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[KR] [EP9] Patch notes Apr 13th 2012

[KR] [EP9]

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Apr 13th 2012

■ Fixes

1. Checking other players’ equipped items caused client disconnection

■ Changes

1. Change the professional crafting

i) Reform the Professional crafting system

  • Open the Manufacturing System
    • From Cabal Menu > Manufacture
    • Keyboard shortcut (default : F)

Professional Manufacturing UI – in the sample is Plate (Armorsuit)

  • Category : Number of catergories : 20
    • Orb / Crystal / Katana / Blade / Daikatana / Greatsword
    • Plate / Gauntlets / Greaves / Visor
    • Coat / Gloves / Boots / Headgear
    • Suit / Hands / Shoes / Headpiece
    • Ring / Amulet
    • * Ring and Amulet category will be added later
    • Player need to select a category and do the quest and get Proof of Artisan to master the manufacturing skills for selected category
  • Crafting skill
    • There are separated crafting skills for categories, those skills raise independently, based on each crafting categories
    • When manufacturing progress is successful, the skill will be raised
    • When manufacturing progress is failed, the skill will be raised by 1/4 (of normal amount which  can be acquired when successful)
    • Player can try to manufacture all item in the category regardless of the current crafting skill
    • The crafting skill will affect the quality of manufacturing outputs (success chance / craft options / number of options)
    • Manufacturing progress requires a certain amount of Alz
  • Energy
    • Crafting energy will be displayed in the top-right corner of Manufacturing UI
    • For manufacturing, a certain amount of energy will be consumed, 1/2 of that amount will be consumed when fail
    • The amount of required energy varies,  based on the selection manufacturing skill
    • The higher of manufacturing skill increases  the total amount of energy
    • The higher of manufacturing skill requires lesser energy consumption
    • Energy is automatically recharged every 5 minutes (regardless of connection status)
    • When the energy level reaches the maximum,  the energy can be charge anymore
    • When the energy is out, the manufacturing can not be done

ii) Meister items

  • Item information
    • Items which come from the manufacturing system are named as “Meister items”
    • Item Name: “Crafted – “
    • Meister item’s name has the special color comparing with other items
    • Property: tradable
  • Item Options
    • Meister items having two kinds of options
      • Basic option : Player can select the basic option before trying to manufacture the item
      • Bonus option : This option will be added randomly depends on item type and grade
    • * Materials and all information related to Meister items can be changed during the test period

iii) Manufacturing quests

  • Quest name: The Management of Production
  • Start / Completion NPC: Port Lux Manufacturing merchant Chloe
  • Required : LV.50 + / BSLV 6 +
  • Rewards: 4 x Proof of Artisan (character binding)
  • *Players who took the “Core Alchemic – Transmuter” can keep doing and completing that quest

iv) Other changes related to crafting system

  • Achievements and titles change, based on the new manufacturing system
  • Request window / Request system change

2. Change for existing crafters

i) Professional crafting

  • Convert old crafting progress of professional crafting to new manufacturing system

  • Convert old crafting type to new manufacturing categories

ii) Basic crafting

  • Convert old crafting progress of professional crafting to new manufacturing system

■ Additions

1.  Add new mission field “Ancient Ways” (temporary name)

  • Entrance
    • Required level : 180+
      • When character reaches 180, the Map Code / Warp Code will be given automatically
    • Only character with nation can enter
      • No-nation character can not enter
    • How to enter
      • Through winning nation warp (when premium service is available)
      • Port Lux : Talk with NPC Ray Davidson
      • The exit of Ancient Ways can be found at the start point of field by talking with NPC Bren / Kim
  • Map Information
    • Map consists of 7 regions and a center region. Bosses will be added later
    • *Monster placement, attack abilities, … can be changed during the test period

New Map Mini-map

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