[EU] [Cash Shop] Safeguards return !


The popular Enchant Safeguards are back.

However, in order to lessen the impact of the Safeguards they are under very strict limits, and their price has been significantly increased. They will also only be sold for one week initially.

Safeguards are:

  • Account Binding
  • Limited to 30 per Account per type (2x packs of 10, and 10 individual safeguards)
  • Only on sale for one week (may be revised)

What do they do? Quite simply a Safeguard protects your gear from losing levels when you fail an upgrade. You only need to have them in your inventory while upgrading. If your item can lose 2 levels when an upgrade fails you will need to have 2 Enchant Safeguards.


  • You try to upgrade from +9 to +10. Your upgrade fails.
    • Without Safeguards your item most likely go to +7
    • With two Safeguards your item will stay as +9, but you will use two Safeguards.
    • With one Safeguard only your item will still go to +7

The Enchant Safeguards will be available in the shop from today onwards, for all versions. They will be added through each shop throughout the day, so if they are not available yet just be patient.

Location: Consumables >> Enchant Safeguards


5 comments on “[EU] [Cash Shop] Safeguards return !

  1. Daniel Borò says:

    Bullshit , price is too high…. PPL will say thank you and best regards… too many ppl are lefting for this nice idea…


  2. Defuze says:

    all versiones me diffrent cabal versions or just diff EU versions?


  3. Rowe says:

    Wondering if this will be on NA?


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