[EP10] [Info] Interview with the Developers: Part IX

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Source : Cabal EU Tester’s Blog


The interview below was a very recent one (22 August) with the Developers, held by the Korean staff and translated into English for your reading pleasure 😉

I again have to make it clear that it is not me conducting these interviews, I only receive them after they are done.

This interview should be entertaining for those using the relog trick to deal with hard dungeons.

Interview with CABAL game designer chapter Ⅸ – Restart Trick 

We had a little interview on the “Balance” last early July and here we are back again. We went over Skill renewal, new formula for Attack/Defense
Rate and Evasion Rate, new Options, minimum Stat disposal, and whole bunch of bits. Please, be aware that everything pieces we mention in the
interview are either in the process or in discussion so these are not the final answers. But things can always happen, right? ^_^

Yet, we always do our best to “connect” with all the CABAL fans out there so feel free to share some ideas with us.

Here we are back again. Shall we begin?

So how have you been? I hear lots of fans are just waiting for Frozen Tower of Undead B3F. Is there anything to share with us on it?

CABAL game designer: 
Yeah, well, first of all, Hi to you all.
So yeah, after we revealed that the new 3rd floor of the Frozen Tower of Undead is about to come out, we heard lots of feedbacks on it, and what
the users wanted the most was that users want this new dungeon to be party-favored, a dungeon where they will be able to find party-play fun.
We, designers and engineers, are working on how we can enhance the fun in party-playing right now.

I see. But then again, we have this title of “Restart Trick”? How is this title related?

You must have a reason.

CABAL game designer: 
Yes. This time I will talk about this so called “Restart Trick” and how it will be handled.
When in dungeons, when users are out of SPs, users could exit the game and restart. Then, they can go to villages and get some SPs with
Wizards Buff skill because it gives you 10 minutes to come back. Some lazy users even use this trick just to save time going back and forth in the
dungeon. This trick actually was not intended. I know this trick has been there for a while and you guys might think ‘after all this time why
suddenly now?’ but we will get rid of this restart trick and reset the records on every dungeons (might even reset periodically). All this will be
installed on the Test Server first, and then, will re-balance the difficulties as well.

We will get the renewal of skills done first. We scheduled the skill renewals to be done by end of this month, so “Restart Trick” and the resetting dungeon stuff will be worked on afterward.

“Easy way out” means simple and easy way to do things but it does contain negativity in it.

It is true that our CABAL fans have used this “cheat (no offense^^)” but it will be fixed unfortunately. I guess we will have to see how it goes
and see how it will affect the game.

What other changes do you have?

CABAL game designer: 
Well, there are two more changes to come?

What could they be?

CABAL game designer: 
Difficulties of the field map monsters will be redesigned and so is Drop Rate as well. You could call it “Field Map Tuning.”

When you hunt down monsters on the field map, it wasn’t tense enough because either monsters died too quick or even though the monster
have higher level the battle wasn’t so tough enough. We had raised the players’ stats and abilities all this time but not the monsters yet. We even
downgraded the monsters while ago.

Now all the CABAL fans have played with passion and stands way above the monsters so it’s time for them to grow up a little. Of course, making
monster too strong wouldn’t be rational so it will be done in fair standard (different for each field maps as well).

As the monsters get stronger you would want some better rewards from them, right? Well, since the whole point of balancing out the difficulties
is to able to enjoy CABAL more than before, we will raise the Item Drop Rate as well (also what kind of items to be dropped is under discussion).

Thank you for sharing all the info on the future updates. I guess it’s on users now to give enough feedbacks on the changes after the update gets
on the service.

CABAL game designer: 
All of us, CABAL game designers, developers, are waiting for CABAL fans’ feedbacks with open arms. We might not be able to bring all you ideas
on the screen but, still, those feedbacks provide us where to look so keep us posted, OK? Thank you.

I hope you enjoyed this hint of things to come.


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