[KR] [EP9] Last patch notes of Cabal EP9

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Jul 11th 2012

■ Fixes

1. Bugs related to the PVP-achievements

2. Bugs related to PVP-messages

■ Changes

1. Change the name of quests in Quest Task List

  • Available quest : Red
  • Doing quest : Purple
  • Finished quest : Purple

Jul 18th 2012

■ Fixes

1. Bug caused when trying to use Megaphone when there is no available Megaphone in inventory

2. After dead, the icon of Buff Potions are still displayed

3. Fee for changing the appearance sometimes applied abnormally

4. The camera rotates continuously in some situations.

5. Tooltip displayed incorrectly for mail with items

■ Changes

1. Change the color of Guild Group name

2. Adjust icons of GPS windows for Quest marking

3. Adjust the Quest Task List – Quest Summary Window UI

4. Change item image of Chloe’s Token


Jul 19th 2012

■ Fixes

1. Bug caused unable to use chat window


Jul 25th 2012

■ Fixes

1. Tooltip of items displayed abnormally in some situtaions

■ Additions

1. Add some Auction Hall categories

  • Quest Items > Plate of Glory > I ~ XII
  • Random Items > Key Items > Dazzlement Lamp Key item
  • Functional Items > Auction Hall related
  • Functional Item > Chat related
  • Functional Items > Remote Item

2. Add messages related to enhancing items



  1. Good Day, I would like to ask some guide about upgrading an item. is there any technique or secrets behind the new upgrading system without the safeguard kit? Or Pattern when upgrading… Hope for your Reply, Thanks More Power!


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