[EU] [Cash Shop] Arionell and Yuan Mercenaries in the Item Shop!

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OMG, what? Arionell & Yuan?

Yeah, for REAL! It’s not your DREAM!

Source : Cabal Online EU Forum

For the next two weeks we have the following two amazing Mercenaries available! Choose between the powerful Blader Yuan and the lovely Wizard Arionell, for these two Mercenaries support you in very different ways.

Yuan possessed a very powerful attack that can destroy your enemies inside dungeons, but she has no buffing abilities. Arionell cannot attack, but she possessed a passive SP-regeneration buff that allows a constant 50SP / 3 second regeneration.

Both these Mercenaries are Normal grade, and lasts for 15 minutes after being summoned. They can be summoned with a Gem of Summons that you purchase from any NPC grocer, and as with all Mercenaries can only be used inside dungeons.




  • Attack: 800
  • Attack Success: 75%
  • Critical Rate: 75%
  • Critical Damage: 250%
  • Aoe Attack
  • No Single Buffs
  • No Party Buffs

Location: Hot&New
Price: 20,000 CC (Yuan)



  • No Attack
  • Single Passive: +50 SP regen (per 3 seconds)
  • Single Trigger: Heal +300 on HP below 50%, cooldown 20 seconds.
  • No Party Buffs

Location: Hot&New
Price: 23,000 CC (Arionell)

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