 Patch notes.

I want to make it clear:

1, The formula here changes the way for calculating the output damage of Crystal
2, The damage will be calculated for every crystal you equip
3, Each crystal will get 20% boost of output damage
4, For WI/FA : Using crystal means you have to spend stats in DEX/STR that will decrease INT (means Magic Attack)
5, The damage won’t show up in stats of crystal or as Magic Attack/Attack, only changes as the output damage (the number in bracket ( and ) in Character info window – shortcut C)

Hope this helps 🙂


  1. Can you please clarify, “Each crystal will get 20% boost of output damage”.
    Does this mean

    a) Increases 20% OVREALL base damage (similar to a 20% amp ?) or
    b) Increases 20% of the damage coming from Crystal only, i.e. 20% of whatever attack is coming from the crystal ?


  2. Just to clarify, you stated that it’s 20% damage boost each crystal. Does that mean FA will get a 40% boost for using 2 crystals? Won’t that make the over powered for pretty much everything?


  3. Hello sir, too bad for me I’ve known about this just now. 😦 (too lazy to read patch notes)

    thus this still in effect? or it has been change already in the latest cabal patches? plus i can’t seem to find the “Increases damage calculating formula of Crystals by 20%” statement in the Oct 31st 2012 Patch notes you’ve linked. and you cant view the output damage (the no. in bracket) in the character info anymore.. hope you can clarify thanks in advance..

    cabalPH player here..


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