[EP9] [Info] Information of Unbinding Stone

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Here are some information from Cabal SEA EP9 Patch notes

1. Classified as 3 grades; Medium / High / Highest

Types and grades of equipment

2. The item becomes unbinding if using the stone is success, but it will destroy when using it fails

– Success rate depends on the enhanced level
– Success rate of +0 item is 30%, every 4% of success rate goes up by +1 enhancing

3. Enable to get from unbinding stone cube which can make by craft requesting

– Craft requesting of unbinding stone cube

– Gem of Liberation is enable to get from dungeons

4. Enable to get ‘Arcane Golems’s Unbinding Stone’ from the monsters that Arcane Golem of Rage is summoned

– Only can use to the item that enhanced level is above +10
– The item becomes unbinding if using the stone is success, but 1 enhanced level will decrease when using it fails

Here are some Extra information from me 😀

There are 2 types of stone : Requested Stone & Arcane Golem’s Stone

– Requested Stone : Obtained via Requesting with NPC Chloe, when using this stone fail on item, your item will be DESTROYED
– Arcane Golem’s Stone : Obtained from minions of Arcane Golem of Rage, when using this fail on item, your upgrade level of your item will be decreased (ex was +12, used fail -> +11)

Below is the screenshot of Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone (High) and some facts about Unbinding Stone (Both from requested and from Arcane Golem’s minions)


  1. i dont understand this one sir wormy..
    2. The item becomes unbinding if using the stone is success, but it will destroy when using it fails

    does it mean that the item you are unbinding will get destroyed or will the stone get destroyed when unbinding fails?


  2. I have 1 question, Mr. Wormy.
    If the items is extended to 3slot. An unbinding stone is used and success. It return to 2slot? with the 1st 2slot stat remain?


      1. just want to clarify this one .. after reading your post sir . you can unbind account binding items but not items that is extended by slot extenders . but as far as i know if an item is already account bind its been extended .. kinda confusing 😛 thanks in advance !


  3. if i recently extended my ‘character binding (equipped), will i also not able to unbind? if can unbind, will the char bind (equipped) becomes account bind?


  4. excuse me Mr. Wormy? what will happen if the item get success from binding to unbind? Is it going to be a Character binding when equip again? or permanent not binding?


  5. If the item is +10 does that mean that the success rate is 100% already? Considering the fact that it states the basic success is 20% and for every enchant adds another 10%.. im not sure or does the addition of success rates only begin at +10 above?


  6. i got question mr.wormy i got mith daik 32cd 2 slot char bind if i use that unbind stone it will be tradeble yeah and once i use slot extend highest it will goes account binding


  7. can i ask somthing Mr.Wormy? ,, what is the success rate of ARCANE GOLEM’s UNBINDING STONE if the item I am going to unbind is +15? I’m confused, is it 70% success chance? 100%? because it has to be a minimum upgrade level of +10? will the base rate of success starts at +10?


  8. Hello Mr. Wormy

    I would like to know what happens to to the option slot of a character-binded item with an extended slot.(specifically 2slots). Would it be come 1 slot again and destroy the 2nd slot or un-bind it all intact(item+options)


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