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[KR] [EP9] Jun 07th Patch Notes

*** Jun 07th 2012 Patch Notes includes below additions and  May 30th 2012, May 31st 2012 Patch Notes, click on the links for details. 


1. Add Item : Bike Converter

i) Bike Slot Converter (Medium / High)

  • How to make
    • Registering with NPC Manufacturing Merchant Chloe in Port Lux via Refferal System
    • Required Favor Point : 6,900+
      • If your character registered the recipes of Bike Converters, the correspondent recipes of Refferal System will be automatically registered
    • Bike Slot Converter Referral Success Rate: 100%
  • Usage
    • Use the Bike Slot Converter to convert bike up to 2 slots
      • There is only one recipe for converting bike, there is no separated recipe for 1 slot and 2 slots
    • The conversion progress will maintain the upgrade level and previous slot properties (if available)
      • The conversion will destroy the Bike Slot Converter item, and if the progress is failed, the bike can be destroyed too

ii) Bike Epic converter (Medium / High)

  • How to make
    • Registering with NPC Manufacturing Merchant Chloe in Port Lux via Refferal System
    • The recipe can be registered regardless of Favor Grade
    • The output : Bike Epic Converter Box (Random)
    • Bike Slot Converter Referral Success Rate: 100%
  • How to obtain
    • The Bike Epic Converter Box required to registration for Refferal System
    • Monsters in Saints’ Island Battle (Monsters – not the Boss) can drop the Bike Epic Converter Box
  • Epic Bike converter Box
    • The output of Request progress will be the Random Box, that will give different outputs for one type of Epic
    • Property: Account Binding
    • The Epic list is the same with previous version
  • Usage
    • Required Bike at +7 and above with 2 slots and above
    • Success chance of conversion : 100%
      • The rank of output is different
    • Bike Epic Converter property : Tradable

iii) Existing Bike Epic Formula Card will be changed into Bike Epic Converter

  • Epic formula card grade and type will be converted to equivalent Bike Epic Converter

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  1. Hi, may I ask what does ‘referral success rate 100%’ means? Does it imply that requesting this item from NPC Chloe is a definite success? Tq


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