Cabal 3rd Awakening : Achievement System

Hmm it’s quite a long time since the first time we’ve heard about the achievement system, many ppl are curious about that,… How many achievements are there in the update? How many titles do those achievements give? I’ve made an investigation and hmm here is the result.

Achievement Categories

Achievement List

Title List

Yeah ! Done, my hands hurt >_<

17 thoughts on “Cabal 3rd Awakening : Achievement System

  1. Nvm my first comment I guess. ^^
    But how are we going to use these titles (for ex Immortality IX) if there is no corresponding achievement?


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  3. I’ve won a pvp within 3 seconds and I didn’t receive the “I only said Ready…” achievement…

    Could you check this plz??


      • Now you have the episode on your servers…
        Did you get the achievement that I mentioned? :B

        Just confirm, It’s missing just this achievement for me complete the PvP categorie >.<


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