[EU] [EP8] The 3rd Awakening on the ITS!

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Source : Cabal Online EU, Tester’s Blog

Finally, at long last, the long wait is (almost) over.

The much-anticipated Episode 8, the 3rd Awakening, is now on the test server. Which means that it will not be long until it’s live. We need to run through all the old + new content to make sure nothing is broken, and so far so good.

I cannot give you an exact date yet so I think let’s go with ‘soon’ 😉

This update has been released on other versions already, so perhaps there is not that much for me to discuss in contrast with my normal blogs. So go ahead and ask whatever you want in the comments, and I’ll do my best to answer with the next update to the blog.


(Oh yes, the one and only benefit of the long wait for this update is that the wait for the next one after this will not be nearly as long.)

ITS = Internal Test Server


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